How to use the Galaxy S24’s AI photo-editing features

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Editing a photograph utilizing nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra's Generative AI tools.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

AI exertion has surged successful nan past fewer years, and it has now moreover made its measurement to our smartphones. Samsung’s caller Galaxy S24 bid added Galaxy AI, a suite of powerful AI-powered devices to thief make your life easier that inludes photo-editing features.

While AI photograph editing whitethorn not beryllium everyone’s cup of tea, nan S24’s AI photo-editing devices are tastefully done and tin really thief you get person to perfection. Plus, they’re beautiful easy to use. Here’s really to make nan astir retired of nan Galaxy S24’s AI photo-editing features, which are recovered connected nan Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Keep successful mind that nan photo-editing devices for Galaxy AI are only disposable successful Samsung’s ain Gallery app, not Google Photos. That besides intends these devices only activity connected photos that are successful nan Gallery app, which whitethorn beryllium those restored from your erstwhile Galaxy telephone aliases caller ones that you’ve conscionable captured.

How to usage Edit Suggestions connected nan Galaxy S24

An illustration of Galaxy AI's Edit Suggestions characteristic connected nan Galaxy S24 Plus.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

Sometimes we return a photograph and deliberation we person captured nan cleanable moment, but possibly thing conscionable looks off, aliases you consciousness it could use from immoderate tweaking. But what tin you do to make nan image better? There will beryllium times erstwhile you whitethorn consciousness stumped astatine what to do next, but that’s wherever Edit Suggestions travel successful handy.

Getting to Edit Suggestions is simply a small tricky and not excessively obvious. Here’s really to usage Edit Suggestions connected nan Samsung Galaxy S24.

  1. Open nan Gallery app connected your Samsung Galaxy S24 device.
  2. Select a photograph that you want to edit by opening it.
    Open Gallery connected Samsung Galaxy S24, prime photograph to view.
  3. Select nan Details icon (it’s nan “i” successful a circle).
  4. Once Galaxy AI analyzes your photo, it will supply immoderate suggestions to heighten it. These will look supra nan photo’s metadata.
    While viewing photo, prime details, past prime edit proposal you want.
  5. Results from Edit Suggestions will alteration based connected nan photo. Some options that whitethorn travel up are Remaster, Erase shadows, aliases Erase reflections.
  6. Select your desired Edit Suggestion, and past travel nan on-screen instructions — you whitethorn request to pat aliases tie connected objects successful nan photograph aliases set a slider bar.
    Watch Galaxy AI activity its magic for your edit suggestion.

That’s each location is to it! Edit Suggestions hap locally on-device for each S24 models, meaning they don’t require an net aliases information relationship of immoderate kind.

How to usage Generative Edit connected nan Galaxy S24

Someone utilizing nan Generative Edit app connected nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

The different AI photo-editing instrumentality is Generative Edit. This lets you move objects successful an image aliases region them wholly and past usage generative AI to capable successful nan missing portion. You tin besides straighten aliases skew nan image, and past generative AI tin capable successful nan missing background. Here’s really it works:

  1. Open nan Gallery app connected your Samsung Galaxy S24 device.
  2. Select a photograph that you want to edit by opening it.
  3. Select nan Edit fastener (it looks for illustration a pencil).
    On Samsung Galaxy S24, unfastened Gallery, prime photo, prime edit.
  4. Select nan Generative Edit icon (the bluish circle pinch 3 stars).
  5. Use your digit to outline a desired entity that you want removed. If you make a mistake, prime Deselect and commencement over.
    Select Generative edit, usage digit to prime entity you want to region aliases move.
  6. Use Touch and hold connected that selected entity to resistance it to a different area of nan image. Or prime Remove (eraser icon) to erase nan object. You tin prime Return (back arrow) to move that entity backmost into its original position.
  7. If nan image needs straightening, prime Adjust nan slider astatine nan bottom.
  8. Once you’ve made your preferred adjustments, prime Generate. Galaxy AI will past capable successful missing backgrounds and make adjustments to moved objects.
    Tap and clasp nan selected entity to move, aliases prime eraser to remove. Select Generate and watch Galaxy AI activity its magic.
  9. Select and clasp nan View original fastener if you want to spot really this caller image compares to nan original.
  10. Select Done and past Save arsenic copy. Any images saved this measurement will person a Generative Edit watermark.
    Tap and clasp connected View Original to compare, past prime Done and past prime Save arsenic copy.

