How to turn off those pesky Epic Games Store achievement pop-ups in Alan Wake 2

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Alan Wake 2 is retired today, and it’s already shaping up to beryllium 1 of 2023’s astir talked-about games. Launching to precocious captious acclaim, it’s presently disposable for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5. If you scheme connected playing it connected PC, though, you’ll person to do truthful done nan Epic Games Store, arsenic it’s not disposable connected Steam. If you’re unfamiliar pinch nan level aliases haven’t played galore games done it, here’s thing you’ll want to do earlier starting: get free of nan app’s obnoxious accomplishment notifications.

Like astir platforms, Epic Games Store has its ain accomplishment system. Whenever you clear 1 successful a game, you’ll get a large banner astatine nan apical of nan surface and a loud, cloying ding accompanying it. That’s easy to unrecorded pinch successful a crippled pinch a fistful of achievements, but considering that Alan Wake 2 has 66, you’ll beryllium seeing it a batch if you time off it on. The endurance scary crippled is simply a maste rclass successful atmosphere, truthful that ding tin beryllium a existent temper slayer successful its astir melodramatic moments.

Unfortunately, Epic Games Store doesn’t springiness you a measurement to afloat hide those notifications. That’s near gamers to create their ain workarounds instead. Thanks to 1 Redditor, players person a spot of a hacky workaround to thief get free of nan scary game’s biggest jump scare.

How to hide Epic Games Store accomplishment pop-ups

The easiest reply present is to simply play successful offline mode, though that mightiness not beryllium nan astir perfect solution for astir players. If you want to get a small much experimental, you’ll person to rotation your sleeves up.

The solution comes from Reddit personification Xbob42 successful a thread asking really to disable accomplishment pop-ups. While Digital Trends is not capable to afloat corroborate its effectiveness, respective users person verified that it’s moving for them. Just statement that this will apt delete nan accomplishment notification permanently. This is much of a last-ditch solution, truthful usage it pinch caution.

To propulsion it off, motorboat Alan Wake 2. While nan crippled is open, bring up your Task Manager by pressing CTRL + ALT + Delete. Navigate to Alan Wake 2 nether Apps, grow nan carrot adjacent to it, and you should spot “EOSOverlay Renderer” popular up a fewer times. Right click connected 1 of those and prime Open record location. If you don’t want to do each that, simply navigate to it without launching nan crippled by going to Epic Games > Launcher > Portal > Extras > Overlay.

Epic Games Store files show nan apps overlay files.Giovanni Colantonio / Digital Trends

Once you person nan files open, delete nan files wrong it (if you person nan crippled open, adjacent it earlier doing so). If you don’t want to get free of them permanently, 1 Reddit personification notes that simply renaming nan Overlay files seems to activity arsenic well. Remember that if thing goes wrong, you tin ever conscionable uninstall nan launcher and reinstall it to reconstruct it each backmost to normal, truthful nan stakes aren’t excessively precocious here.

Hopefully, that mini alteration will thief PC players enactment immersed successful their Alan Wake 2 playthrough.

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