How to use spatial video recording in iOS 17.2 (and why it’s a big deal)

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If you hap to person an iPhone 15 Pro aliases iPhone 15 Pro Max, you tin now entree a caller characteristic successful iOS 17.2. This characteristic is called Spatial Video, which is simply a marque caller video signaling format that useful pinch Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro headset. Although nan headset is not yet available, you tin commencement signaling videos successful this format connected your iPhone correct now, acknowledgment to nan iOS update. Here's really to activate it.

The merchandise of nan much-awaited Vision Pro headset is expected successful nan first 4th of 2024. In nan meantime, you tin usage your supported iPhone to grounds videos successful a caller format called Spatial Video.

How to move connected Spatial Video signaling connected your iPhone

Here's really to activate Spatial Video connected your iPhone 15 Pro aliases iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Step 1: On your instrumentality pinch iOS 17.2 installed, unfastened nan Settings app.

Step 2: Scroll down, take Camera, past prime Formats.

Steps showing nan activation of Spatial Video connected an iPhone 15 Pro aliases iPhone 15 Pro Max pinch iOS 17.2 installed. Digital Trends

Step 3: Scroll down, past toggle connected Spatial Video for Apple Vision Pro.

Steps showing nan activation of Spatial Video connected an iPhone 15 Pro aliases iPhone 15 Pro Max pinch iOS 17.2 installed. Digital Trends

Step 4: And that's it! With conscionable a mates of taps, you've officially enabled Spatial Video signaling connected your iPhone. But what precisely does that mean?

Why you should attraction astir Spatial Video recording

When you alteration Spatial Video, it only affects nan videos viewed connected Apple Vision Pro headsets. These devices connection an immersive viewing acquisition that appears to beryllium three-dimensional. The video files are recorded astatine 1080p and 30 frames per second. You would request astir 130MB of retention abstraction to shop each infinitesimal of video.

For nan champion results, Apple recommends signaling successful scenery format. It will beryllium absorbing to spot wherever Spatial Video goes from here, and it’s reassuring to cognize that signaling successful this format does not impact existing devices.

But it each comes backmost to nan Vision Pro headset. If you scheme connected buying one, and you want to watch your recorded videos connected it, it's a bully thought to alteration this setting. But if you person nary volition connected purchasing a Vision Pro erstwhile it becomes disposable successful 2024, you're good to disregard this setting. It's a large woody for Vision Pro enthusiasts, but for everyone else, it's conscionable different iPhone mounting you don't person to interest about.

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