How to solve Sarentu Totems in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

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Many mysteries anticipate you to bare in the new arena of Pandora your appearance wakens in in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. Unlike a acceptable open-world game, abnormally a Ubisoft-developed one, this appellation doesn’t authority your duke about as abundant back analytic any of its ecology puzzles. The Sarentu Totems are alternative locations you can seek out above the frontier, but award one is aloof the beginning. Once you do, you charge to acquisition a actual specific abode to appearance it from in adjustment to alleviate the secrets it holds. With so few clues, you’ll charge a bit of advice to apprentice the tricks to break these totems.

How to break Sarentu Totems

 Frontiers of Pandora.Ubisoft

When you appointment a Sarentu Totem, you will acquisition a large, spiral-shaped article usually on a cliffside or discount of some sort. Your alone cold back you access one is to acquisition the actual atom to angle at and appearance it from by afterward “markers.” These markers aren’t activity to appearance up on your HUD or alike be accent with your appropriate Na’vi vision.

 Frontiers of Pandora.Ubisoft

You charge to attending at the little triangular bit of bolt afraid out of the ancillary of the totem. This is an arrow pointing to addition identical arrow about on the arena in that direction. You charge chase all these arrows, which may not alike be in afterimage from one to addition until you get to the appointed spot. You will apperceive you accept accustomed back you get a button alert to beam the totem and complete the puzzle.

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