How to watch Teofimo Lopez vs Jamaine Ortiz for free

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Teofimo Lopez and Jamaine Ortiz connected a promotional poster.Top Rank Boxing

Teofimo Lopez (19-1, 13 KOs), nan erstwhile three-belt Lightweight World Champion, has had a rollercoaster of a profession truthful far. In 2020 he hit Vasyl Lomachenko to unify nan IBF, WBA and WBO titles, past instantly mislaid them to George Kambosos Jr. He past roseate for illustration a phoenix from nan ashes to conclusion Josh Taylor successful a conflict he was a large underdog for, gaining a Super Lightweight title successful nan process. He past concisely retired. He’s backmost now to take sides his title again Jamaine Ortiz (17-1-1, 8 KOs), a tin combatant pinch immoderate bully wins and a adjacent nonaccomplishment to Lomachenko connected his record.

Teofimo Lopez vs Jamaine Ortiz starts astatine 10:30 p.m. ET and will beryllium broadcast connected ESPN and streamed connected ESPN+. Here’s everything you request to cognize to watch boxing tonight, including immoderate ways to perchance watercourse this conflict for free.

The champion measurement to watch Teofimo Lopez vs Jamaine Ortiz

ESPN Plus connected achromatic background.ESPN Plus

This conflict is portion of a Top Rank Boxing paper that will watercourse connected ESPN and ESPN+. ESPN+ is 1 of nan champion ways to watch boxing, and not conscionable because of its exclusive business pinch Top Rank. It’s besides 1 of nan cheapest streaming platforms that regularly big boxing. There is nary ESPN+ free trial, but a subscription costs conscionable $11 per period aliases $110 per year. You tin besides harvester it pinch Hulu and Disney+ successful nan Disney Bundle, which costs $15 per month. It has tons of different unrecorded streamed sports and a large backlog of documentaries.

Can you watch Teofimo Lopez vs Jamaine Ortiz for free?

Since this conflict is going to beryllium broadcast connected nan regular ESPN transmission arsenic good arsenic ESPN+, location are immoderate sneaky ways to watch it for free. Both Fubo and YouTube TV person entree to ESPN, truthful if you get a Fubo free trial aliases a YouTube TV free trial, you tin drawback this matchup without paying a dime. Both services are complete cablegram replacements, truthful they’ll costs a beautiful penny erstwhile nan tests are over. If you’re only concerned pinch sports, ESPN+ mightiness beryllium your champion bet. If you want entree to complete 100 unrecorded TV channels, YouTube TV and Fubo are bully options.

Watch Teofimo Lopez vs Jamaine Ortiz from overseas pinch a VPN

The NordVPN logo connected a purple background.NordVPN

Watching American sports from a overseas state tin beryllium difficult. The simplest action is to get 1 of nan best VPN services, link to a server successful nan U.S., past get ESPN+ aliases 1 of nan free proceedings services above. We urge NordVPN arsenic nan champion VPN successful general. That’s because it’s effective, simple, and presently beautiful inexpensive arsenic portion of VPN deals.

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