I did something ridiculous to my Oura Ring

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A personification wearing nan Oura Ring successful nan Equinox Ring Cover.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

I’ve put a lawsuit connected my smart ring, and it’s not rather arsenic silly arsenic it sounds. Oura, makers of nan Oura Ring smart ring, has teamed up pinch luxury gym and fittingness nine Equinox to create a package called nan Rest & Recovery Kit, and successful it is simply a soft rubber screen for nan ringing itself.

But what’s it like, and does it make immoderate consciousness astatine all? Surprisingly, it’s great, and it managed to region a interest I had.

Equinox and Oura

The Oura Ring successful nan Equinox Ring Cover, pinch nan accessory pouch.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Oura announced a business pinch Equinox — which runs a web of luxurious and costly gyms — successful January 2023, erstwhile it became portion of nan Equinox Circle, wherever brands supply typical offers to Equinox members. The Rest & Recovery Kit was portion of this, and it has yet arrived.

It consists of a third-generation Oura Ring successful either Stealth aliases Silver finishes, a subscription to nan Oura Ring app for a year, a pouch to support your smart ringing safe, and 3 Ring Covers. The full package costs $445. This intends you salary only a mini magnitude other for nan accessories, $30 complete nan $349 starting value of the Horizon Oura Ring and $66 for nan first twelvemonth of nan app subscription.

The Ring Cover really caught my attention, arsenic we’re each utilized to putting cases connected our smartphones, and immoderate moreover put them connected smartwatches too, but why would you put a screen connected a smart ring? There is simply a beardown statement for doing so, but a batch of it rests connected whether nan Oura Ring remains comfortable pinch it on. Is this thing you should explore?

Wearing nan Oura Ring Cover

A personification holding nan Oura Ring successful nan Equinox Ring Cover.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The Equinox x Oura Ring Cover is simply a elemental portion of achromatic rubber pinch Equinox stamped into it, positive a making connected nan underside, truthful it’s easy to show erstwhile nan ringing is centered connected your finger. Fitting it is simple. It helps to align nan locating marker pinch nan cardinal sensor bump first and past agelong nan screen complete nan ring. It takes nary clip astatine each and is arsenic elemental to remove. The thought is to shop nan covers successful nan pouch erstwhile you’re not utilizing them.

The fresh is perfect. I was worried it would misalign, sag, aliases slip, but erstwhile nan Ring Cover is on, it sits successful precisely nan correct position and won’t budge. I’ve been wearing it pinch nan Heritage creation Oura Ring, which has a level conception connected nan top, and it still fits without issue. It seems it’s nan wholly information Horizon exemplary that comes successful nan Rest & Recovery Kit, though.

The Oura Ring successful nan Equinox Ring Cover.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

It does adhd a millimeter aliases 2 to nan size of nan smart ring, but I haven’t noticed immoderate effect connected wearability. However, you will sometimes consciousness nan stamped Equinox logo betwixt your fingers, It’s not uncomfortable, but it’s not rather arsenic pleasant arsenic nan smoothness of nan ring.

Of course, you’re besides covering up a beautiful titanium ringing pinch a portion of rubber, truthful there’s a style information too. So why would you want to put nan screen connected your smart ring?

Metal connected metal

The Oura Ring successful nan Equinox Ring Cover, pinch nan accessory pouch.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Under normal circumstances, nan Oura Ring tin grind aliases swipe against thing you grip, and erstwhile that aboveground is metal, it tin consequence successful scratches appearing. I’ve worn an Oura Ring for much than 18 months and tin attest to this. At nan gym, you’re going to grip metallic dumbbells and different equipment, and that’s erstwhile nan Ring Cover comes into play. It’s besides why nan Equinox business works.

There’s nary uncertainty it’ll do nan job. It wholly covers nan surface, and erstwhile you grip a metallic barroom pinch it attached, you ne'er get that abrupt grinding sensation arsenic it comes into contact. It doesn’t ever hap anyway, but it’s bully to cognize that pinch nan Ring Cover, nan ringing is protected erstwhile it does. It’s not only astatine nan gym erstwhile nan Ring Cover will travel successful handy. I usually return nan Oura Ring disconnected to lavation my car, arsenic I don’t want to consequence catching it against nan paintwork, and nan ringing screen stops maine from worrying astir this.

A personification holding nan Oura Ring successful nan Equinox Ring Cover.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Unlike a lawsuit for your phone, it’s not really meant to beryllium near connected nan smart ringing each nan time. That’s why nan pouch is included. Made of a faux leather material, it has Oura and Equinox branding connected nan beforehand and is opened utilizing a spring-loaded fastener. It’ll support nan Ring Covers safe until you want to usage one. Having now utilized nan Ring Cover connected my Oura Ring, I’m amazed by really overmuch I admit nan bid of mind it brings successful situations wherever before, I would person simply taken nan smart ringing off.

Want to bargain one?

The Oura Ring successful nan Equinox Ring Cover.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

I’ll admit it — I scoffed erstwhile I first publication astir nan Ring Cover. But aft seeing and utilizing it, it makes a batch much sense. I’m really pleased that it doesn’t look aliases consciousness cheap, and I’m impressed pinch nan fantabulous fitment. It does service a purpose, and I could genuinely spot myself utilizing it successful situations wherever I want to protect nan Oura Ring aliases thing it whitethorn travel into interaction pinch from harm.

Unfortunately, nan only measurement to presently get your hands connected a Ring Cover is to bargain nan Equinox Rest & Recovery Kit. That’s awesome if you don’t person an Oura Ring already, but not truthful bully if you’re already wearing one. It’s imaginable Oura whitethorn present its ain Ring Covers without Equinox branding successful nan future, and it’s thing we’d for illustration to see.

For now, nan Ring Cover is portion of nan Equinox Rest & Recovery Kit, which is disposable successful nan U.S. done Equinox’s ain online store.

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