How to start Windows 11 in Safe Mode

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If your Windows 11 PC is having issues, 1 measurement to troubleshoot those issues is commencement your PC successful Safe Mode. Safe Mode is fundamentally a very basal type of Windows 11, without each nan bells and whistles and only a restricted group of features, drivers, and files. This mode fundamentally lets you return a look astatine your machine and helps you fig retired precisely what rumor is plaguing your PC.

But booting into Safe Mode connected Windows 11 isn’t arsenic easy arsenic conscionable pressing a azygous button. You’ll request to navigate done a bid of menus first and nan method for getting location depends connected your PC circumstantial business (Is your PC still moving aliases is it conscionable a blank aliases achromatic screen?).

Regardless of your existent situation, we tin show you really to footwear Windows 11 into Safe Mode. Let’s return a person look astatine Safe Mode and really to get there.

The different safe modes

Running Windows 11 successful Safe Mode.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

Before we jump into explaining really you get into Safe Mode, we conscionable want to touch connected nan different versions of nan diagnostic mode. There are 3 different Safe Mode versions successful Windows 11. Each of these tin beryllium utilized for different diagnostic purposes. These are explained for you below.

  • Safe Mode: This is nan mode that astir group will use. This turns disconnected each nan other programs and features successful Windows 11 and will only springiness you entree to a basal desktop acquisition truthful you tin entree important files and documents, and tweak pinch drivers and different things. Note that location is nary networking successful nan mode, truthful it’s a awesome measurement to entree files if you deliberation you’re a unfortunate of malware.
  • Safe Mode pinch Networking: This mode is nan aforesaid arsenic nan regular Safe Mode, but enables nan network. Despite nan name, this isn’t safe to usage arsenic it tin still let hackers into your PC done nan net if you’re hoping to diagnose issues aliases rescue files.
  • Safe Mode pinch Command Prompt: You’ll want to make judge you cognize how to usage nan Command Prompt earlier moreover entering this type of Safe Mode. This brings up nan Command Prompt and lets you type successful commands successful old-school DOS style to get your measurement astir surgery things successful nan operating system. It’s little limited connected a ocular interface.

Getting to Safe Mode from login connected Windows 11

The Windows 11 precocious action screen.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

If you tin still get into Windows 11 and your PC isn’t wholly broken, 1 of nan easiest ways to activate Safe Mode connected Windows 11 is from nan login screen. You tin do this by pursuing our steps below.

Step 1: Hold down nan Shift cardinal and click connected nan powerfulness fastener icon successful nan little correct area of nan screen.

Step 2: Continue to clasp Shift and take Restart.

Step 3: Release nan cardinal afterward. The PC will past restart. If you person Bitlocker encryption turned on, you mightiness person to participate nan key.

Step 4: Once you spot nan Choose an option screen, take nan Troubleshoot option.

Step 5: From there, take Advanced options, and past choose Startup settings.

Step 6: Pay attraction to nan prompts connected nan surface and past prime nan Restart button.

Once nan PC restarts, location will beryllium a database of options connected nan screen. Be judge to prime nan action you want, pressing nan respective cardinal connected nan keyboard. Each number connected your keyboard will correspond to a respective Safe Mode. These numbers mightiness alteration by PC, truthful salary attraction to what’s listed connected nan screen. You’ll only person a fewer seconds to make a prime earlier nan Safe Mode punctual times out.

Get into Safe Mode from a achromatic surface aliases surgery Windows 11 PC

The Windows 11 startup settings screen.

In nan arena that you can’t get into Safe Mode connected Windows 11 from nan login screen, you tin do truthful by turning your instrumentality connected and disconnected again, until it forces you into nan Windows Recovery Environment. This is an situation built into a typical spot connected nan retention thrust of astir caller PCs, allowing you to reconstruct aliases hole issues pinch Windows. You tin get into nan Windows Recovery Environment pinch our steps below.

Step 1: Hold down nan powerfulness fastener for 10 seconds to move disconnected your device.

Step 2: Press nan powerfulness fastener again to move connected your device.

Step 3: If you spot that Windows has started and spot nan logo of your PC maker, clasp down nan powerfulness fastener again for 10 seconds to unit move disconnected your device.

Step 4: Press nan powerfulness fastener again to move connected your device.

Step 5: When Windows restarts, clasp down nan powerfulness fastener for 10 seconds to move disconnected your device.

Step 6: Press nan powerfulness fastener again to move connected your device.

Step 7: Allow your instrumentality to afloat restart and you’ll beryllium taken to nan Windows Recovery Environment.

Once you’re taken into nan Windows Recovery Environment, you tin travel our steps successful nan conception supra (starting from Step 4) to get into Safe Mode.

Get into Safe Mode straight from Windows 11

The Windows 11 Recovery settings page.Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

A 3rd measurement of getting into Safe Mode tin hap straight from Windows 11. You tin do this by pursuing our steps below. Just support successful mind that this action will require you to person a afloat moving PC.

Step 1: Select nan Start menu and hunt for Settings.

Step 2: Select System successful nan broadside paper connected nan correct of nan screen, past take Recovery connected nan left. (You whitethorn request to scroll down first.)

Step 3: Scroll down and find Advanced startup, then prime nan Restart now button.

Step 4: Follow nan steps successful nan 2nd conception of this article, starting pinch Step 4.

How to exit Safe Mode

After you diagnosed and resolved your Windows 11 issue, you tin reconstruct your PC to its original authorities and exit Safe Mode. This is arsenic elemental arsenic restarting and shutting down your instrumentality arsenic you usually would. There’s nary request for other steps.

Frequently asked questions

What is Safe Mode?

Safe Mode is simply a mode successful which you tin tally a basal type of Windows, a type that only uses immoderate drivers and files. Running your PC successful Safe Mode is simply a awesome measurement to troubleshoot issues pinch your computer.

What fastener do I property to footwear into Safe Mode?

Before you tin moreover property a fastener to footwear into Safe Mode, you’ll request to travel 1 of nan methods outlined earlier successful this article that will get you to nan paper that allows you property that button.

Once you scope that menu, you’ll beryllium presented pinch a database of options. Here are nan main ones for booting into Safe Mode successful Windows 11:

  • To footwear into Safe Mode: Press 4 aliases F4.
  • To footwear into Safe Mode pinch Networking: Press 5 aliases F5.
  • To footwear into Safe Mode pinch Command Prompt: Press 6 aliases F6.

How do I footwear into Safe Mode connected Windows 10?

Booting into Safe Mode connected Windows 10 is not that overmuch different from doing truthful connected Windows 11. But if you request a thorough guideline to thief you navigate nan steps, you should cheque retired our guideline connected how to footwear into Safe Mode successful Windows 10.

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