Unlike Edit Suggestions, Generative Edit uses nan cloud, truthful you’ll request an net relationship for Generative Edit to work. It besides requires much clip to process edits, particularly if you make a lot, truthful don’t beryllium amazed if it takes a fewer seconds to spot your extremity result.

Examples of what nan Galaxy S24’s AI photograph editing tin do

Someone utilizing nan Generative Edit app connected nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

We tried retired nan Galaxy AI photo-editing devices connected a fewer of nan photos we’ve taken truthful far. The results are beautiful good, for nan astir part. Here are a fewer examples of nan results you tin expect from some Edit Suggestions and Generative Edit.

Let’s return a look astatine this sheet of various nigiri ordered from a sushi restaurant. I wanted nan attraction to beryllium connected nan nigiri, but location were different plates successful nan measurement of nan photograph that I couldn’t rather get free of owed to nan array size. I utilized Generative Edit to region nan quiet sheet connected nan near and get free of nan atom connected nan correct edge.

Galaxy AI did a decent occupation of cleaning up nan image, but it did time off immoderate integer artifacts down alternatively of conscionable filling it successful pinch a acheronian woody aboveground for illustration nan remainder of nan table. Still, it removed nan unnecessary elements from nan image, which was nan goal.

This is simply a photograph that my hubby took of maine while we were waiting for our dinner. When he took nan image, nan waiter was successful nan background, and benignant of distracting, moreover pinch nan blur from image mode. Using Generative Edit, I removed him from nan background, and Galaxy AI filled it successful pinch thing indecipherable. You tin still show that there’s thing there, but you can’t show what it is.

I saw a squirrel astatine nan parkland nan different time and I emotion taking photos of those critters. I grabbed nan S24 and zoomed successful truthful I could seizure it without disturbing it. But location was a acheronian protector from nan character it was adjacent to. With Galaxy AI, I utilized nan Edit Suggestion of removing shadows, and it worked beautiful good here. The shadows successful nan writer and moreover nan character trunk are gone, and nan squirrel appears a spot lighter too. It became easier to spot nan squirrel.

Here’s a photograph of a quaint small spot successful nan city. It’s a awesome small spot to relax and bask nan scenery. I emotion really this small spot looks, truthful I snapped a photo. With Galaxy AI, I rotated it a spot and had it capable successful nan background. It generated a random character trunk connected nan near and much bushes connected nan right. You couldn’t really show that nan character trunk is AI, isolated from that a small blurry spot successful nan brushwood adjacent to nan trunk makes you wonder.

Lastly, this is simply a photograph I took of a gorgeous sunset arsenic I was stepping down my street. Due to nan lighting from nan sunset, everything other is incredibly dark. Using nan remastered Edit Suggestion, it brightened up nan heavy blacks and shadows truthful you tin spot nan sidewalk and cars successful nan distance.

A nosy measurement to edit your photos

The backmost of nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra successful Titanium Orange.The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra successful Titanium Orange Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Our testing pinch Galaxy AI’s photo-editing devices shows that you tin get immoderate beautiful decent results from it.

Edit Suggestions are bully if you conscionable want to make nan photograph look a spot amended than it really is without excessively overmuch other work. It’s cleanable for rubbing up thing earlier you station it connected nan societal media. The Generative Edit instrumentality does require a spot much activity connected your portion if you want bully results.

Galaxy AI features, including these photo-editing tools, are presently only disposable connected Samsung’s Galaxy S24 devices. This includes nan guidelines exemplary S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra.

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