I hate low-profile keyboards, but Asus’ latest has converted me

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The Asus ROG Falchion RX LP keyboard connected a pinkish background.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

I’ve grown retired of low-profile keyboards. After a stint pinch nan Logitech G915, I was quickly swept up into nan community of enthusiast mechanical keyboards, and I’ve winced astatine nan sound of a low-profile mechanical keyboard ever since. Call maine a snob, but it conscionable hasn’t been my preference.

So, it came arsenic a daze to maine that nan Asus ROG Falchion RX LP managed to enactment group up connected my desk. I’ll move backmost to nan keyboard I’ve tweaked each portion of eventually, but nan ROG Falchion RX LP makes a compelling statement for a low-profile shape facet pinch a fewer cardinal changes to this established design.

Meeting nan Falchion RX LP

ROG logo connected nan Falchion RX LP keyboard.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Let’s get acquainted pinch nan Falchion RX LP keyboard first. It’s a low-profile mechanical keyboard, meaning some nan switches and nan keycaps are shorter. That changes nan keyboard profile, pinch nan keys lying level crossed nan apical of nan body. This return has a 65% layout, fresh pinch arrow keys but nary Function keys, and Asus managed to cram everything into nan framework of a 60% keyboard.

The consequence is simply a keyboard pinch nary wasted space. Short of a ray barroom connected apical pinch a fewer unsocial features (more connected those soon), each nan keys are stuffed together. That tin create immoderate problems, specified arsenic hitting nan Page Up key erstwhile you mean to hit Enter, or tapping the Insert key erstwhile going for Backspace, but I’ve been capable to type 10,000 (or more) words pinch nan keyboard without excessively galore issues.

Switch and dongle connected nan Asus ROG Falchion RX LP keyboard.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

For connection, nan keyboard supports Asus’ Omni adaptor, allowing you to link aggregate Asus peripherals pinch a azygous dongle. It besides supports 3 modes of relationship — nan low-latency 2.4GHz wireless relationship done nan Omni adaptor, Bluetooth (up to 3 devices), aliases wired complete USB-C. You tin toggle betwixt these modes pinch a move connected nan backmost of nan keyboard.

Next to that move is simply a toggle for a Mac aliases PC layout, different instrumentality nan Falchion RX LP pulls. It supports macOS. I fishy astir group will usage this keyboard pinch a PC, but it’s bully to person nan flexibility, particularly considering really portable nan keyboard is.

Touch portion connected nan Asus ROG Falchion RX LP keyboard.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Outside of connectivity, nan Falchion RX LP has a unsocial touch portion connected nan backmost of nan keyboard. The flimsy cavity has a fewer bumps and takes up astir a 4th of nan backmost of nan keyboard, and by default, it serves arsenic a measurement to set your volume. However, a fastener adjacent to nan portion changes its functionality. You tin usage it arsenic a media power and moreover arsenic a macro. By default, nan macro defaults to scrolling a webpage.

It’s an ingenious portion of kit, and it useful overmuch amended than I expected. You person commands to swipe up and down, but besides commands if you pat nan strip. You tin hindrance these to different commands, specified arsenic launching an exertion aliases triggering a Windows shortcut. Other keyboards person this type of functionality, but they’re usually overlayed connected different keys successful specified a mini shape factor. The summation of nan touch portion gives you a dedicated spot to entree nan further functionality of nan Falchion RX LP, and it works.

As you’d expect from an Asus keyboard, location are a big of customization options. You get per-key RGB lighting, settings for erstwhile nan keyboard sleeps, and a crippled mode that disables cardinal combinations like Alt + F4. It nails each of nan basal features of a coagulated gaming keyboard and moreover goes beyond pinch nan touch strip. That’s not why I emotion nan Falchion RX LP truthful much, though.

All astir nan feel

Key caps connected nan ROG Falchion RX LP keyboard. Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

The feel. For my snobby keyboard fingers, it each comes down to nan consciousness of typing and gaming, and Asus has it nailed connected nan Falchion RX LP. Every low-profile keyboard I’ve tried has a short throw, starring to a snappy typing experience, but Asus elevates nan creation pinch a mates of cardinal changes.

First, nan switches. These are low-profile optical switches, and Asus has a linear reddish move pinch a debased actuation unit of 40 grams, and a dense tactile bluish move pinch an actuation unit of 55 grams. The switches travel lubricated from nan factory, but nan important point is really they’re stabilized. Asus uses 4 mounting holes alternatively than snapping nan cardinal headdress successful for illustration you spot connected keyboards for illustration nan Logitech G915 aliases relying connected a low-profile Cherry stem.

Key switches connected nan Falchion RX LP keyboard.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

It’s a assemblage that extends up done nan existent move alternatively than a equine straight connected apical of nan switch. There is nary wobble connected nan keycaps. With regular switches, a spot of wobble is easy to forgive, but it makes a world of quality connected a low-profile keyboard owed to not only nan short actuation constituent but besides nan level quality of nan profile. The deficiency of wobble connected nan Falchion RX LP makes it consciousness for illustration you tin alert crossed nan keys.

The different facet impacting consciousness is nan integrated committee foam. Asus includes 2 layers of silicon to sorb nan pinging sound you find connected lesser mechanical keyboards. Sound absorption is 1 of nan captious factors separating nan run-of-the-mill mechanical gaming keyboards from much enthusiast options, which was connected afloat show pinch Asus’ ROG Strix Scope II 96.

Every low-profile mechanical keyboard I’ve tried has this almost inexpensive consciousness owed to nan deficiency of sound absorption. It’s a clacky mess, moreover pinch a linear switch. There’s a hint of that sound connected nan Falchion RX LP, but it’s overmuch much subdued compared to different low-profile options.

A low-profile winner

The Asus ROG Falchion RX LP keyboard sitting connected apical of its case.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Over nan past mates of years, Asus has been astatine nan forefront of bringing enthusiast designs into nan mainstream realm pinch its gaming keyboards, but nan Falchion RX LP is thing different. It feels for illustration a chance for Asus to flex its muscles, taking what it has learned from keyboards for illustration nan Strix Scope II 96 and ROG Azoth to build a low-profile keyboard for which location isn’t a existent competitor.

That doesn’t mean this is simply a awesome keyboard for everyone. There aren’t galore options for customization owed to nan low-profile switches, truthful don’t expect you’ll beryllium capable to switch retired your keycaps aliases switches down nan line. In addition, though this is by acold nan champion low-profile mechanical keyboard I’ve used, it’s still a low-profile mechanical keyboard — nan typing acquisition connected a regular mechanical keyboard is superior.

Still, I’m shocked astatine really overmuch Asus managed to cram successful for this keyboard astatine $170. Windows and macOS support is huge; nan travel-friendly quality gives you a premium consciousness connected nan go, and nan intuitive touch barroom unlocks a suite of options connected specified a mini frame. If you’re successful nan marketplace for a low-profile mechanical keyboard, this is nan 1 to buy.

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