Huawei, Vivo phones tag Google app as TrojanSMS-PA malware

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Huawei, Honor, and Vivo smartphones and tablets are displaying unusual 'Security threat' alerts urging nan deletion of nan Google app, informing that it is detected arsenic nan 'TrojanSMS-PA' malware.

In what appears to beryllium a mendacious positive, these information alerts pass that "immediate uninstallation is advised," arsenic nan app is now considered precocious risk, arsenic shown by nan alert beneath from 1 of BleepingComputer's devices.

Warning bubble connected a Huawei deviceWarning bubble connected a Huawei device
Source: BleepingComputer

When users click connected nan 'View Details' option, nan alert warns that nan app was detected secretly sending SMS messages.

"This app was detected sending SMS privately, enticing users to salary pinch big content, downloading/installing apps privately, aliases stealing backstage information, which whitethorn origin spot harm and privateness leakage," sounds nan information alert details.

"We urge uninstalling it immediately."

This rumor has been reported by galore users connected the Google support forums (Vivo post), Reddit (Vivo thread), the Huawei forums, and various different Android communities.

BleepingComputer contacted Google to find if a caller app update mightiness person caused nan abrupt uptick successful malware warnings, but a spokesperson said Google Play Protect is not triggering nan alert.

"This information notification was not triggered by Google Play Protect and appears to beryllium from a instrumentality that is not Play Protect certified and does not person entree to officially download Google's halfway apps from Play. We urge contacting nan instrumentality shaper for further information. Google Play is nan only app shop wherever you tin officially download Google's halfway apps for Android. All Google apps spell done nan aforesaid rigorous testing arsenic each different apps connected Google Play. These tests are designed to guarantee that apps are safe, secure, and meet Google's value standards." - Google spokesperson.

BleepingComputer has independently verified that these alerts were shown connected a Huawei instrumentality pinch Google's halfway apps pre-installed (released earlier nan ban) and nary side-loaded apps. 

Hence, Google's mentation does not accurately bespeak nan types of Android devices impacted by these alerts.

BleepingComputer confirmed that these alerts are being shown by nan 'Huawei Optimizer' app connected Huawei devices. However, it is unclear what apps are displaying nan alerts for Vivo aliases Honor phones.

If you person not side-loaded nan Google app connected your Huawei, Vivo, aliases Honor phone, it should beryllium safe to disregard nan informing and support it running.

Furthermore, while it is astir apt these alerts are mendacious positives, location has been nary charismatic remark from nan instrumentality makers confirming this.

A projected solution for disabling nan "false alarm" is to spell to Settings > Apps > Optimizer > App Info > Storage > Clear Cache / Clear Data and past reboot your device.

If that doesn't work, effort to uninstall and reinstall nan Huawei Optimizer app.

This action should refresh its outdated signature database, eliminating nan incorrect mendacious affirmative warnings.

BleepingComputer besides contacted Huawei and Vivo for a comment, but we person yet to person a consequence from nan Chinese smartphone makers.