How to set up your TV for Super Bowl Sunday

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It will soon beryllium clip for Super Bowl LVIII, nan biggest time of nan twelvemonth for Taylor Swift fans. Just kidding. Super Bowl 2024 will beryllium present astatine 3:30 p.m. section time,on February 11, 2024, and broadcast unrecorded connected CBS from Allegiant Stadium successful Las Vegas. And you’ll beryllium capable to watch nan Kansas City Chiefs return connected nan San Francisco 49ers connected cable, satellite, streaming services, and more.

We cognize you’re ready, but is your TV? Maybe you’ve conscionable gotten your hands connected 1 of the champion TVs you tin bargain correct now, aliases possibly you’re still rocking your trusty group from a fewer years backmost (or more). Either way, location are bunch of tweaks you tin make to its image settings to make judge its successful tip-top style for your Super Bowl viewing party. Let’s get started!

TV image settings connected an LG OLED TV.Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Pick nan cinema aliases movie TV mode

Start by choosing nan wide TV mode for watching nan Super Bowl. A batch of TVs travel pinch a dedicated Sports mode. Do not take that. Sports modes thin to boost brightness and colour settings excessively precocious and create a janky, unnatural image.

Instead, commencement pinch nan Cinema aliases Movie mode connected your TV arsenic a baseline. If you person a Natural mode, that besides useful well. This will thief springiness you nan astir realistic results.

Note that nan 2024 Super Bowl broadcaster is CBS and – NEWS FLASH – it will beryllium broadcasting nan crippled and its halftime show pinch Usher successful glorious 4K solution pinch HDR. Yep, 4K!

But don’t interest if you’re watching successful 1080p resolution, you’ll besides beryllium getting things successful afloat HDR. For nan afloat specifications connected really to watch nan crippled successful various ways, cheque retired our How to watch Super Bowl 2024 explainer.

Tweak nan contrast/white level for detail

If you are fresh to caput into deeper settings, commencement pinch Contrast/White Level (these some mean nan aforesaid thing, but different TVs whitethorn usage different terms).

Contrast should beryllium debased capable for you to make retired each item while still maintaining a agleam image that will show intelligibly successful a well-lit room. Start by uncovering and freezing connected an image pinch tons of achromatic and ray colors. It could beryllium a image of a entity filled pinch clouds, for example, aliases a convoy pinch tons of achromatic gowns.

An image of clouds and entity is bully for mounting your TV's brightness and opposition levels. Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

Now, little your opposition down until you tin easy spot each nan small details, for illustration mini changes successful protector and each shadiness of off-white successful those clouds aliases different objects/subjects. Now support an oculus connected nan surface and commencement expanding opposition to amended brightness. When those small specifications commencement disappearing, you’ve started to spell excessively far. Adjust backmost a spot to find nan aureate zone.

Adjust brightness/black level for realistic achromatic shades

Next, it’s clip to return a look astatine Brightness/Black Level, which involves a akin process to adjusting contrast. This time, you will want to find and frost connected a segment pinch plentifulness of achromatic and shadows successful it, for illustration a nighttime segment aliases a noir barroom scene.

Turn nan brightness up until you tin spot each azygous item successful nan nighttime segment and each nan subtle changes successful shadow. Now commencement turning it down until you get blacks down to a realistic level while still getting each nan detail. Once you commencement losing nan specifications connected protector gradients, it’s clip to stop.

Robert Pattinson successful The Batman.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

Adjust nan tint/saturation for earthy tegument tone

Many TVs besides person settings for Tint/Saturation. These tin beryllium a small much difficult to tweak: You tin conscionable time off these settings successful nan mediate scope and not interest astir them. But if you person a small other time, frost an image that shows someone’s look aliases different changeable pinch quality tegument successful it. Adjust nan tint until nan tegument tones look arsenic earthy arsenic imaginable — that will beryllium your saccharine spot.

Turn disconnected enhancement modes

Check to spot if your TV has immoderate enhancement modes. These spell by a number of names, for illustration motion smoothing, sound reduction, image enhancement, judder reduction, and truthful on. Modern TVs seldom use from these modes, and they tin do weird things to image quality, blurring retired item aliases undoing nan different settings activity you’ve accomplished. Turn them each disconnected unless you really request them.

Choose a lukewarm colour temperature

Not each TVs person a Color Temperature option, but if yours does, past you tin besides tweak it for amended results. Sometimes Color Temperature is besides called Color Tone. Make judge it’s group to Warm aliases Low to thief support whites looking natural.


Unlike image quality, there’s not overmuch tweaking you tin do connected your TV for audio. If you person a situation sound strategy aliases larger stereo system, it whitethorn travel pinch respective presets for audio that you tin effort out. Once, again, nan Sports mode isn’t ever nan champion for audio. You want a mode that decreases inheritance crowd sound while enhancing nan announcers and what nan on-field mics are picking up, for illustration nan thwack of nan shot erstwhile it’s kicked. You whitethorn want to find a shot crippled connected TV and move betwixt audio settings to spot which 1 useful nan best. Avoid immoderate “clarity” mode for speech, arsenic it tin messiness pinch audio levels.

If you really want a sound upgrade, return a look astatine our list of nan champion soundbars. They tin supply fantabulous audio successful a assortment of situations without taking up excessively overmuch room.

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