How to run the bases at Big Apple Ballers Stadium in Spider-Man 2

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is bigger, bolder, and amended successful astir each measurement compared to its 2 predecessors, offering caller and expansive sections of New York City to research during your quest for 100% completion. But if you’re besides looking to gain each trophy nan crippled has to connection to gain nan coveted Platinum, you’ve astir apt noticed a bronze trophy called “Home Run!” that asks you to tally nan bases astatine Big Apple Ballers Stadium. You don’t person to deed a homer to people this trophy, but you do request to return a thigh astir nan bases, truthful we’ll show you wherever to find Big Apple Ballers Stadium beneath truthful you tin commencement surviving retired your shot fable dreams.

Where to find Big Apple Ballers Stadium

Big Apple Ballers Stadium is located successful Downtown Brooklyn, which tin beryllium recovered astatine nan very bottommost of nan southeast information of nan map. While it’s a small difficult to make retired nan stadium connected nan map, you’ll decidedly beryllium capable to admit it in-game arsenic you plaything closer, arsenic it’s rather a ample stadium located not excessively acold from nan amusement parkland you sojourn arsenic portion of nan story.

Big Apple Ballers StadiumSony

Of course, uncovering nan stadium is only portion of nan equation for getting nan Home Run! trophy. Once you scope nan stadium, make your measurement to location sheet and past tally nan bases successful a counter-clockwise manner (home, first, second, third, home) arsenic if you’d conscionable deed a location run.

Big Apple Ballers StadiumSony

When you’ve touched each of nan bases successful nan due order, you’ll gain nan Home Run! trophy.

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If you find yourself successful that boat, see this a PSA: Don’t skip retired connected Spider-Man 2’s broadside missions. Though they aren’t arsenic glitzy arsenic nan main campaign, nan sequel’s champion moments are consistently tucked distant successful quieter quests that stress compassion and organization support complete comic book violence. They’re nan moments that champion exemplify what it genuinely intends to beryllium a superhero.
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How to get Hero Tokens

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