How to start the God of War: Ragnarok Valhalla DLC

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Over a twelvemonth aft launch, God of War: Ragnarok got a astonishment summation of caller contented successful nan shape of nan Valhalla DLC. Revealed astatine The Game Awards 2023 and disposable for free little than a week later, this caller escapade takes spot aft nan conclusion of nan main communicative and sees Kratos recreation to nan titular realm of nan gods. Billed arsenic a chiefly rogue-like experience, there is rather a spot much to this DLC than immoderate whitethorn beryllium expecting.

Since it does technically travel nan events of nan main game, galore players whitethorn wonderment if they request to first spot nan communicative done earlier they tin entree it, aliases astatine what constituent it will go available. We whitethorn not beryllium arsenic wise arsenic Mimir, but we tin stock immoderate knowledge connected really to commencement nan Valhalla DLC successful God of War: Ragnarok.

How to commencement nan Valhalla DLC

 Ragnarok main menu.Sony Santa Monica

You tin play nan Valhalla DLC astatine immoderate constituent aft booting up nan crippled and downloading nan update, moreover if you haven’t played a azygous hr of nan main game. That isn’t recommended, of course, but it is an action unfastened to you. This is because nan DLC is not integrated into nan main game, but alternatively selected arsenic a abstracted action from nan game’s main menu.

The download is conscionable nether 8GB, truthful make judge you person a small free abstraction disposable for it.

When loading up nan game, you will spot nan Valhalla option supra Settings and beneath New Game+. By choosing Valhalla, you will instantly beryllium placed into nan caller content. There are nary benefits aliases drawbacks to starting it pinch an existing prevention since you will ever commencement pinch nan aforesaid stats and instrumentality successful this mode. All advancement present is wholly abstracted from nan main game.

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God of War Ragnarok shares a cardinal spot pinch The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Hafgufa flies distant successful God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok’s main communicative is memorable, but immoderate of nan smaller moments are what person stuck pinch maine astir since completing it. I'm not conscionable talking astir its moments of quiet, but its optional Favors arsenic well. These sidequests tin beryllium wholly ignored, but skipping them is simply a correction arsenic they incorporate immoderate of nan game’s champion scenes. It's a trait that God of War Ragnarok shares pinch The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, 1 of nan champion RPGs of nan past decade.
In immoderate ample RPGs, sidequests tin often boil down to boring fetch quests, aliases they simply whitethorn not person arsenic overmuch polish put into their writing. As a result, they tin consciousness for illustration contented bloat that does much harm than bully to nan game’s pacing. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and God of War Ragnarok debar this problem by elevating these sidequests, making nan full escapade consciousness much cohesive and ensuring that nan mini moments instrumentality retired arsenic immoderate of nan best.
More than a broadside thing
Like God of War Ragnarok, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt features a lengthy main communicative afloat of memorable characters, group pieces, and leader fights. While those unsocial would person made it a beardown RPG, it’s remembered arsenic an all-time awesome because of really rich | its world is, thing that's reflected successful its broadside content. There were quests for illustration Ghosts of Past, which pays disconnected nan characteristic arc of Witcher 2 characteristic Letho, but it's wholly imaginable to decorativeness nan crippled without ever seeing it.

Others, for illustration Return to Crookback Bog, move what could conscionable beryllium immoderate nosy supernatural fights into a chilling communicative astir maltreatment and surgery families. While The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s main communicative is strong, these broadside moments are what make it a crippled that sticks pinch you years aft release. I tin already show nan aforesaid will beryllium existent of God of War Ragnarok, arsenic immoderate of my favourite missions successful nan crippled are wholly optional Favors.
An early crippled Favor called The Weight of Chains sees Kratos, Mimir, and Atreus freeing a elephantine Lyngbakr oversea animal that Mimir imprisoned while moving pinch Odin. They negociate to break its chains, but find that it now struggles to move and do what it utilized to. This sidequest takes a bid of somewhat modular combat encounters and puzzles and spins them into captious aspects of a memorable tale. The Weight of Chains reflects connected really Kratos and Mimir’s reckless actions person had irreversible consequences, but they now person an opportunity to beryllium amended group successful nan future.
Another standout Favor called Secret of nan Sands, wherever Kratos and Atreus free a trapped jellyfish-like animal called a Hafgufa, is besides rather beautiful. The short communicative shows what Kratos will do to beryllium capable to walk much clip pinch his boy successful nan look of Ragnarok. However mean these sidequests whitethorn beryllium from a gameplay standpoint, their communicative relevance and level of polish are connected par pinch immoderate of God of War Ragnarok’s main quests. This precocious effort moreover applies to immoderate broadside missions that wholly beryllium pinch NPCs successful nan game’s overworld, ones that aren't moreover built astir immense group pieces. For example, there’s The Lost Treasure quest.

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