How to save text messages on iPhone and Android

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We person a batch of important accusation via text. Whether it’s a day you request to group aliases important work-related info, you mightiness find yourself wanting to prevention a matter message. Modern smartphones each connection a measurement to backmost up your halfway information and transportation it to different device. However, transfers sometimes don’t see your matter messages unless you prevention them up of clip aliases are transferring crossed nan aforesaid mobile operating system.

Here’s really to prevention your matter messages successful Android and iOS.

How to prevention your matter messages connected iPhone

There are aggregate ways to backup your iPhone matter messages. Here are nan easiest.

How to make iPhone matter connection backups utilizing iExplorer

The astir cosmopolitan method of redeeming your iPhone matter messages is via nan iExplorer program.

Step 1: Download and install iExplorer.

Step 2: Launch nan programme and it should unfastened connected the Device Overview screen.

Step 3: Connect your iPhone aliases iPad. In nan left-hand column, click your device’s name.

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Step 4: On the Device Overview screen connected nan right, click Data > Messages. Keep successful mind that if you’ve ne'er made a backup connected your computer, you’ll only spot an action to Load Backup Data. You request to make a backup wrong iExplorer first earlier it tin entree your messages, truthful click it to statesman nan process.

Step 5: Once done, proceed to nan adjacent step.

iExplorer will load each of nan messages presently connected your iOS device. The left-hand file will person a speech list, and clicking immoderate of nan conversations will bring them into position successful nan right-hand column.

Step 6: You tin benignant conversations by name, date, aliases number of messages, arsenic good arsenic select conversations to show only images, videos, aliases attachments.

Step 7: You tin export full conversations, including attached media and documents, utilizing nan export options beneath nan unfastened conversation. They tin beryllium exported arsenic a PDF, TXT, aliases CSV file.

How to backup iPhone matter messages utilizing iTunes

If you person entree to iTunes, you tin besides backup your matter messages pinch this programme connected your MacBook.

Step 1: Begin by launching iTunes.

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Step 2: Connect your iOS instrumentality to your computer.

Step 3: In iTunes, prime your iOS instrumentality by clicking nan corresponding icon successful nan top-left area of nan window.

Step 4: Go to the Summary tab — you should spot a conception branded Backups connected nan right-hand side.

Step 5: Under Manually Back Up and Restore, choose Back Up Now.

Step 6: Once nan backup process is done, the Latest Backups sections should beryllium updated to show your astir caller backup.

Step 7: Alternatively, you tin spell to Preferences > Devices (Mac) or Edit > Preferences > Devices (Windows) to corroborate that nan backup was successful.

How to prevention matter messages connected Android

We showed you really to back up your Android smartphone, but SMS Backup & Restore is simply a free app that does conscionable what nan sanction implies. It tin backmost up your matter messages and prevention them locally connected your Android device, export them to a computer, aliases upload them to an online retention work specified arsenic Google Drive. It’s made to fulfill nan needs of group who want to prevention their messages to aggregate places quickly. Your Android instrumentality needs to beryllium moving Android 4.0.3 aliases higher.

Saving texts pinch SMS Backup & Restore

Step 1: Start by downloading to your Android device.

Step 2: Launch it, and it takes you to nan main menu.

Step 3: Tap Set up a backup to statesman creating a caller backup.

Step 4: From here, you tin take what accusation you want to save, which matter conversations, and wherever to shop nan backups. There are presently options for redeeming your texts straight to your phone, Google Drive, aliases Dropbox.

Step 5: If you’re not arsenic concerned pinch manually sorting done matter conversations, you besides person nan action to automate nan process. In nan app, spell to Settings by selecting nan hamburger paper successful nan apical near corner.

Step 6: You tin besides prevention nan emojis attached to nan texts and sanction nan backup files truthful they’re easy to identify.

Step 7: Follow nan prompts.

Viewing, restoring, and migrating Android texts

Step 1: To find your saved messages, unfastened your main paper and select View Backups.

This action will show your messages successful XML format. The View Backups feature will besides let you to reorganize messages wrong your section folders.

Step 2: You tin relocate your aged texts to a caller telephone successful 1 graceful activity pinch nan SMS Backup and Restore.

The astir communal clip group usage this characteristic is erstwhile mounting up a caller phone. Before you start, though, ever retrieve to backmost up each your texts. Without a backup, you could suffer immoderate of your astir caller messaging histories, which is nary nosy for anyone.

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