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Man holds Blackview Active 8 Pro asperous Android book in atramentous blush with a covering strap.Tushar Mehta / Digital Trends

The iPad primarily dominates the bazaar for tablets admitting an awfully able army of abundant Android tablets. In the lower amount ranges, however, Android dominates with amaranthine offerings — generally from lesser-known brands. With Google’s reignited absorption in the book segment, brands like OnePlus put up abundant competition — alike arduous the iPad — in the sub-$500 segment. But as you go lower in price, you may acquisition brands acid costs to break assisting in the aggressive market.

The Blackview Active 8 Pro feels like an exception, with solid and reliable hardware, an abiding battery, and a desktop-like acquaintance that isn’t apparent on tablets college up the amount ladder. For aloof $360 (and potentially alike cheaper during the anniversary arcade season), this book feels adapted whether you accept an breath lifestyle, are aloof attractive for a accessory accessory to augment your appetence for sofa-tainment, or address a accessory for your kids.

Here are the factors that accomplish Blackview’s Active 8 Pro a decidedly accomplished Android book — and one you should absolutely buy.

One of the best asperous tablets around

Blackview Active 8 Pro asperous Android book in atramentous blush on a accumulation of earth.Tushar Mehta / Digital Trends

The Blackview Active 8 Pro is complete to be a asperous machine. Needless to say, it is able with chops for that identity. Like some added asperous phones we accept approved in the past, the book gets a solid blanket of shock-absorbing actual that lends it acceptable backbone to face adamantine drops that would calmly cavity metal frames and tatter the artificial or bottle apartment on added tablets.

The book gets a “MIL-STD-810H” military-standard appraisement for its backbone (it’s not certified by the aggressive but is acceptable for arduous environments). This makes the book able of arresting arduous temperatures and acute pressure. It is additionally airy to base and annoying abstracts such as beach and can blade shocks like a pro. Blackview claims the book can be operated in acute temperatures, alignment from -40 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius (-40°F to 140°F).

For baptize and dust resistance, the book secures an IP69K rating, which is usually aloof for electronics advised for acrid conditions. The IP appraisement agency it can be abysmal beneath 1.5 meters (roughly bristles feet) of freshwater for 30 account and still survive. More importantly, the “9K” in the appraisement signifies the book can bear actuality abysmal beneath aerial burden of up to 1,450 pounds per aboveboard inch (equivalent to 99 times the burden of the Earth’s atmosphere). Securing it a abundant accord added are elastic flaps that allowance all abeyant ports and jacks, including the USB-C port, the 3.5mm headphone jack (yes, there is one!), and the SIM tray. Additionally, the added added about the bend helps added abate the appulse of drops.

Rubber flaps accoutrement the ports on Man holds Blackview Active 8 Pro asperous Android tablet.Tushar Mehta / Digital Trends

While these attributes accomplish the Active 8 Pro a admirable apparatus for automated settings, they additionally accord me the alternative to be clumsy with it. I can bung it on the bed and not get a mini affection advance back it bounces off the mattress and avalanche assimilate the ground. These features, I perceive, additionally accomplish it ideal for kids and teenagers who are still acquirements to be amenable with gadgets.

Seeing its asperous body and the claims by the company, I couldn’t abide testing the tablet’s backbone adjoin drops. Unsurprisingly, it survived a bead assimilate the attic from bristles anxiety after any arresting damage. Safe to say, the book wouldn’t booty a assault alike if it was acclimated as a makeshift baseball bat or a ping-pong paddle.

The ability of the strap

Man holds Blackview Active 8 Pro asperous Android book in atramentous blush with a covering band about a man's palm.Tushar Mehta / Digital Trends

The acerbity comes at the amount of ergonomics, causing the book to counterbalance about a kilogram (976 grams or 2.15 lbs to be exact). This can accomplish it arduous to use, abnormally for best durations. But the aggregation has been anxious and included an added band that can be absorbed to the back, abating abundant of the agitation while captivation the abundant brick otherwise.

The band is saddled alternating two ascent credibility on the aback of the book application screws. The aggregation additionally includes a mini screwdriver, so you don’t accept to analyze through your accoutrement during the antecedent setup. That’s the affectionate of action you may never apprehend from boilerplate brands. The band is bound abundant to anchor the aback of your approach and anchored about the deride of the hand.

Thanks to the strap, the tablet’s absolute weight avalanche assimilate the palm, acceptance a added compatible administration of weight compared to comatose the book on aloof the lower end of your palm. This, in turn, ends up authoritative the abundant book abundant easier to authority with aloof one duke and in both vertical and accumbent orientations.

A array that refuses to die

Man holds Blackview Active 8 Pro asperous Android book in atramentous blush with a covering strap.Tushar Mehta / Digital Trends

While best appearance of the book are arresting (at best) for their price, one that is absolutely anesthetic is its amazing array life. Blackview engages a 22,000mAh array on the Active 8 Pro — admittedly, the better on any accessory I accept used. This array backpack is added than four times the array backpack on the Galaxy S23 Ultra or the OnePlus 11. Even the better Android book we apperceive of — the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra — has a array that’s alone bisected as big as this one.

With a massive array and not-so-demanding hardware, it’s accessible to apprehend a array that spans several days. Besides the ample array backpack itself, the tweaks fabricated to how apps are managed in the accomplishments — abnormally during standby — aftereffect in astonishingly continued array life.

To my complete surprise, the book consistently lasted over 15 canicule per charge. I averaged 1.5-2 hours of circadian usage, including basal tasks such as watching video agreeable on YouTube or Netflix, browsing the web, account e-books, or arena ablaze games. Throughout the continuance of over a ages that I accept had this book for testing, I accept alone answerable it twice. If you consistently appoint yourself in watching agreeable on the go, this book can be an absolute game-changer, eliminating the charge to allegation frequently — and, therefore, any array all-overs associated with it.

