HP Envy Move review: a PC unlike any you’ve seen

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HP Envy Move advanced appearance assuming AiO and keyboard.

HP Envy Move

MSRP $1,210.00

“The HP Envy Move is the carriageable PC you never knew you needed.”


  • Affordable
  • Well-designed portability
  • Solid body quality
  • Display is touch-enabled
  • Runs on battery


  • Mediocre performance
  • Average display
  • Keyboard is fatiguing

HP has shied abroad from analysis these days, best conspicuously with the Spectre Foldable PC.

The Envy Move isn’t absolutely as flashy, but it’s no beneath adventurous. It’s an all-in-one PC, acceptation the audacity of the PC are arranged central the affectation asylum or in its base. The Envy Move takes it one footfall further, advised to be decidedly accessible to backpack around. Thanks to the array inside, it functions about like a carriageable desktop. It’s a accurate idea, but unfortunately, the achievement and affectation accord it a ambiguous all-embracing value.

Specs and configurations

CPU Intel Core i3-1315U or Core i5-1355U
GPU Intel Iris Xe
Memory 8GB or 16GB
Storage Up to 1TB SSD
Display 23.8-inch 16:9 QHD (2560 x 1440) IPS, 60Hz
Audio Dual 5-watt B&O speakers
Webcam 5MP IR camera with chiral shutter
USB ports 1x USB 3.2 Type-A, 1x USB 3.2 Type-C, 1x HDMI 1.4b (upstream)
Networking WiFi 6 or WiFi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2 or 5.3
Price $750+

The Envy Move starts at $900 (currently on auction for $750) for a Core i3-1315U CPU, 8GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD, and a 23.8-inch IPS display. The high-end agreement is $1,210 ($1,060 on sale) for a Core i5-1355U, 16GB of RAM, and a 1TB SSD. There are no detached GPU options, with chip Intel Iris Xe on all configurations.

Those prices are adorable for an AiO, decidedly on sale. Throw in the different design, and you’d anticipate this was a rather acceptable deal. But there are some austere compromises involved, decidedly in agreement of the achievement and display.

A handle, a battery, and a 9-pound backpack weight

HP Envy Move advanced angled appearance assuming AiO and keyboard.Mark Coppock / Digital Trends

A few appearance highlight the Envy Move’s carriageable design. First is its weight, which comes in at 9 pounds for the AiO itself. That’s not a huge advantage, actuality alone 2.5 pounds lighter than HP’s AiO 24, a added boilerplate apparatus with the aforementioned 23.8-inch affectation size. It’s absolutely no laptop, for that matter.

Even so, the Envy Move is aloof ablaze abundant to be acquiescent lugging it from abode to place.

HP Envy Move basal appearance assuming feet.Mark Coppock / Digital Trends

At the aforementioned time, the Envy Move additionally has a handle on top and a abridged in the aback for captivation the arranged keyboard. Place the keyboard in the pocket, grab the handle, lift the AiO off a desk, and the anxiety hinge against the centermost area they’re out of the way.

Place it aback on a collapsed apparent and the anxiety hinge apparent while the absolute asylum leans aback at a added adequate angle. Grab the keyboard from the pocket, and you’re accessible to work. It’s a able architecture all-embracing that makes the Envy Move easier to, well, move around.

HP Envy Move top bottomward appearance assuming bolt and logo.Mark Coppock / Digital Trends

I brainstorm the architecture will be best adorable to amalgam workers after a committed home appointment or ones who appetite added adaptability and a laptop doesn’t accommodate abundant awning absolute estate. HP talks about assorted added uses about the home, such as affective the PC from a ancestors allowance to an exercise room. In theory, those are absorbing uses and accomplish the Envy Move a applicable proposition. And in a absolute aberration on the AiO PC, the Envy Move has a battery, so you can backpack it about the abode after boring the ability adapter with you.

Certainly, it feels well-built, which is a call for an AiO that’s meant to be carted around. It’s fabricated of artificial all about but still feels adamant enough. Other AiOs accept a added characteristic style, abridged by the Lenovo Yoga AiO 9i, that is absolutely futuristic, and the Apple iMac, which has that company’s about affected aesthetic.

HP Envy Move top bottomward appearance assuming keyboard.Mark Coppock / Digital Trends

As mentioned, HP bundles a keyboard that fits into the abridged on the aback of the Envy Move. The keyboard includes a touchpad, so you don’t accept to backpack a abrasion around. I begin the accounting feel to be aloof okay, with abundant key agreement to be adequate and switches that are abysmal but not awfully precise.

The bottoming out action was abrupt, and the switches didn’t accept a lot of snappiness. Also, the keyboard isn’t angled abundant for me, and I begin it backbreaking over time. I tend to like HP’s keyboards, so this was a bit of a disappointment.

HP Envy Move rear appearance assuming keyboard in pocket.Mark Coppock / Digital Trends

The touchpad was additionally aloof fine, although I’ve never been addicted of its adjustment to the appropriate of the keyboard. Of course, you’re not bound to application the included keyboard and touchpad combo. Any cardinal of third-party options could fit into the abridged if that’s important to you. The Envy Move’s affectation is touch-enabled, which is consistently acceptable on an AiO.

Connectivity is bound for a desktop, with distinct USB-C and USB-A ports and an upstream-only HDMI anchorage that allows you to use the affectation with addition PC. There’s no alien audio jack, acceptation you’re bound to the complete speakers or Bluetooth audio. HP acutely doesn’t appetite you to unplug speakers and backpack them around. Wireless connectivity is abreast if you baddest the appropriate configuration, and clashing abounding desktop PCs, there’s no Ethernet jack.

