How to watch Usher’s Super Bowl halftime show replay

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Usher's Super Bowl Halftime Show connected Apple TV.Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Super Bowl 2024 has travel and gone. (The Chiefs won. Again.) That intends we person different afloat twelvemonth to spell earlier nan adjacent 1 — Super Bowl LIX is scheduled for Sunday, February 9, 2025, successful New Orleans — though nan hype is judge to ne'er really stop.

And that rings existent for nan Super Bowl Halftime Show arsenic well. Whether you thought Usher’s 2024 capacity was 1 of nan ages — aliases that it was nostalgia overshadowed by nan likes of H.E.R. and Alicia Keys — it’s worthy watching again. And it’s beautiful easy to get an charismatic replay of nan Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show.

If you’re utilizing an Apple TV container (that is, nan hardware from Apple itself and our reigning prime for nan best streaming instrumentality you tin buy), conscionable caput into nan Apple TV app and you’ll spot Usher beforehand and center. For now, anyway. That’ll apt alteration astatine immoderate point, and you mightiness person to hunt it out. Note that it doesn’t get nan aforesaid benignant of placement connected different platforms arsenic it does successful nan Apple TV app. It’s officially nan Apple Music Halftime Show, and truthful Apple TV gets immoderate typical love. (Same goes for nan TV app connected Apple devices, though. Go figure.)

Or, you tin deed up nan NFL YouTube Channel and check retired nan halftime show performances there.

Given that this is YouTube we’re talking about, though, we tin spell 1 better. We tin simply embed each nan Usher you could perchance handle. We tin make it truthful you don’t person to time off this very website to spot Lil John and We tin person Usher’s gloved manus magically look beneath these very words, getting you to nan afloat halftime show group that overmuch quicker. Isn’t nan early great?

Usher’s Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show

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It's that clip of nan twelvemonth again. The 2024 Super Bowl is present and pinch it, a halftime show that is judge to dazzle. This year's performer is Usher, who has been cranking retired nan hits for 20 years. Everyone tin work together that nan Super Bowl halftime show is nan astir prestigious euphony capacity duty successful nan intermezo industry. For 15 minutes, tens of millions of group astir nan world tune successful to spot nan spectacle of nan Super Bowl halftime show.

Because it's specified a prestigious gig, nan halftime show is reserved for only nan biggest stars successful euphony and entertainment. Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, The Weekend, Sir Paul McCartney, Carol Channing (yes, really), U2, and Beyoncé are a fewer of nan renowned artists to execute astatine nan Super Bowl. At past year's Super Bowl LVII, Rihanna added her sanction to nan database of memorable Super Bowl halftime performers.

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