I found a Chrome extension that makes web browsing bearable again

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Alex Blake

By Alex Blake September 9, 2023 7:30AM

GDPR cooky consent notices were meant to manus privateness power backmost to mean net denizens. Instead, they’ve unleashed a tidal activity of deception, pinch unscrupulous website owners utilizing immoderate intends basal to instrumentality you into letting them harvest your backstage information for resale and profit.

It wasn’t meant to beryllium for illustration this. But while things mightiness person not gone truthful good for GDPR, there’s still a measurement to protect your privateness and banish those annoying pop-ups successful 1 fell swoop. Instead of rage-clicking Accept conscionable to get nan damned pop-ups to spell away, I’ve recovered a overmuch amended way: nan Consent-O-Matic browser extension.

Google Drive successful Chrome connected a MacBook.Digital Trends

This useful small instrumentality outwits moreover nan astir dastardly pop-ups and ensures you’re ne'er tricked into wrongly accepting cookies again. It’s besides wholly free and unfastened source, and useful connected each nan best browsers (both desktop and mobile), including Chrome, Safari and Firefox. It’s 1 of nan astir valuable devices astir for banishing these bad actors.

You see, nan truth is that cooky consent forms are designed to beryllium some annoying and manipulative, and it’s each down to acheronian patterns. For instance, nan Accept All fastener is often colored successful specified a measurement that your musculus representation makes you click it. Or nan first pop-up suggests that cookies are disabled, erstwhile successful reality there’s different tab (carefully hidden from view) afloat of enabled cookies.

Other times, cooky pop-ups neglect to see a Reject All fastener and springiness you hundreds of individual toggles you person to disable. The volition is to get you to conscionable springiness up and judge them all. These are deliberate strategies engineered to fto nan website owners expanse up — and past waste — your backstage data. It’s each contributed to making nan web a frustrating spot to walk your time.

Putting you backmost successful control

The Consent-O-Matic web browser hold being utilized to automatically cull cookies connected Twitch.tv.Consent-O-Matic has a mini overlay successful nan bottom-right area of your browser that shows it rejecting cookies for you. Digital Trends

Despite each that, I’ve recovered that these tricks are nary lucifer for Consent-O-Matic. Some browser extensions simply hide cooky consent messages, which mightiness time off cookies enabled by default. Consent-O-Matic, however, automatically goes done each pop-up — including each hidden action and annoying toggle — and clicks each nan Reject buttons for you. It does this successful a fewer speedy seconds, past disappears.

That intends your privateness is protected and your clip is saved. You don’t tally nan consequence of accidentally allowing immoderate cookies, and you don’t person to bore yourself silly clicking done hundreds of switches. At a clip erstwhile privateness is threatened by AI and unprincipled advertisers, it’s a invited salve.

The Consent-O-Matic web browser hold being utilized to automatically cull browsing cookies.Consent-O-Matic useful truthful quickly that sometimes you hardly moreover spot its overlay successful action. Digital Trends

The extension’s developers statement that Consent-O-Matic was made by studying 680 different types of pop-ups and sorting that knowledge into a fistful of different cooky categories. You tin manually alteration aliases disable immoderate of these categories, aliases conscionable time off them each abnormal by default.

So far, Consent-O-Matic says it has saved maine 13,129 clicks by handling cooky consent forms for me. In different words, it’s kept my information safe and saved maine a bunch of time. That’s made it a must-install hold for me. If you are arsenic sick of deceptive GDPR pop-ups arsenic I am, it’s perfectly worthy a try.

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