The webcam is a 5MP adaptation that provides accomplished video quality, and an bittersweet camera makes logging in a breeze via Windows 11 Hello facial recognition.

There’s a concrete slider to block off the webcam for privacy. The Envy Move additionally uses HP’s user attendance analysis technology, acceptation it will lock the AiO back you airing abroad and deathwatch it aback up back you return.

A low resolution is a buzzkill

HP Envy Move advanced appearance assuming display.Mark Coppock / Digital Trends

As far as desktops go, AiOs await on a abundant display. An AiO that’s meant to be acclimated by itself after an add-on adviser is alike added codicillary on affectation quality. Unfortunately, the Envy Move’s 23.8-inch is alone average. It’s not aciculate abundant at the QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440, and it’s in the old-school 16:9 aspect ratio. 1440p resolution is abundant on a laptop-sized screen, but on one this big, I could calmly see pixels back attractive at argument on the display. As a writer, I’m actual acute to argument quality, and abounding bodies ability acquisition the display’s resolution to be aloof fine. It’s absolutely bigger than if it were 1080p.

According to my colorimeter, the affectation offers boilerplate colors at 78% advantage of the AdobeRGB area and 100% of sRGB, with acceptable but not abundant blush accurateness at a DeltaE of 1.55 (1.0 or beneath is advised excellent). Brightness was accept at 312 nits, aloof aloft our 300-nit threshold, and adverse came in at 1000:1, appropriate at our baseline for affection displays.

Overall, the Envy Move has a affectation that’s aloof okay. It’s boilerplate abreast the Lenovo Yoga 9i AiO’s 32-inch 4K console that abstinent 640 nits of brightness, 90% AdobeRGB, and a adverse arrangement of 1410:1. Of course, that AiO is abundant added big-ticket at $1,500.

Productivity users and media consumers will acquisition the affectation to be aloof acceptable enough. A added acute eye would be disappointed, though.

HP Envy Move top appearance assuming speaker.Mark Coppock / Digital Trends

The audio is provided by a brace of 5-watt speakers acquainted by Bang & Olufsen. They put out a ton of aggregate after distortion, and mids and highs are clear. In addition, there’s a blow of abject and some apparent spatial effects. It’s a acceptable affair that the complete audio is decent, accustomed that you can’t bung in alien speakers as you can with best added desktops.

If you appetite more, you’ll accept to aces wireless Bluetooth speakers. The aforementioned goes for headphones, of course.

The achievement won’t impress, but you can unplug

HP Envy Move top appearance assuming handle.Mark Coppock / Digital Trends

HP fabricated the analytical accommodation to use lower-power 15-watt Intel Core CPUs in the Envy Move, accurately a best amid the six-core (two Performance, four Efficient), 8-thread Core i3-1315U or the 10-core (two Performance and eight Efficient), 12-thread Core i5-1355U. It seems like the Envy Move’s anatomy and cooling arrangement could accept been complete about faster chips, such as the 28-watt P-series. The Yoga 9i AiO uses the 45-watt Core i9-13900H, a abundant faster chip, alike admitting its apparatus are arranged into a abate base.

As such, the Envy Move’s achievement is black for a desktop. Looking at our apartment of benchmarks, HP’s AiO comes in asleep aftermost and by a fair margin. Again, I charge to accent that the Envy Move is appreciably beneath big-ticket than the allegory group, but a low amount can’t accomplish up for achievement that isn’t fast enough. I would absolutely wouldn’t acclaim the Core i3 model, which comes with aloof two Performance cores.

If you’re application the Envy Move for archetypal abundance uses like email, web browsing, and Office applications, as able-bodied as media consumption, again you’ll be accept with the achievement of the Core i5 configuration. But if you charge to accomplish ambitious tasks, including artistic work, again you’ll appetite to absorb added money.

Geekbench 6
Cinebench R23
HP Envy Move
(Core i5-1355U)
2,233 / 7,150 186 1,619 / 5,669
Lenovo Yoga AIO 9i
(Core i9-13900H)
2,840 / 13,475 89 1,909 / 13,746
Apple Mac Mini
(M2 Pro)
2,684 / 12,765 N/A 1,649 / 14,812)
Apple iMac
3,075 / 11,994 112 1,905 / 9,754

At first, I didn’t apprehend the Envy Move has an 82 watt-hour array inside. Battery testing is absolutely not article I’ve anytime bare to do with a desktop PC, but it’s a big allotment of what makes the Envy Move special. Unsurprisingly, the Envy Move’s array activity wasn’t great – back advised adjoin avant-garde laptops, anyway.

It lasted about bristles hours in our web browsing analysis and 5.75 hours in our video looping test. Given its 27-inch display, that’s no surprise, and it’s continued abundant to move about and use it in a altered amplitude for a few hours afore lugging it aback to its ability adapter. Is that acceptable abundant array life? I accept it all depends on how you’d use the Envy Move. To my mind, it’s aloof acceptable enough.

A nice abstraction that’s accomplished aloof able-bodied enough

The Envy Move is accurately advised for its advised purpose. Compared to added AiOs, it’s absolutely easier to move around, which is a different amount proposition. Bringing this to a coffee boutique ability be ridiculous, but I accepted actuality able to calmly move from my active allowance to my home appointment on array power. And it’s alluringly priced, abnormally back on sale.

I alone ambition the achievement and affectation were better. The architecture and complete array will be abundant to advertise some on the idea, but the bound achievement keeps it aback from greatness.

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