How to use your iPad as a second monitor for your Mac

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One of the best genitalia of the Apple ecosystem is how neatly aggregate works together. Apple generally gets abuse for its ‘walled garden’ approach, but back it works well, it enables the affectionate of abundance appearance that Android and PC rivals can alone dream about. For example, you can use your iPad as a additional awning for your Mac with basal effort, with no charge to dabble with annoying cables and ambiguous software hacks.

Apple gives you three capital means to set up your iPad as a additional affectation for your Mac: Universal Control, Sidecar and Stage Manager. They all accept altered uses and you ability acquisition that one is bigger for your uses than the others.

For example, Universal Control lets you seamlessly move your abrasion or trackpad arrow above your accessories and alike annoyance and bead files amid them. Sidecar, meanwhile, can be acclimated to mirror your Mac’s agreeable assimilate your iPad, which is accessible if you appetite to about-face your iPad into a cartoon book to be acclimated with an Apple Pencil. The abstraction abaft Stage Manager, meanwhile, is to accredit bigger window management, and allotment of that involves affective windows amid your displays.

Here, we’ve categorical how to use all three features, so you can adjudge which is best for you. Follow alternating and you’ll accept a multi-device, multi-monitor bureaucracy in abutting to no time.

Be abiding to analysis out Apple’s arrangement requirements for Universal Control, Sidecar and Stage Manager for iPad. Stage Manager for Mac requires macOS Ventura or after afore you get started.

Universal ascendancy iPad Mac Apple

How to use Universal Control to use iPad as additional monitor

Universal Control is a abundant way to use your iPad as a additional affectation for your Mac. It lets you ascendancy both accessories with one abrasion or trackpad and one keyboard, enabling your abrasion arrow to calmly move amid either accessory with basal hassle.

Step 1: First, you’ll charge to accomplish abiding both accessories are on the aforementioned Apple ID. Your Mac needs macOS 12.4 (Monterey) or later, while your iPad needs iPadOS 15.4 or later. Apple has the full arrangement requirements on its website.

Step 2: Now, accessible the Settings app on your Mac and acquisition Displays in the sidebar. Select Advanced, again accredit Allow your arrow and keyboard to move amid any adjacent Mac or iPad. Select Done. If you appetite to manually articulation addition iPad or Mac to your setup, baddest the + button and aces your accessory from the options.

Step 3: Next, about-face to your iPad. Open the Settings app and aces General > AirPlay & Handoff, again accredit Cursor and Keyboard. Note that you will alone see this advantage on an iPad that supports Universal Control.

Step 4: To affix your accessories together, abode them abutting to anniversary other, ensuring they’re switched on and unlocked. Now move your abrasion or trackpad arrow accomplished the bend of the awning abutting to the added device. So, if your iPad is placed to the larboard of your Mac, move your Mac’s arrow accomplished your computer’s left-hand edge. As you do so, you’ll see the arrow activate to appear on your added device. Push it all the way through to connect.

Step 5: When you move your abrasion or trackpad arrow above the awning bend abutting to the added device, it will appear on that device. You can archetype and adhesive files from iPad to Mac and carnality versa, and alike annoyance and bead items from one accessory to another. When application your keyboard, you will be able to blazon on whichever accessory your abrasion arrow is on.

Step 6: To adapt the position of your accessories in the operating system, accessible the Settings app on your Mac and go to Displays > Arrange. Now annoyance and bead the windows area you appetite them.

Apple Sidecar columnist photo Apple

How to use Sidecar to use iPad as additional monitor

Step 1: First, ensure that both your iPad and your Mac are active in with the aforementioned Apple ID. It’s not all-important to affix your iPad to your Mac application a cable, but you can do so if you appetite to allegation it up.

Step 2: Now, accessible the Settings app on your Mac and baddest Displays in the left-hand sidebar.

Step 3: On the right, baddest the + button amid beneath the name of your Mac, again aces your iPad from the list.

Step 4: Alternatively, instead of activity through the Settings app, you can accessible Control Center from the top-right bend of your Mac’s card bar, again aces Screen Mirroring and accept your iPad.

Step 5: Once Sidecar is set up, you’ll see a Screen Mirroring figure appear in the card bar. Choose this to change how your iPad works as a additional display, such as whether it mirrors your Mac’s agreeable or extends it as a abstracted screen.

Step 6: For added aerial control, arch to the Displays area in the Settings app on your Mac. Here, baddest your iPad. You can now adjudge whether to use your iPad to extend or mirror your Mac’s screen, accredit the double-tap feature for the Apple Pencil, and more.

An iPad and an alien affectation application Stage Manager in iPadOS 16. Apple

How to use Stage Manager to use iPad as a additional monitor

The final way to use an iPad as a additional affectation for your Mac by application Stage Manager. This is a affection that allows you to administer assorted app windows on your iPad or on your Mac, but it additionally lets you annoyance apps amid your devices.

Step 1: To set up Stage Manager on your Mac, accessible the Control Center from your Mac’s card bar and baddest the Stage Manager button. The affection is enabled back the button is accent and your app windows are apparent on the left.

Step 2: On your iPad, accessible the Settings app and cross to Multitasking & Gestures. Here, ensure the toggle abutting to Stage Manager is enabled, again about-face on Recent Apps.

Step 3: Moving an app window amid your Mac and your iPad is simple: aloof annoyance the top of the app window above to your added screen, or do the aforementioned with the app figure in the Dock.

With these three methods, you’ve got affluence of solid options for application your iPad as a additional awning for your Mac. Try all three to see which one you adopt -- as anniversary adjustment is advised for altered situations, you ability acquisition one of them is added applicative to you. Whichever you achieve on, you’ll accept a accessible way to get added from your Apple devices.

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