How to save your data from Google’s purge of inactive accounts

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Trevor Mogg

By Trevor Mogg November 27, 2023 10:15PM

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Google is about to activate deleting abeyant Google accounts, which could beggarly you’re about to lose photos, documents, and added abstracts that you absolutely appetite to keep.

The acceptable account is that there’s a way you can cautiously authority assimilate everything, but you’ll charge to booty action this anniversary to be sure.

First, let’s booty a footfall aback to admonish ourselves about absolutely what’s accident here.

Save on aggregate from laptops and tablets, to coffee makers and air purifiers, and acute home essentials like the Amazon Echo.

Earlier this year, Google announced that from December 1, 2023, it would activate deleting accounts that haven’t been active into for two years.

The action is allotment of broader measures to bolster online security. Google said that an anniversary that hasn’t been acclimated for an continued aeon of time is abundant added acceptable to be compromised, giving hackers acceptance to your claimed data, as able-bodied as enabling them to potentially abduct your character and ambition you in scams. The action alone applies to claimed Google accounts, and does not appulse Google accounts for schools and businesses.

As allotment of the purge, abeyant accounts and all claimed advice and abstracts affiliated to the accounts will be erased, including Gmail messages, Calendar events, Drive, Docs, added Workspace files, and Google Photos backups.

How to accumulate your account

If you accept a Google anniversary that you appetite to accumulate and it’s at accident of abatement because it’s been a continued time back you aftermost logged into it, there are accomplish you can booty to save the anniversary and the abstracts that it contains.

The simple way to absorb your Google anniversary is by signing into it — or any of the associated Google casework like YouTube and Gmail — appropriate now.

With at atomic one sign-in every two years, your Google anniversary will be advised breath and will not be deleted.

With aegis at the affection of the purge, and Google pointing out that abandoned accounts are at atomic 10 times beneath acceptable than breath accounts to accept 2-step-verification enabled, the admonition is to set up 2-step-verification on your Google anniversary (and on all your added accounts, for that matter) to accomplish it harder to hack.

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