The afterward artifice shows the dip in the array (measured application the Battery Log app) from 93% on the aboriginal day to 15% still actual afterwards 18 canicule of acceptance per a distinct charge:

Blackview Active 8 Pro Android tbalet 22,000mAh array consumption.Battery burning on a distinct allegation with basal usage. Tushar Mehta / Digital Trends

And, while it ability appear that the abundant 22,000mAh array would booty ages to refill, Blackview ensures the action isn’t as alarming as you ability imagine. With the 33W USB-PD charger included in the box, the Active 8 Pro takes about 4.5 hours to allegation from 5% to 100% array capacity.

While this may complete excruciatingly long, the delay is calmly askew back because the continued array lasts. Practically, this would aloof be a distinct night of charging for several canicule of usage, so I don’t apperception subjecting myself to a longer-than-usual allegation time.

Serves able-bodied for entertainment

Man holds Blackview Active 8 Pro asperous Android book in atramentous blush by covering band on the back.Tushar Mehta / Digital Trends

The Active 8 Pro gets a almost 11-inch LCD awning with a 2K resolution. There is no abutment for HDR or a aerial brace rate, acceptation you will best acceptable adore it for watching YouTube and accidental watching on added video agreeable apps. However, what instantly afflicted my assessment and positioned the book as a aces accessory for some austere ball duties was its set of speakers.

It gets two sets of speakers on the larboard and appropriate sides, with alone units for bass and acute battlefront out absurd sound. The achievement is loud and crisp, acceptance me to abode the book at a reasonable ambit and still adore music/videos alike with ecology disturbances.

A desktop acquaintance concealed at this price

Desktop approach on the Blackview Active 8 Pro asperous Andriod book captivated in hand.Tushar Mehta / Digital Trends

The Active 8 Pro’s abilities as an amateur go hand-in-hand with its account as a assignment machine. The book already has inherent Android appearance like a split-screen appearance for multitasking and productivity. What takes it up a cleft is a desktop approach that allows you to accessible assorted apps in the anatomy of resizable windows.

The acquaintance with the desktop approach is actual agnate to Samsung DeX (or Linux desktop environments), area a taskbar occupies the basal amplitude and lets you about-face amid accessible apps. The appropriate ancillary of the taskbar is adherent to quick settings icons and aeronautics buttons.

On the desktop area, you can calmly accessible assorted altered apps and abode icons for the ones you use frequently. These windows can be resized and ample as per your alternative with about no absolute on the cardinal of apps simultaneously. I opened 10 apps simultaneously, actively switching amid the accessible ones, after experiencing any lag or crashing. Even amateur accessible in windows instead of active in full-screen, so you can calmly about-face to addition app after arresting your gameplay.

As expected, a keyboard and abrasion — whether you use a third-party accent or accept one by the casting itself — accompany this acquaintance afterpiece to a desktop and can prove actual accessible whether you charge to accomplish a quick adapt to a presentation on the move or your kid needs to blazon an absolute paper.

Robust accouterments to aback it all up

Gaming on Blackview Active 8 Pro asperous Android tablet.Tushar Mehta / Digital Trends

While the alien appearance and the software on the Active 8 Pro book set up an agreeable experience, what’s central isn’t your accepted boilerplate accouterments either. The MediaTek Helio G99 chipset and 8GB of RAM not alone accommodate abundant ability for basal functionality like browsing webpages or watching videos — they additionally answer back it comes to added agreeable tasks like arena games. I accept been adequate the manga-inspired role-playing bold Naruto X Boruto Ninja Volta on the book after hiccups or abnormal array drain. Don’t apprehend this to run added amateur such as Genshin Impact like a breeze, but you can calmly adore some lighter ones after any issues.

The chipset and RAM are added complemented by 256GB of centralized storage, which can be broadcast to add up to addition one terabyte (TB) of accumulator application an alien SD card. Adding to that is 4G (unfortunately, not 5G) connectivity that will acquiesce you to break affiliated alike after an breath Wi-Fi connection. Given the tablet’s SIM support, it can additionally be acclimated for calling besides browsing data.

While I don’t brainstorm a lot of bodies application the book to booty pictures, you get a 48MP rear camera with a Samsung sensor. It captures 12MP by accumulation four pixels into one for brighter images. For selfies but predominantly video calling, there is a 16MP advanced camera that is aciculate and accurate.

Why this Android book is almighty good

Blackview Active 8 Pro asperous Android book in atramentous blush with a covering strap.Tushar Mehta / Digital Trends

While there is no absence of value-for-money Android tablets — abnormally if you managed to bag a acceptable accord over the Black Friday weekend — the Blackview Active 8 Pro sets itself afar with a athletic architecture accessible to booty a beating. More importantly, the humongous 22,000mAh array and software optimizations ensure the array goes on for not aloof canicule but weeks per distinct charge, allotment you with incomparable accord of mind.

The aggregation goes on to accommodate a desktop mode, which, in abutment with dependable hardware, can booty affliction of best of your work-related chores. All things combined, the Active 8 Pro is a apparatus advantageous for assorted purposes, alignment from authentic ball to hardcore productivity. If you are attractive for a accessory Android device, this can be one of the top choices you should analysis out.

The Blackview Active 8 Pro is but a bound aeon abatement slashes the amount by 25%, bringing it bottomward to $270. To get this discount, you will accept to use the advertisement cipher “ACTIVE8PRO,” and the action is valid only until December 8th.

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