Huawei joins the open-ear trend with its FreeClip wireless earbuds

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Simon Cohen

By Simon Cohen December 12, 2023 8:11AM

Woman wearing Huawei FreeClip.Huawei

As folks effort to amended merge their integer and real-world lives, open-ear earbuds are becoming an progressively celebrated choice. But astir of these products usage a akin design: an earhook that positions nan speaker complete your ear, pinch a artillery information typically down your ear.

The Huawei FreeClip return a different attack pinch a horseshoe style that wraps astir nan mediate of your ear. The jewelry-like FreeClip travel successful purple aliases achromatic and will beryllium disposable successful nan U.K. and Europe toward nan extremity of December for 199 euros (about $214). There’s nary connection yet connected U.S. availability.

Huawei FreeClip successful black.Huawei

The clip creation is meant to beryllium much comfortable for longer use, and dissimilar nan earhook shape, it won’t interfere pinch glasses. Huawei says nan rear information (the “Comfort Bean”) and nan speaker lodging (the “Acoustic Ball”) are some ergonomically shaped. But it’s nan portion that connects these 2 sections that’s particularly intriguing. Known arsenic nan C-bridge, Huawei says it has an adaptive sensor that learns and adjusts nan clamping unit of nan clasp mechanism, reducing nan strain connected your receptor cartilage.

Huawei FreeClip successful purple.Huawei

The earbuds are besides reversible — onboard sensors find which bud is successful which ear, which eliminates nan right/left fresh of astir wireless earbuds. As pinch different open-ear earbuds, nan FreeClip don’t beryllium up against your receptor canal’s opening, truthful you tin still perceive nan extracurricular world arsenic good arsenic your music, telephone calls, aliases podcasts.

Typically, this results successful lowered audio value and imaginable sound leaks, but Huawei says it has developed 2 ways to combat theses problems: a high-sensitivity, dual magnetic circuit moving coil unit, which improves powerfulness transportation to nan speakers, and a reverse sound waves system, which apparently performs a type of sound cancellation truthful that immoderate escaping sound is reduced.

Huawei says nan FreeClip are rated IP54 for h2o and particulate protection, which should springiness them nan expertise to withstand sweat and h2o spray arsenic agelong arsenic you cleanable them aft each use. Battery life is rated astatine 8 hours of continuous use, which tin beryllium extended to 36 hours via nan charging case.

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