How to unlock Jun and Reina’s Character Episodes in Tekken 8

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In classical Tekken fashion, Tekken 8 is afloat of lore, arsenic good arsenic further “what if” lore content. With a superb caller communicative mode and a batch of catch-up worldly jam-packed into nan game, there’s a batch to return in.

Accompanying each of nan canon narratives of nan title are Character Episodes — mini arcade mode runs that characteristic each characteristic successful their last matches of nan King of Iron Fist Tournament. Upon completing 4 fights, you’re fixed a gorgeous cinematic ending that showcases what would hap if your selected combatant wins.

However, you whitethorn announcement that Jun and nan caller combatant Reina’s Character Episodes are locked upon first starting up nan mode. Here’s really to unlock them.

How to unlock Jun and Reina’s Character Episodes

Kuma roaring during his shape entranceway successful Tekken 8Bandai Namco

To debar spoilers for these returning and wholly caller characters, their Character Episodes are nan only 2 that are locked. To unlock them, you’ll person to decorativeness the game’s main communicative mode, which introduces america to Reina and provides much specifications astir Jin’s mother, Jun Kazama. The communicative has 15 chapters and tin beryllium vanished successful six hours aliases less, depending connected nan trouble selected and really you play. Thankfully, it’s a awesome experience, truthful it’s nary resistance astatine each to complete.

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