How to set up the TCL Q6 Google TV

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The TCL Q6 is an intriguing television. It's a very affordable QLED TV, moreover astatine its larger sizes. And it's a Google TV — that is, it's powered by nan Google TV operating system, truthful you whitethorn good find that it has everything you could want to tally connected it already built in, negating nan request for immoderate different hardware for illustration a streaming device.

But you do person a mates of choices erstwhile it comes to mounting up your TCL Q6, though. Let's return a look.

The TCL Q6 tv has a reasonably modular implementation of Google TV. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

The very first steps

Whether you're going to usage your TCL Q6 successful Basic mode, aliases arsenic a true Google TV, location are 3 speedy steps that are cosmopolitan to nan process.

Step 1: Select a connection (either English, French, aliases Spanish).

Step 2: Select your region aliases state (U.S., Canada, aliases Mexico).

Step 3: Choose whether to group up arsenic a Google TV, aliases arsenic a Basic TV. Keep reference for instructions for some methods.

A setup surface connected nan TCL Q6 tv allowing you to take Google TV aliases a basal TV mode. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

How to group up nan TCL Q6 successful Basic Mode

This method is beautiful speedy and straightforward, because you're going to beryllium utilizing nan TCL Q6 arsenic a basal television, without signing successful to a Google account. That doesn't mean you're wholly retired of smart TV options — TCL has immoderate of its ain baked into nan operating strategy that doesn't require you to usage a Google account. But if you scheme connected utilizing immoderate different instrumentality pinch nan TV — like a Roku aliases Fire TV Stick aliases Apple TV — then this is nan way you want to take.

Step 1: Select your Wi-Fi web and participate nan password.

Note that you tin take to skip this measurement if you want (look for nan fastener astatine nan bottom). But we urge connecting nan TV to your web astatine slightest erstwhile truthful that it tin propulsion down immoderate important updates. But you do not person to person it connected to nan net for it to activity arsenic a Basic television.

Setup surface to take your Wi-Fi web connected nan TCL Q6. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Step 2: Accept nan Google Play and TCL position of service.

Yes, you still person to judge these moreover if you're not going to usage it arsenic a Google TV, because Google package is still powering nan full experience.

Step 3: Pair your distant power via nan instructions connected nan screen.

The TCL Q6 distant setup screen. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Step 4: If you haven't hooked your TV up to your location network, you'll beryllium asked to group a clip area (if you did assistance net access, it'll propulsion that automatically).

Step 5: Accept nan TCL personification agreements and/or take to stock diagnostics information (that action still appears moreover if nan TV doesn't person net access).

TCL personification agreements connected nan TV during setup. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Step 6: Choose (or not) to judge automatic updates to nan TV's guidelines software.

Step 7: Choose Done.

The Google TV/basic action connected nan TCL Q6 television. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Set up nan TCL Q6 arsenic a Google TV

If you want to usage nan TCL Q6 to its fullest — that is, arsenic a afloat Google TV pinch each nan bells and whistles and apps that travel pinch it — this is nan method you want to use.

Note that overmuch of this tin beryllium done pinch your phone, whether you person Android aliases iOS. But if you don't, you besides tin motion successful connected nan tv itself. It's conscionable not rather arsenic easy.

We're not going to locomotion you done nan full process because a bully spot of it whitethorn beryllium done connected a phone, and Google whitethorn alteration really that looks astatine immoderate fixed time. But you'll get nan thought here.

Step 1: Choose Set up Google TV connected nan surface that gives you nan option.

Step 2: Choose whether to group up Google TV via your phone, aliases connected nan tv itself.

Step 3: If you've opted to complete setup connected nan tv itself, participate your Google username and password. (And, hopefully, your two-factor authentication code, which you astir decidedly should beryllium using.)

Step 4: If you've opted to group up connected your phone, occurrence up nan Google Home app.

The Google Home app setup process for a TCL Q6. Screenshots

Step 5: Go to nan Devices tab. Tap nan Add button.

Step 6: Choose New Device and travel nan remainder of nan on-screen instructions from there.

Another point to note: If you opt to group up nan Google TV action via your phone, you mightiness good extremity up having to o.k. immoderate things connected your telephone -- and past again connected nan TV erstwhile you've gotten done nan first Google setup. It's duplicative and benignant of annoying, but you didn't do thing wrong.

And for nan astir part, nan TCL Q6 setup process is beautiful intuitive (especially if you're conscionable going to usage it arsenic a Basic TV). It'll return a fewer minutes, and hopefully it's not thing that you'll request to do much than once. But if you do, we tin thief you reset your TCL Q6, too.

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