I’m a lifelong iPhone user. Here’s what I think about the Samsung Galaxy S24

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The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and S Pen stylus connected its screen.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Samsung and Apple typically merchandise caller smartphones astatine different times of nan year. Samsung usually does it early successful nan year, while Apple waits until nan autumn up of nan vacation shopping season. As always, Apple tends to merchandise caller iPhones that outdo nan ones Samsung released earlier, and past erstwhile nan almanac changes, Samsung comes backmost pinch thing to amended compete pinch Apple, and truthful forth.

Samsung has precocious announced its Galaxy S24 series, which has sparked nan curiosity of iPhone owners for illustration myself. Many of america are presently exploring nan features of these phones and seeing which ones aren’t disposable connected our iPhones, myself included. Some are wholly new, while others person been introduced connected erstwhile Samsung Galaxy S models. Although galore look promising, immoderate whitethorn not beryllium arsenic appealing to iPhone users. Here are a fewer of nan Galaxy S24 features I for illustration — and a fewer I don’t.

Circle to Search looks impressive

A personification holding nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra utilizing nan Circle to Search feature.Circle to Search Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The caller Samsung phones person introduced a characteristic that is turning galore heads, including mine. Circle to Search is simply a groundbreaking characteristic that allows users to hunt for thing connected nan smartphone surface pinch a elemental gesture. It combines Google Lens and screenshot hunt and is designed to make hunt easier and much fun. This characteristic is not exclusive to nan Galaxy S24 lineup, and it’s coming soon to nan Google Pixel 8 bid done a package update.

Google has genuinely outdone itself pinch this feature, and it’s already promoting it heavy arsenic a characteristic that iPhones do not person and ne'er will. The increasing number of Circle to Search TV and YouTube ads proves that.

Samsung thumps Apple astatine nan telephoto game

A personification holding nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.Galaxy S24 Ultra Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The Galaxy S24 Ultra has a 50MP telephoto camera pinch a 5x zoom feature. This compares to nan iPhone 15 Pro’s telephoto camera, which has a 12MP sensor pinch a 5x zoom capability.

This immense quality suggests that Samsung’s smartphone will nutrient higher-quality images than Apple’s flagship — and our reappraisal shows conscionable really bully immoderate of those zoom shots tin look. The iPhone is still tin successful this regard, but Samsung is intelligibly a spot up of it.

Come fall, I would expect nan iPhone 16 Pro bid to overtake nan Galaxy S24 Ultra regarding nan telephoto lens. At least, I dream it does. Until then, Samsung has a awesome trading constituent that Apple does not.

I want nan brighter display

The Samsung Galaxy S24 laying connected a support pinch its surface turned on.Samsung Galaxy S24 Joe Maring / Digital Trends

Our eyesight tends to deteriorate arsenic we age, making reference matter connected a smartphone surface much difficult. To reside this issue, manufacturers person been improving nan brightness levels of their instrumentality displays pinch each caller release.

The iPhone 15 Pro boasts an outdoor highest brightness of 2,000 nits, which makes it perfect for usage successful highly agleam environments, specified arsenic nonstop sunlight. This compares favorably to nan Galaxy S23 Ultra, which has a brightness of 1,750 nits.

However, Samsung has again taken nan lead pinch nan Galaxy S24 Ultra, which offers an moreover much awesome outdoor highest brightness of 2,600 nits. It’s a overmuch higher number, and it intends you shouldn’t ever person trouble seeing nan Galaxy S24’s surface — moreover successful nan harshest of sunlight.

Something tells maine nan iPhone 16 Pro will hit this, though.

The S Pen rules

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and nan S Pen stylus.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

It has been nine years since nan first Apple Pencil was released, and since then, two further models person been launched. However, nary of these models are compatible pinch an iPhone, which is unfortunate. Meanwhile, contempt discontinuing its Note bid of smartphones successful 2021, Samsung still produces smartphones that activity pinch its S Pen. The latest exemplary that supports nan S Pen is nan Galaxy S24 Ultra, which moreover comes pinch nan stylus for free.

As an iPhone Pro personification who spends a batch connected a caller smartphone each year, it nary longer makes consciousness that there’s nary Apple Pencil for nan company’s flagship device. Kudos to Samsung for continuing to spell successful nan other direction. And here’s to hoping Apple offers a akin solution astatine immoderate point.

Galaxy AI seems overhyped

Activating nan Chat Assist characteristic connected nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Galaxy AI is 1 of nan biggest caller features connected nan Samsung S24. The instrumentality includes galore moving parts, including real-time translator successful telephone calls, generative AI image manipulation, statement management, and more.

I americium still uncertain astir AI, peculiarly erstwhile integrated into mobile devices. Although I americium intrigued by its potential, my excitement is often overshadowed by concerns astir privacy. As for Galaxy AI, I for illustration to fto others judge whether it is simply a positive aliases antagonistic development aliases if it holds immoderate committedness for nan future. However, I find it absorbing that Samsung plans to charge extra for a fewer of these features successful nan future.

It seems Galaxy AI could show awesome promise. However, successful its existent form, it is astir apt much of a activity successful advancement than thing else. Apple would beryllium wise to return a cautious attack to AI for its early products. Because of nan privateness concerns, I expect that it will.

Wi-Fi 7? Let Samsung users trial it first

Image utilized pinch support by copyright holder

The Galaxy S24 bid are among nan first mobile devices to support Wi-Fi 7, besides known arsenic 802.11be. Wi-Fi 7 is nan latest procreation of Wi-Fi technology, and it offers important improvements successful speed, capacity, and ratio complete its predecessors. While Apple will apt merchandise products that support this exertion successful nan future, it will return clip for each nan basal hardware to support it. Therefore, I deliberation it’s smart to fto Samsung trial it first. This way, Apple tin hold for nan kinks to beryllium worked retired earlier adopting it.

More colour choices

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra successful blue, green, and orangish colors.Samsung

I want to mention that Samsung has again surpassed Apple successful position of offering a wider scope of smartphone colour options. From nan Titanium Orange and Titanium Gray for nan S24 Ultra to nan Cobalt Violet and Sandstone Orange for nan S24, Samsung offers much daring and bold colour choices. Of course, galore of america put a must-have case connected our smartphones, truthful nan colour options whitethorn not matter to america that much. And yet, I still deliberation Samsung deserves a small praise for reasoning much retired of nan box.

I’m besides ever amazed that Samsung elects to connection executive smartphone colors done its website. It’s a buzzy move Apple could duplicate, but astir apt won’t.

Apple could study a point aliases two

The Apple logo connected nan iPhone 14 Pro Max.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

I person been penning astir mobile phones connected different websites for a agelong time. Although I americium an Apple instrumentality astatine heart, I get excited astir immoderate caller smartphone release. The latest Samsung Galaxy S bid looks very promising, bringing together a bully operation of new, existing, and improved features. While location are immoderate features that I would emotion to spot successful early iPhones, immoderate don’t liking maine arsenic much.

With nan Galaxy S24 now here, it’s your move, Apple.

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