How to send large files for free

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Being capable to stock files pinch others is 1 of nan galore benefits of modern technology. But erstwhile those files are excessively ample to stock and transfer, things tin get a batch much complicated.

We’re present to show you that location are easy ways to nonstop and upload your ample files for free. In this post, we’ve compiled a database of free unreality retention services and provided tips connected really to velocity up nan record transportation process.

Compressing files connected Windows 11. screenshot/Anita George / Digital Trends

Compress files earlier sending

Regardless of really you take to nonstop your file, making it smaller will only thief successful position of storage. File compression will not only shrink immoderate you're trying to send, but it'll make nan transportation spell faster nary matter which method you take — beryllium it email, FTP, aliases unreality storage. The aforesaid goes for smartphone users, too.

Most computers travel pinch a record compression inferior built-in, truthful making a ZIP record only takes a fewer clicks. Here's really to do it.

Step 1: Find nan record you want to compress.

Step 2: If you're utilizing a Windows PC: You'll request to right-click connected nan record and past prime Send to from nan paper that appears. For Windows 11, you whitethorn request to prime Show much options from nan paper that pops up earlier you tin spot nan Send to option.

If you're utilizing a Mac: Two-finger click / Control + click connected nan file.

Step 3: If you're utilizing a Windows PC: Choose Compressed (zipped) folder.

If you're utilizing a Mac: Select Compress ... [File Name].

Step 4: If you're transferring euphony files aliases videos, we propose utilizing RAR compression alternatively of ZIP because it uses a amended compression algorithm that generally cuts down connected information nonaccomplishment and record corruption. We urge utilizing 7-Zip for this, arsenic this open-source record archivist is 1 of nan champion currently available.

Google Drive successful Chrome connected a MacBook. Digital Trends

Upload to a unreality retention service

The champion and astir celebrated action for transferring ample files is to upload them to an online retention work wherever your desired recipient tin download them. Thanks to unreality computing, zillions of these types of services exist, truthful we've selected immoderate of nan champion ones for you.

Below you'll find a speedy database of our existent favorites, each of which connection plentifulness of retention space, security, and sharing features. We won't get into specifics connected really to usage each program, but will alternatively supply little descriptions to thief you find a work that suits your needs.

Google Drive

Google Drive offers up to 15GB of free retention and allows you to stock ample files, specified arsenic pictures and video, successful conscionable a fewer clicks. It moreover has backup and syncing options, which are useful features to have.

If you already person a Gmail account, you can't hit nan simplicity of Drive, arsenic it's efficaciously built correct into nan email service. You tin "attach" files stored connected your Drive relationship to emails conscionable by clicking nan Google Drive logo successful nan email creation window.

Upgrading to nan paid type of Drive nets you 100GB of retention for $2 per month, 200GB for $3 per month, aliases a 2TB of retention — that's 2,000GB — for $10. All of these pricing tiers are portion of nan Google One program. The cheapest tier ($2 per period for 100GB) besides comes pinch acheronian web monitoring and VPN "for aggregate devices).

If you're caller to using Google Drive, you tin publication our guideline connected really to usage it.

Chromebook buyers also get a free 100GB for 12 months, truthful beryllium judge to return advantage of that if you can.


Most often compared to Google Drive, Dropbox is different awesome unreality retention action that offers 2GB of free retention abstraction and a assortment of sharing options. The basal suite of features is much aliases little nan aforesaid arsenic Google Drive.

You tin expand your retention for free successful a fewer ways, but premium accounts are besides available. For $10 a month, you tin get a Plus relationship pinch 2TB of space, while $17 a period gives you a 3TB of retention and a fewer precocious features, on pinch precocious sharing controls, including nan expertise to group passwords and create expiring links.


Microsoft's OneDrive work has seen important upgrades and renewal complete nan years, making it 1 of nan much competitory solutions for storing files and folders online. A free package nets you 5GB of free storage, while $2 per period bumps that to 100GB. If you're a Microsoft 365 Personal subscriber, you tin besides bask 1TB of OneDrive retention arsenic portion of your plan.


Box has much of a business slant than immoderate of nan different offerings successful this section. But that doesn't mean it doesn't person a free type of its work for individuals. It does. The free type comes pinch 10GB of storage, and a record upload limit of 250MB. The benefits of a free relationship are a spot constricted compared to immoderate of nan different offerings connected this database but Box besides offers immoderate awesome information features specified arsenic Secure File sharing and two-factor authentication. If privateness and information are important to you, Box mightiness beryllium a bully action for you.


MediaFire provides 10GB pinch a Basic account, though users tin gain up to 50GB of free retention successful full and boasts incredibly elemental sharing tools. There is, however, a 4GB max upload size pinch said plan. You tin besides onshore a 1TB for $7 a month.


pCloud's record transportation services are fantabulous and peculiarly well-suited for ample record transfers. The work puts nary limits connected record size aliases record transportation speed, truthful you tin move files arsenic accelerated arsenic your net relationship tin handle, a useful characteristic for those who person a Gigabit network. Free accounts travel pinch 10GB of storage. pCloud is besides supported connected a wide assortment of platforms arsenic it has apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. It besides has extensions for web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.


Masv is simply a record transportation work specifically designed for ample video files, graphics files, and different demanding transfers that imaginative professionals request to make. If you activity pinch files greater than 20GB, you'll want to look into this service. It is simply a paid work but pinch a pay-as-you-go action that allows you to prevention arsenic overmuch arsenic possible. Masv besides offers a free proceedings successful which users are fixed 20GB worthy of transfers for free, nary in installments paper required.

Alternative: File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Old-school retention methods for illustration FTP — nan File Transfer Protocol — are becoming obsolete, acknowledgment to unreality storage. These days, they only make headlines erstwhile hackers messiness pinch them. But FTP is still an businesslike method of sending your files without having to compress them, having been designed specifically for ample record transfers. All you request successful bid to usage this protocol is simply a due FTP client.

Many modern FTP options, for illustration SFTP and FTPS, make record transfers moreover safer by adding further information protocols. Organizations use from services for illustration Sharefile which combines FTP features pinch different technologies. Unfortunately, these services are mostly for business usage only, truthful those wanting to nonstop individual files unrelated to business will person to support looking.

FTP is simply a lengthier and much analyzable process than conscionable uploading your files to a unreality retention service, but it’s still a surefire measurement to move ample files for free. For a guideline connected precisely what FTP is and really to usage it, check retired our in-depth tutorial.

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