How to show all collectibles in Alan Wake 2 with the Mayor Setter Charm

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There are a batch of collectibles to find successful Alan Wake 2, truthful you’re astir apt wondering if there’s a measurement to show them each connected your map. The reply is yes, but only erstwhile having nan Mayor Setter Charm equipped, which you can’t get until beautiful precocious successful nan crippled by visiting Mayor Setter himself. When that clip comes, you whitethorn beryllium shocked to find that Mayor Setter is really a dog. Less shocking, however, is that you’ll astir apt want to pet him.

Luckily, successful summation to being a pleasant experience, petting this governmental canine will execute aggregate useful things. For starters, you’ll gain nan trophy aliases accomplishment called “The Nice Things successful Life,” which marks 1 much point disconnected your database for 100% completion. But possibly astir importantly, Mayor Setter will bestow upon you nan aforementioned Mayor Setter Charm. When wearing this charm successful 1 of your charm slots, you’ll beryllium capable to spot nan locations of fundamentally immoderate collectible connected nan map, making search everything down importantly easier without a guide.

How to get nan Mayor Setter Charm and show each collectibles connected nan map

Mayor Setter will spawn successful nan crippled successful Return 6 aft you’ve spoken pinch your colleagues successful nan constabulary position and selected to proceed exploring alternatively of passing nan constituent of nary return. At this point, you tin return to your car and thrust to Watery to find that Mayor Setter is sitting connected nan shape wrong Suomi Hall wherever you tin interact pinch him to gain nan Mayor Setter Charm, which you tin past equip to show each unfound collectibles connected nan map.

Mayor SetterRemedy

If you are consenting to do a spot of other exploration, you tin sojourn Mayor Setter somewhat earlier successful nan crippled (Return 5, to beryllium exact) by uncovering and interacting pinch each six of nan Setter for Mayor boards located astir nan 3 awesome maps. These instrumentality retired rather good owed to their agleam red, white, and bluish colors and nan truth that they’re ever accompanied by a ample array pinch nan “Setter for Mayor” slogan. This is evidently a spot much work, but if you’re down for it, present are nan locations of each six Setter for Mayor boards.

  • Bright Falls – This Setter for Mayor motion is straight extracurricular of nan Oh Deer Diner. It tin beryllium recovered from Return 1 onward.
  • Bright Falls – This Setter for Mayor motion is connected nan near broadside of Coal St. It tin beryllium recovered from Return 1 onward.
  • Watery – This Setter for Mayor motion is conscionable extracurricular of Suomi Hall. It tin beryllium recovered from Return 3 onward.
  • Watery – This Setter for Mayor motion is successful nan aforesaid area arsenic nan elephantine Mr. Drippy statue successful Coffee World. It tin beryllium recovered from Return 3 onward.
  • Watery – This Setter for Mayor motion is spotted extracurricular of nan Break Room successful nan trailer park. It tin beryllium recovered from Return 3 onward.
  • Bright Falls – This Setter for Mauor motion is conscionable extracurricular of nan Wellness Center. It tin beryllium recovered from Return 5 onward.

Regardless of erstwhile you gain nan Mayor Setter Charm, it’s definite to make your collectible cleanup overmuch little of a hassle. Good luck retired there!

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