How to vertically mount your GPU (and why you might want to)

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Vertically ascent your cartoon agenda rarely has a achievement benefit, but who cares about that back it looks so abundant acknowledgment adverse out through your ancillary panel? While flipping your GPU angular acclimated to be a complicated, costly, and time arresting process, it's now cool accessible to do with the appropriate accoutrement and kit.

Here's how to get started with angular ascent your cartoon card.

Thermaltake A700 case with RGB internals. Thermaltake

Make abiding your case is compatible

Before you angular arise your cartoon card, it's important to accede whether you can do it all. Although best cartoon cards can be angular mounted, and best motherboards will assignment aloof accomplished with a riser cable abutting your GPU to it rather than it actuality anon mounted, not abounding cases abutment it natively.

There are some cases that are advised to action vertical ascent as an option, and if that's your case, again you can able on and use it. However, if your case doesn't abutment it, again you charge to see if is accordant with any of the ascent kits out there. If it is, you'll again charge to analysis whether you will accept the approval to accept your cartoon agenda angular army and still be able to get the ancillary console on.

Whatever case or kit you are considering, analysis that they abutment your cartoon card, abnormally factoring in its length, breadth, and weight.

If all looks good, again advance as planned, but if not, you may charge to accede affairs a altered case or opting for a added DIY ascent solution.

How to angular arise your GPU

When it comes to angular ascent your cartoon card, you accept three options you can use:

  • Using a case that has complete built-in abutment for angular ascent your cartoon card.
  • Using a vertical ascent kit from Cooler Master, Phanteks, Lian Li, or a ambit of added third-parties.
  • Using a alien ascent bracket and riser cable.

The aboriginal advantage is the best straightforward, admitting the additional isn't ever complicated. The third is added complex and not every case will abutment it, but it charcoal an option.

Step 1: If your case supports vertical cartoon agenda mounting, again artlessly acquisition the adapted area from your chiral or the architect website and chase the instructions to arise your GPU vertically. You will about absolutely charge a cartoon agenda riser cable, so locate that in your box of accessories if you accept it handy.

Step 2: For a third-party kit, abolish your absolute cartoon agenda and any added add-in cards and PCI brackets that would be in the way of the new ascent bracket. Most designs are toolless, so you should be able to put the new bracket in abode and again use your case's thumbscrews to attach it.

Then you can bung in the riser cable, arise your cartoon card, and attach the ability and riser cable. At that point, you should be acceptable to go. If in doubt, chase the kit's instructions for added abundant steps.

Note, however, that back application a kit like this, you are generally akin acceptance to added PCI Express slots, so you may not be able to use add-in cards with a GPU ascent kit.

Cooler Master MasterAccessory vertical ascent kit for GPUs. The Cooler Master vertical ascent kit lets you fit a vertical GPU in a ambit of cases. Cooler Master

Step 3: For alien ascent kits, you will accept to be a little added artistic with active the riser and ability cables. You may charge to buy best cables to reach, and you'll appetite to accede how you plan to attach video cables, which depends on area you end up ascent your GPU. Some kits let you attach the GPU to the abject of the case, others to 120mm fan mounts -- there are all kinds of ascent kits out there, admitting not all of them are aerial in quality.

The absolute accession should be almost straightforward, though, already you accept aggregate planned out.

Remove your cartoon agenda from its aperture on your motherboard, install the alien bracket securely, and attach your cartoon card. Run the riser cable from the motherboard's PCI Express aperture to your cartoon agenda and attach the ability cables.

Note: If you're application continued riser and ability cables, it can be a acceptable abstraction to analysis the GPU with both afore ascent to accomplish abiding it all works.

HLT vertical kickstand for cartoon agenda mounting. HLT

Why do bodies arise their GPU vertically?

Wondering what all the fuss is about with angular army cartoon cards? There isn't abundant of one, really. It's mostly for adept reasons. Very rarely will a case be advised area the airflow will be bigger with a angular army cartoon card. In fact, in best instances, angular ascent your cartoon agenda will about advance to far worse airflow. That goes doubly so if you accept a plexiglass or choleric bottle ancillary panel, back those don't let any air in at all.

If you accept a cobweb case, however, again ascent angular won't accomplish as abundant difference. With side-mount fans, it ability absolutely advance things, but that's activity to be a attenuate case and shouldn't be advised the norm.

It does attending cool, though, and it can help with GPU sag -- admitting you could consistently aloof add a GPU bracket if your agenda is dipping too much.

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