How to turn off the Apple TV app’s auto-play previews on an Apple TV

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Apple TV — the hardware — is 1 of nan best streaming devices money tin buy, giving you entree to your favourite streaming services for illustration Netflix and Prime Video, arsenic good arsenic apps, games, and more. But different logic 1 mightiness usage nan Apple TV instrumentality is for nan Apple TV app itself. Not only is it nan hub from which you entree nan Apple TV+ streaming service and each its original movies, TV shows, and unrecorded sports, it tin besides enactment arsenic an an aggregator to thief you find shows and movies connected your different services.

If you do usage nan Apple TV app, you mightiness find nan auto-play video previews that show up connected nan Apple TV location page aliases successful nan Apple TV app itself really annoying. First, If your sound is up, they tin footwear successful and startle you. Plus, possibly you conscionable want to scroll astatine your ain gait and don't for illustration having contented served up to you. Also, if you person mini kids sitting waiting for you to return pinch nan popcorn for movie night, you don't want them exposed to previews for scary contented for illustration The Enfield Poltergeist. Or worse ... The Morning Show.

Turning this disconnected will extremity nan auto-playing of previews successful respective places, and we're going to explicate it each for you. But conscionable to beryllium clear, this does not impact nan auto-playing of previews successful immoderate different streaming apps specified arsenic Netflix aliases Amazon Prime Video. They person their ain steps for disabling them.

Read connected for really to move disconnected auto-play previews connected nan Apple TV app connected an Apple TV. Note that this how-to was done connected tvOS 17.

The Apple TV location surface pinch nan Apple YV app selected and Barbie connected nan preview. Derek Malcolm / Digital Trends

Auto-play video previews connected nan Apple TV location screen

Before we start, it's beneficial to explicate nan various auto-play video preview features connected Apple TV, starting pinch nan location screen. This is wherever each your apps for illustration Netflix, Hulu, Apple Music, and yes, Apple TV, are found. If you usage nan Apple TV app, you apt person it placed for convenience successful nan apical statement of your most-used apps.

With nan auto-play video previews characteristic turned On, and nan Apple TV app icon successful nan apical statement selected, immoderate contented that has a video preview (not everything does), whether it's an Apple TV+ original aliases from different sources, will auto-play a video preview, but without sound. With a swipe up of nan Apple TV remote, nan previews spell full-screen and play pinch sound successful each their glory.

Turning auto-play video previews Off disables nan video previews erstwhile nan icon is conscionable selected, and still-shots of nan suggested shows and movies will scroll by arsenic normal. But, swiping up is for illustration saying "I want to spot nan video previews anyway," successful which lawsuit nan turned-Off auto-play is overridden and thing pinch a video preview will play full-screen and pinch sound.

The Apple TV+ location surface pinch an image from Invasion. Derek Malcolm / Digital Trends

Auto-play video previews wrong nan Apple TV app

It's akin erstwhile successful nan Apple TV app pinch nan auto-play previews turned On. In nan Watch Now section, immoderate contented that has a video preview will play, pinch sound. In nan TV+ tab, it's each original content, truthful it each will auto-play pinch a preview. Sports, Store, and Library do not show video previews.

Turning nan auto-play previews characteristic Off disables nan automatic playing of each video previews successful some nan Watch Now and TV+ sections wrong nan Apple TV app and location will conscionable beryllium still images and title accusation that you tin scroll.

Now, pinch each of that retired of nan way, present are nan steps for really to move nan auto-play video previews characteristic off.

The Apple TV main paper showing nan Settings app highlighted. Derek Malcolm / Digital Trends

How to move of auto-play previews connected nan Apple TV app

Turning disconnected nan Apple TV apps's auto-play preview characteristic is ace easy. Here's how.

Step 1: From nan Settings menu, scroll down to and prime Accessibility.

 nan Accessibility seoection. Derek Malcolm / Digital Trends

Step 2: Scroll down again and prime Motion.

 nan Motion selection. Derek Malcolm / Digital Trends

Step 3: Lastly, scroll down to item Auto-Play Video Previews and click nan distant to move it from nan On to Off.

 switching it to nan Off position. Derek Malcolm / Digital Trends

That's it, that's all. That's conscionable 1 of nan little Apple TV tips and tricks we've covered astatine Digital Trends. Now you tin bask your Apple TV connected your ain position without those annoying previews playing.

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