How to share an Apple TV+ subscription with your family

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Apple TV+ has gained immoderate crushed since it launched successful 2019 and is now location to immoderate beautiful awesome entertainment. But if you've been keeping your Apple TV+ subscription each to yourself while your family has been seething pinch jealousy, you whitethorn beryllium wondering, “How do I stock Apple TV pinch my family without paying for much subscriptions?” Fortunately, there’s an easy measurement for them to check retired nan latest Apple hits for illustration Central Park, See, and galore much without ever needing your support aliases passwords. It’s each astir Apple’s Family Sharing capabilities. Here’s what you request to do.

Make judge you’re subscribed to Apple TV+

At slightest 1 personification needs to beryllium subscribed to Apple TV+ for Family Sharing to activity correctly. If you are that personification and you person already been subscribed, past you don’t request to interest astir this step. If it’s personification else, you will request to log successful nether their Apple relationship for nan adjacent steps.

Step 1: If nary 1 successful your family is subscribed to Apple TV+, you will request to motion up. Visit this webpage to begin.

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Step 2: Apple offers a free seven-day trial, followed by a $10 monthly fee.

Step 3: Apple besides typically offers free TV+ deals erstwhile you acquisition a caller Apple device. Currently, you tin besides get 3 months of Apple TV+ free erstwhile you bargain a caller iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, aliases Mac from Apple aliases an Apple-authorized reseller.

Set up Family Sharing connected your Apple account

With Apple TV+ fresh to go, it’s clip to spell done nan steps of really to stock Apple TV pinch family and group up Family Sharing.

Step 1: On an Apple device, caput to Settings and prime your Name/icon to get started.

The steps are akin connected MacOS, but you’ll request to caput to System preferences first to get started. You cannot do this via Apple TV.

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Step 2: In your Apple relationship info, you should spot nan action to prime Family sharing > Learn more, which will springiness you an action to Set up your family. Select this to continue.

Add family members to Family Sharing

If you are wondering, “Can I adhd different personification to my Apple TV subscription?” past now is nan time! With Family Sharing enabled, you tin commencement adding group to your account.

Step 1: Select either Invite people for those who already person an Apple relationship aliases Create an relationship for a child to get started (those nether 13 can’t create an relationship of their ain without permission).

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Step 2: To adhd a caller member, you will request their sanction and email reside to nonstop them an invite. They must past judge nan induce to subordinate your group. Follow immoderate further prompts during setup astatine this stage.

Step 3: Don’t interest — you tin ever spell backmost and adhd different members later arsenic you request to pinch nan Add member button. Your sanction and relationship will beryllium titled “Organizer” erstwhile you group up Family Sharing.

Make judge Apple TV+ is enabled for Family Sharing

Step 1: As you move done nan setup, make judge you take Apple TV+ erstwhile managing your subscriptions. You tin cheque astatine immoderate clip nether Shared features to make judge TV channels is enabled.

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Step 2: In Shared features, you tin besides cheque to spot who is nan original subscriber for Apple TV+ if group yet forget.

The different Shared Features aren’t arsenic important for this peculiar guide, but you whitethorn want to plaything by Screen time, wherever you tin show really overmuch clip nan kids are spending connected their Apple Devices and group limits connected circumstantial apps for illustration Apple TV+ to thief debar problems.

Step 3: Also statement that you tin alteration different family members to make further purchases, but it’s not a very bully thought for Apple TV+. The only further purchases you tin make connected TV+ are adding channels for illustration Showtime aliases Starz. If anyone signs up for those, your ain relationship will beryllium charged for it.

Step 4: If you still can't stock nan subscription aft mounting up Family Sharing, you request to double-check that your Apple TV subscription is not an individual aliases student scheme and besides that it is not a third-party subscription that whitethorn not beryllium eligible to beryllium shared.

Have family members motion successful to Apple TV+

Everything should now beryllium group up to let members to commencement watching Apple TV+. Test it retired by having them motion into Apple TV+ utilizing their ain Apple ID information. They should beryllium capable to successfully log successful and commencement watching.

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Can you stock Apple TV pinch different Apple ID extracurricular of nan family?

Sure! The word “Family Sharing” is conscionable a sanction — there’s nary request that everyone has to beryllium related. You conscionable request their sanction and email to nonstop them an invitation. There’s conscionable 1 important caveat: Only a maximum of six group (including nan Organizer) tin beryllium portion of a Family Sharing plan. You tin region anyone complete nan property of 13 from your Family Sharing scheme astatine immoderate time, but location is nary measurement to person much than six group astatine 1 time.

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