How to use Meta Threads on the web

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Threads — Meta's reply to X, formerly known arsenic Twitter — is now accessible via nan web. Previously exclusive to a mobile app, you tin now usage Threads connected your desktop, and successful this guide, we'll show you really to navigate Threads' caller desktop website.

If you haven't had a chance to cheque retired nan Threads website connected your own, fto america return you connected a circuit of it. We'll spell complete really to entree it, what features to expect, and really to usage nan website itself.

What tin you do connected nan Threads website?

You whitethorn not beryllium capable to do everything connected nan Threads website that you tin do connected its mobile app, but you tin still do rather a bit:

  • Post threads
  • View your profile
  • Scroll done nan threads connected your location timeline
  • View individual threads and nan replies they get
  • Like a thread
  • Search for accounts
  • Follow accounts
  • Repost threads
  • Comment on/reply to threads
  • View your notifications

You tin move betwixt 2 different viewing modes for your timeline: For You and Following. For You is filled pinch recommended posts, immoderate of which whitethorn not beryllium from accounts you follow. Following is only filled pinch posts from accounts you follow.

However, arsenic acold arsenic we tin tell, location are still immoderate things you can't do connected nan Threads website:

  • You can't edit your profile.
  • You can't quote a thread (quoting a thread is nan aforesaid arsenic quote tweeting). When you prime nan Quote action connected nan Threads website, it simply says "coming soon," truthful it whitethorn beryllium a characteristic that comes to nan desktop website later on, but it's not disposable correct now.
  • You can't entree your relationship settings.
Threads desktop website login screen. screenshot/Anita George / Digital Trends

How to entree Threads connected nan web

You tin entree Threads connected nan web by opening up a web browser connected your PC and going to nan Threads' website:

If you person a Threads relationship group up already, past each you person to do is log successful pinch nan username and password of nan Instagram relationship that is linked to nan Threads relationship you created. Threads accounts tin only beryllium made from an existing Instagram account, hence nan request for an IG username and password to log in.

The 5 main Threads icons supra nan Digital Trends Threads floor plan page. screenshot/Anita George / Digital Trends

How to usage Threads connected nan web

Navigating and utilizing Threads connected nan web isn't excessively different from nan platform's mobile experience, but we'll spell complete really to transportation retired basal tasks connected nan web version.

The main icons

Most of nan icons you'll request are each astatine nan apical of your screen. Here's really to usage them:

  • Home icon: Select this to position your Home provender aliases refresh it.
  • Magnifying glass: Select this to hunt for different accounts to travel aliases view.
  • Pen and insubstantial icon: It looks for illustration a rounded, partial quadrate pinch a diagonal statement done 1 of its corners. Select this to create a thread post.
  • Heart icon: Select this to position your notifications.
  • Person icon: Select this to position your ain profile.

Navigating your Threads profile

Speaking of your Threads profile, connected nan web, you tin prime 1 of 3 tabs, your number of followers, aliases nan Instagram icon. The 3 tabs connected your floor plan are called Threads, Replies, and Reposts. These tabs fundamentally disagreement up your posts into 3 categories: your ain thread posts, your comments connected others' threads, and your reposts of others' threads. Selecting 1 of these tabs will fto you position that type of post.

If you prime your number of followers, you tin position a database of your followers and a database of those you follow. And lastly, if you prime nan Instagram icon, you tin sojourn your Instagram profile.

The Home provender and really to interact pinch others' threads

On nan Home provender page, you person 2 main features you tin use: a fastener for switching your provender viewing mode and nan Start a thread... option. As we mentioned earlier, you tin move viewing modes connected nan Home provender betwixt For You (recommended posts) and Following (only posts from group you chose to follow). You tin do this by selecting a fastener successful nan lower-left area of your screen. The fastener will look different depending connected nan mode you person enabled (if you're connected Following mode, it will opportunity Following). If you want to move modes, simply prime that button.

The Start a thread... action is different measurement for you create a thread post. Simply prime Start a thread... (which is located astatine nan apical of your Home feed) to unfastened a New Thread screen.

Interacting pinch others' threads is beautiful simple, particularly if you've utilized different societal media platforms successful nan past. Here's really to do it, successful various ways:

  • To position a azygous thread and its replies: Click connected nan thread station itself and you'll beryllium taken to a page dedicated to that 1 thread post. The page will besides show immoderate comments connected that post.
  • To for illustration a thread: Select nan Heart icon beneath nan thread post.
  • To remark on/reply to a thread: Select nan Speech bubble icon beneath nan post.
  • To repost a thread: Select nan Pair of arrows icon beneath nan post.
  • To stock a thread: Select nan Paper airplane icon beneath nan post.

Other features to cognize about

There are besides a fewer different features you should cognize astir that are connected Threads connected nan web, but don't really fresh nan supra categories.

If you want to travel different account, there's 3 ways to do it: Mouse complete their relationship name, past prime Follow, than prime nan Plus motion icon connected their floor plan picture, past prime Follow aliases sojourn their floor plan page by selecting their relationship sanction and past Follow.

If you request to alteration aliases disable acheronian mode for Threads connected nan web aliases conscionable log out, there's 1 paper that contains some of those options. In nan top-right area of your screen, you'll spot a brace of horizontal lines — that's your menu. Select nan Pair of horizontal lines icon and past from nan paper that appears:

  • Select Switch appearance to alteration aliases disable acheronian mode
  • Select Log out to log retired of Threads connected nan web
The Two Horizontal lines paper connected Threads and its options. screenshot/Anita George / Digital Trends


What is Threads?

Threads is simply a caller societal media level and mobile app from Instagram and its genitor institution Meta. It's a microblogging platform, which intends you tin people bite-sized posts called "threads" that tin characteristic things for illustration photos, text, aliases links. The level besides lets you remark connected and for illustration others' threads.

What does nan Threads number mean connected Instagram?

If you're asking this question, it's astir apt because you saw a unusual fastener pinch a number connected it connected your ain Instagram floor plan (after you joined Threads) aliases you saw it connected personification else's profile. That number fastener is fundamentally a Threads badge that different users connected IG tin prime to sojourn your Threads profile. And nan number that's listed connected it simply shows erstwhile you joined Threads. So, for example, if nan number says "100," that would mean you were nan 100th personification to motion up for Threads.

How do you motion up for Threads?

The first measurement is signing up for an Instagram account. You can't motion up for Threads without one. The adjacent measurement is checking retired our guideline connected Threads, which includes instructions connected really to motion up for Threads. Follow those instructions and you should beryllium bully to go.

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