How to turn your old phone into a security camera

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If you’re for illustration astir people, you’ve astir apt amassed a drawer of unused electronics complete nan years. Many of these are astir apt smartphones — aft all, carriers connection awesome promotions nowadays, giving you a chance to upgrade your instrumentality each 2 years without paying hefty fees. However, alternatively of letting your aged smartphones cod particulate (or worse, throwing them away), see turning them into a makeshift information camera.

There are plentifulness of awesome iOS and Android apps disposable that thief move your aged smartphone into a information camera. These activity by utilizing your aged smartphone’s built-in cameras to supply a unrecorded watercourse to your caller smartphone. Best of all, galore of these are affordable (or free) and activity pinch conscionable astir immoderate telephone you mightiness person purchased complete nan past decade.

Keep successful mind that your smartphone isn’t weatherproof, meaning these apps are designed to create indoor information cameras. Be judge to cheque retired our database of nan best outdoor information cameras for options designed for your gait aliases porch.

Below you’ll find a database of nan champion apps that move your smartphone into a information camera. Along pinch downloading these apps, you’ll want to put successful immoderate benignant of mounting system. Nothing is stopping you from trying to usage these apps while resting your telephone against a countertop aliases propped up connected a stack of books — but if you want robust coverage, you’ll want to permanently link it to an electrical outlet for continuous powerfulness and get it mounted successful an perfect spot. If you request help, cheque retired our guideline connected how to spot information cameras passim your home.


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If you’re looking for nan champion information cam app to move an aged telephone into a information asset, Alfred is your pick. This excellently designed app is installed connected 2 phones — 1 for utilizing your phone’s camera arsenic a information cam, and 1 for controlling each of your settings and viewing footage.

Not only do you get streaming footage connected your phone, but Alfred besides offers a siren feature, two-way talking, mobility detection, and a low-light filter. There’s besides a “trust circle,” wherever friends will beryllium capable to entree nan cam themselves if necessary. It moreover useful for aggregate smartphone-turned-cam devices for whole-house monitoring. Paid versions are disposable for much precocious retention features.

The drawback is that you person to person a reasonably precocious smartphone to return advantage of each these features, truthful utilizing a peculiarly aged telephone whitethorn not beryllium very efficient.

AtHome Camera

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AtHome is different app packed pinch useful features, including two-way talk options, nighttime vision, and A.I. learning to admit moving group arsenic opposed to branches swaying successful nan wind. There’s besides a mode that gives you a 24-hour time-lapse of everything nan cam saw successful nan past 24 hours, truthful you tin quickly look for thing suspicious.

If your telephone has nan correct sensors, it tin moreover automatically commencement filming if it detects vibration. Note that location are 2 versions of nan app, 1 for nan telephone that will enactment arsenic a cam, and 1 for your ain telephone for controls, truthful make judge you download nan correct options.


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Manything is simply a free iOS app that tin person your iPhone, iPod Touch, aliases iPad into a Wi-Fi-connected information camera. Then, you tin usage a 2nd iOS instrumentality arsenic your mobile show aliases opt to support an oculus connected things from nan Manything web app.

This app provides much than conscionable a information camera; it’s besides sewage its ain IFTTT channel, truthful you tin nexus it to a immense scope of web services and connected devices. For example, if you’ve sewage Philips Hue lights successful your house, you could group them to move connected automatically whenever Manything detects mobility — making your telephone enactment arsenic some a motion-activated smart move and a useful location information instrumentality that makes it look for illustration someone’s astatine home.


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For $7, Dormi will return immoderate Android telephone aliases tablet moving Gingerbread type 3.2 aliases greater and put its net connectivity and precocious video and audio sensors to bully use.

You plug nan instrumentality into nan wall, and it operates for illustration a regular babe monitor. You tin usage your superior telephone to show audio aliases video astatine immoderate constituent successful a drop-in style. Another action is to configure nan app to nonstop you automatic alerts erstwhile your babe wakes up. It continually senses ambient sound successful a fixed room, which is what activates nan notifications. As soon arsenic your small bundle of joyousness wakes up and starts crying, you’ll know.

Cloud Baby Monitor

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The Cloud Baby Monitor app affords you high-quality video and unlimited scope done Wi-Fi, 3G, aliases LTE. It’s incredibly versatile, functioning arsenic either a location information camera aliases a babe monitor.

Cloud Baby Monitor alerts you to some sound and motion, arsenic good arsenic allows you to talk to your small 1 remotely. This babe show tin besides play a lullaby aliases soothing achromatic sound to thief your babe get to sleep. Since it’s compatible pinch nan Apple Watch, you tin get mobility aliases sound alerts correct connected your wrist nary matter wherever you are.

Cloud Baby Monitor is besides compatible pinch Mac computers, which includes some babe monitors and information operations. This babe show lets you support an oculus connected your small 1 aliases your location utilizing iOS while you’re retired moving errands aliases astatine work.

It tin beryllium challenging to fig retired what to do pinch an aged compartment telephone if you upgrade to a caller one. Naturally, it’s not a bully thought to propulsion it distant only for it to beryllium for decades successful a landfill, but you besides don’t want to propulsion it successful your junk drawer and fto it beryllium location for years, either. It’s perfect to reuse your aged electronics erstwhile you can, and Cloud Baby Monitor enables you to do that.

All it takes is nan download of 1 elemental app, and you tin reuse your aged compartment telephone and move it into a small, portable information camera aliases a babe monitor. You don’t person to ammunition retired a bunch of money to support your baby, family, and location protected; repurpose your compartment telephone and bask bid of mind without paying a penny.

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