How to speed up your Mac and get it back into shape

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Macs are known for their awesome performance, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t ever acquisition slowdowns and sluggishness. That benignant of sub-par output tin beryllium frustrating erstwhile it rears its head, but location are plentifulness of things you tin do to get your Mac backmost up to speed.

We’ve put together immoderate of nan champion techniques for putting things correct and speeding up your Mac. Read connected to spot what you tin do.

The MacUpdater app moving successful macOS Sonoma. Alex Blake / Digital Trends

Update your Mac

The very first point you should do is update your Mac to guarantee your operating strategy and apps are moving nan latest versions. Updates tin see fixes to problems that were different slowing down your Mac, arsenic good arsenic important information improvements and caller features.

To update your apps and your Mac’s operating strategy (macOS), travel these steps:

Step 1: Open nan System Settings app from your Mac’s Dock aliases prime nan Apple logo successful nan top-left area of your surface and prime System Settings.

Step 2: Now spell to General > Software Update. Your Mac will cheque for updates (look retired for nan spinning icon that indicates nan checks are ongoing). If you are connected nan latest type of macOS, you’ll spot a connection reference “Your Mac is up to date.”

Step 3: If location are updates, travel nan on-screen instructions to download and instal them.

Step 4: Next, unfastened nan App Store app from your Dock and take Updates successful nan left-hand sidebar. If location are immoderate apps fresh pinch caller versions, prime Update All to instal them, aliases prime Update adjacent to each app to update them individually.

Step 5: You tin besides usage a third-party app for illustration MacUpdater to cheque for app updates and past instal them. This tin scan all your apps, whereas nan App Store app (step 4 above) only checks those that were downloaded done Apple’s ain App Store. MacUpdater is free but besides offers a paid type that comes pinch other features.

The MacBook Pro connected a woody table. Digital Trends

Shut down and reboot

If you person a MacBook, it tin beryllium tempting to simply adjacent its lid astatine nan extremity of nan time and nonstop it to slumber alternatively than decently shutting it down. But this tin origin problems that yet origin sluggishness.

That’s because shutting down aliases restarting your Mac clears various caches and frees up representation being utilized by apps. If you’ve ever woken up successful nan greeting emotion refreshed aft a bully sleep, that’s fundamentally what happens to your Mac aft you unopen it down properly.

So alternatively than conscionable closing nan lid for nan umpteenth time, unopen it down instead. You could really consciousness nan quality nan adjacent day.

The System Settings app successful macOS Sonoma, showing various suggestions for freeing up retention space. Alex Blake / Digital Trends

Try Apple’s retention recommendations

If your Mac’s retention is almost full, that tin effect your computer’s performance. Freeing up abstraction tin beryllium straightforward, and macOS has a fewer adjuvant ideas that you tin try.

Step 1: Open nan System Settings app and spell to General > Storage. Under nan Recommendations header, you mightiness spot a fewer options.

Step 2: The choices scope from storing files successful iCloud to regularly emptying nan trash to automatically deleting movies and TV shows erstwhile you’ve watched them. To alteration 1 of nan options, conscionable click nan fastener connected its right-hand broadside (such arsenic Turn On aliases Optimize).

The AVG antivirus app for Mac. AVG

Scan for malware

Generally speaking, Macs are a spot much unafraid than Windows PCs, but that doesn’t mean that they’re immune from viruses and different malware. If your Mac is infected, you tally nan consequence of having its capacity slowed down (as good arsenic having your in installments paper information and logins stolen, among different problems).

Running a speedy antivirus scan tin thief here, but you’ll request to download a third-party scanner first.

Step 1: Download 1 of nan best antivirus apps for Mac to get started.

Step 2: Follow nan app’s instructions and let it to tally a scan. This could return immoderate time, truthful beryllium patient.

Step 3: Once nan scan has finished, travel nan antivirus app’s recommendations to purge nan malware.

The System Settings app successful macOS Sonoma, showing login items and apps that tally successful nan background. Alex Blake / Digital Trends

Disable login items

Login items are apps and processes that tally erstwhile your Mac first starts up. This tin see apps that motorboat arsenic soon arsenic you log in, which tin prevention you having to manually unfastened them each time. But nan much you usage your Mac, nan much it tin get clogged up pinch unnecessary login items that tin slow it down.

Step 1: Open nan System Settings app and prime General > Login Items successful nan left-hand sidebar.

Step 2: Under nan Open astatine Login header, prime immoderate apps that you nary longer want to tally erstwhile you log in, past prime nan minus (-) button to region them from nan list.

Step 3: Below that, cheque nan database nether nan Allow successful nan Background header. If you don’t want immoderate apps to tally silently successful nan inheritance anymore, take nan toggle adjacent to their sanction to disable them.

The Activity Monitor app successful macOS Sonoma, showing unfastened apps and processes sorted by CPU usage. Alex Blake / Digital Trends

Check what’s hogging your resources

The Activity Monitor app is simply a bully measurement to support tabs connected nan apps and processes moving connected your Mac, and you tin usage it to place immoderate dense assets users.

Step 1: Press Command+Space connected your Mac to bring up nan Spotlight hunt bar, type Activity Monitor, past property Return to unfastened nan app.

Step 2: Once Activity Monitor loads, it will show you a breakdown of each nan apps and processes moving connected your Mac. Select nan CPU tab astatine nan top, past benignant nan items by CPU usage by selecting nan % CPU column.

Step 3: See if immoderate apps are utilizing an unreasonable magnitude of strategy resources. Use your communal consciousness present — if a video-editing app is utilizing a precocious percent of your CPU output while it is rendering a video, that’s to beryllium expected. But if thing looks wrong, you tin adjacent nan app by selecting it and past choosing nan Stop fastener astatine nan apical of Activity Monitor (it looks for illustration a circle pinch a transverse successful its center).

