How to watch Apple’s iPhone 15 event: 5 easy ways

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Invite for Apple's September 2023 event.Apple

Apple’s adjacent property arena is group to footwear disconnected connected Tuesday, September 12, opening astatine 10:00 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET. The uniquely named “Wonderlust” arena will almost surely present nan world to nan iPhone 15 bid and next-generation Apple Watches — including nan Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2. We could besides spot USB-C yet arriving connected nan Apple AirPods Pro.

Like past year’s event, nan iPhone 15 arena will beryllium streamed crossed various platforms, including Apple’s website, connected iPh0ne/iPad and Apple TV, X (formerly known arsenic Twitter), and YouTube. Here’s a look astatine really to watercourse nan highly anticipated arena arsenic it happens connected September 12.

How to watch nan iPhone 15 arena connected your iPhone aliases iPad

A screenshot of Apple arena links from nan Apple TV app connected an iPhoneBryan M. Wolfe / Digital Trends

Apple will yet update nan Home page of nan Apple TV app pinch links to nan upcoming Wonderlust arena earlier September 12. When nan arena is astir to commence, click nan Play fastener to commencement streaming. Links will look connected nan Apple TV app connected iPhone and iPad.

Here’s a tip: If you click nan nexus a spot early, you tin perceive to nan unsocial soundtrack Apple has prepared for nan event.

You tin download nan Apple TV app connected nan App Store connected your mobile device.

How to watch nan iPhone 15 arena connected your Apple TV

The Apple TV 4K opinionated vertically pinch nan Apple logo showing from nan frontZeke Jones / Digital Trends

As expected, Apple will watercourse nan iPhone arena connected nan Apple TV Home page. You will find various links to nan arena connected nan time of nan event. Search for nan “Wonderlust” signage successful nan Apple TV app connected your Apple TV streaming box, click connected it, and property Play. Then, hole to beryllium entertained by Tim Cook and his team.

Since we didn’t people tickets to this year’s iPhone event, we’ll beryllium watching it connected our Apple TV pinch a fewer Hint waters existent adjacent to support america hydrated!

How to watch nan iPhone 15 arena connected nan Apple website

The Apple Events webpage showing nan September 2023 arena signageApple

Many group will beryllium stuck astatine activity arsenic nan Apple arena begins. Those folks tin watercourse nan arena from nan Apple website.

Look for a salient nexus correct astatine nan apical of nan Home page. You tin besides bookmark nan Apple Events webpage and spell location connected September 12. The links are disposable crossed each web browsers, sloppy of platform.

How to watch nan iPhone 15 arena connected YouTube

Apple's relationship connected YouTubeYouTube

A awesome action to watch nan Apple arena is by accessing nan company’s YouTube account. It’s particularly useful for users who wish to acquisition nan caller iPhone 15 but tin only entree nan arena done a mobile web browser … connected their Android-based device.

You’ll beryllium capable to watch nan iPhone 15 arena connected YouTube connected any instrumentality that tin entree YouTube. Whether it’s nan YouTube mobile site, nan YouTube app, nan YouTube website connected your computer, etc. If you person a instrumentality that tin unfastened YouTube, you tin watch nan iPhone 15 arena connected it. This is besides a awesome prime if you want to Chromecast nan arena to different device.

How to watch nan iPhone 15 arena connected Twitter/X

A achromatic X connected a achromatic background, which could beryllium Twitter's caller logo.X

Finally, don’t hide astir X. The societal web we erstwhile called Twitter will besides big Apple’s Wonderlust event. You tin find nan nexus done Apple’s X account correct earlier nan arena begins.

In erstwhile years, Apple has besides advertised typical links to nan event, but it is unclear whether it will do truthful this time.

What happens if you miss nan event?

iPhone 15 Pro render showing USB-C9to5Mac

If you can’t watch nan Apple arena live, don’t worry. You tin watercourse it later connected nan Apple website aliases YouTube page. Sometimes, location whitethorn beryllium a hold successful posting nan links, but they will beryllium disposable astatine immoderate constituent aft nan arena ends.

Are you having a difficult clip waiting for this year’s iPhone event? Check retired Digital Trend’s continuing sum of nan upcoming event. Between now and then, we’ll beryllium posting news, features, and a batch more. Stay tuned!

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