Step 4: Try nan aforesaid point for nan % GPU column. When you’re done, cheque done nan different tabs astatine nan apical of Activity Monitor, including Memory and Disk.

The CCleaner app successful macOS Sonoma, showing files that tin beryllium cleared from nan user's device. Alex Blake / Digital Trends

Clear your Mac’s caches

Your Mac will cache various files complete clip truthful that it tin load them faster nan adjacent clip it needs to. That’s particularly existent of web browsers, which tin amass sizeable caches successful a short abstraction of time.

Occasionally clearing retired these caches is simply a bully measurement to trim nan strain connected your Mac’s retention and frankincense perchance velocity it up. One of nan champion ways to do truthful is utilizing a third-party app called CCleaner. This is simply a free app that has a fewer different useful tools, but successful this lawsuit we’ll conscionable attraction connected its cache-clearing abilities.

Step 1: Once you’ve installed nan app, prime nan Cleaner tab, past cheque immoderate items you want to beryllium removed.

Step 2: When you’re ready, take Run CCleaner. Be alert that this will permanently delete nan selected items, truthful beryllium judge you decidedly want to beryllium free of them earlier you start.

The System Settings app successful macOS Sonoma, showing an app that is astir to beryllium uninstalled. Alex Blake / Digital Trends

Uninstalled unneeded apps

Another bully measurement to free up abstraction — and frankincense perchance velocity up your Mac — is to uninstall apps you nary longer need.

Step 1: Open System Settings and caput to General > Storage.

Step 2: Select nan i button adjacent to Applications. You’ll now spot a database of installed apps. If it’s not already, benignant nan database by record size by selecting nan Size file header.

Step 3: Pick an app you want to remove, past take Delete successful nan bottom-right corner. In nan consequent pop-up window, prime Delete.

The GrandPerspective app successful macOS Sonoma, showing a completed scan of nan user's retention drives. Alex Blake / Digital Trends

Uncover different ample files

These steps are each bully ways of locating hefty files and apps that tin beryllium removed, but there’s different measurement that helps you visualize what’s gobbling up your Mac’s retention space. That’s achieved pinch nan third-party GrandPerspective app, which is free to install.

Step 1: Once you’ve installed GrandPerspective, prime immoderate retention drives connected your Mac that you want to scan. By default, your main thrust will beryllium called Macintosh HD, but you mightiness person named it thing else.

Step 2: Once you’ve selected nan drive, take Scan astatine nan bottommost of nan app.

Step 3: GrandPerspective will now commencement scanning, which could return respective minutes. Once it’s finished, you’ll spot a ample grid-like breakdown of your Mac’s storage.

Step 4: The larger nan container successful this grid, nan much retention abstraction it takes up. Select 1 of nan boxes — astatine nan bottommost of nan app you’ll spot wherever nan record is located.

Step 5: You tin now uninstall immoderate ample apps aliases region immoderate oversized files. Make judge you cognize precisely what nan record is earlier you region it truthful that you don’t origin immoderate problems for your Mac.

Use Stacks successful nan desktop shortcut paper connected Mac. Digital Trends

Tidy up your desktop

It tin beryllium tempting to shop a bunch of files connected your desktop, but this is simply a speedy measurement to slow down your Mac. That’s because each nan files and record previews located connected your desktop are stored successful your Mac’s representation (RAM). The much files location are connected your desktop, nan much representation gets gobbled up. And pinch little representation to tally different apps and tasks, your Mac tin commencement to consciousness sluggish.

Instead of dumping everything connected your desktop, benignant it each into folders that you support successful your documents aliases elsewhere connected your Mac. One speedy measurement of doing this is to usage Desktop Stacks, which benignant your files into folders automatically. Just right-click your desktop and prime Use Stacks.

The System Settings app successful macOS Sonoma, showing various settings for nan desktop and Dock. Alex Blake / Digital Trends

Reduce ocular effects

Your Mac comes pinch a fewer ocular effects that whitethorn look neat but tin person an effect connected its performance. Disabling them mightiness thief — don’t expect a immense change, but you mightiness announcement a mini uptick successful speed.

Step 1: Open nan System Settings app and caput to Accessibility > Display. Here, alteration nan toggles adjacent to Reduce motion and Reduce transparency.

Step 2: Now spell to Desktop & Dock successful nan left-hand sidebar and guarantee nan toggles adjacent to Automatically hide and show nan Dock and Animate opening applications are disabled.

Step 3: Finally, successful nan aforesaid Desktop & Dock window, prime Scale Effect from nan dropdown paper adjacent to Minimize windows using.

Craig Federighi introducing macOS Sonoma astatine Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) successful June 2023. Apple

Reinstall macOS

This is simply a past resort, but if thing other works, it mightiness beryllium worthy restoring your Mac to mill settings pinch a cleanable installation of macOS. This has nan imaginable to benignant retired immoderate stubborn problems that are slowing down your Mac.

Just beryllium alert that this will erase your Mac’s retention drives, truthful make judge you’ve backed up your Mac earlier getting started.

And if a cleanable installation still doesn’t hole nan problem, it whitethorn beryllium clip to see getting a caller Mac. If you spell for an Apple laptop (rather than a desktop), make judge you prime from 1 of nan best MacBooks to guarantee you get thing that will enactment speedy for years to come.

Do each these things and your Mac should beryllium successful a overmuch amended condition, operating faster and pinch acold less slowdowns. You don’t person to effort everything, though — you mightiness find that conscionable 1 aliases 2 things do nan trick.

Either way, it’s worthy implementing a fewer of these changes, arsenic you mightiness find it saves you having to reinstall macOS aliases bargain a caller Mac. At nan extremity of nan day, that’ll beryllium good worthy it.

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