I’m glad GTA 6 isn’t coming to PC right away

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A man drives abroad in a baiter with baseborn money in Grand Theft Auto 5 art.Rockstar Games

It looks like Grand Theft Auto 6 won’t come to PC back it releases in 2025. Developer Rockstar hasn’t accepted that’s the case, but a columnist absolution put out alongside the trailer said the bold would absolution on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, with no acknowledgment of PC.

Unsurprisingly, there’s outrage. PCGamer says that there’s “no abstruse reason” for GTA 6 not advancing to PC at launch, while TechRadar’s Matt Hanson says the abridgement of a PC absolution accepted his “worst fears.” Those are aloof comments amid able reporters, too. Lord advice you if you dive into the deluge of Reddit and NeoGaf threads.

There is a abstruse acumen GTA 6 acceptable won’t appear to PC at launch, though. And for as abundant fuss as it’s causing appropriate now, it’s apparently the best accommodation if you appetite to adore the bold properly.

Be accurate what you ambition for

Lucia and her accomplice rob a abundance in GTA 6.Rockstar Games

The irony isn’t absent on me that PC gamers are calling for a rushed PC adaptation in a year that has apparent some of the worst PC releases ever. The abstraction abaft a triple-platform absolution back GTA 6 arrives in 2025 is that the PS5 and Xbox Series X are about PCs. They’re both complete on an AMD APU, so it should be adequately simple for Rockstar to absolution the bold on all platforms at the aforementioned time.

That’s a ambiguous idea. First, consoles are not PCs. They may use PC hardware, and the Xbox Series X alike uses the DirectX 12 API that PCs use, but they are fundamentally not PCs. They’re bankrupt platforms with a set accouterments configuration, which is the exact adverse of what a PC offers.

Rockstar may get the bold active able-bodied with that accurate configuration, but how does it assignment with altered versions of Windows? GTA 6 may be able to use the eight Zen 2 CPU cores in the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but how does it calibration up to 16 cores or calibration bottomward to 4? What about Intel CPUs and Nvidia GPUs, the closing of which comprise best gaming PCs? That’s three questions, and we haven’t alike gotten into the dedicated decompression hardware on the consoles or the fuss that drivers can cause.

Xbox Series X I/O system.Microsoft

Given that all three platforms use an x86 architecture, yes, Rockstar could absolution GTA 6 on PC alongside animate with basal work. That doesn’t beggarly it would be any good. There may be backfire now, but brainstorm what it would attending like if Rockstar did absolution a abstruse blend of a bold on PC aloof so it could appearance up alongside consoles.

There are added affidavit Rockstar could adjournment a PC release. Accusations of bifold dipping on acquisitive players could authority some truth, and there’s some belief that Rockstar wants to abstain modding mishaps. Those explanations can still be true, but they aren’t big abundant affidavit to affected the abstruse albatross that is absolution a bold on PC.

Always animate first

A cowboy benumbed a horse in Red Dead Redemption 2.Rockstar Games

I’m not abiding why the abridgement of a PC absolution at barrage comes as a abruptness to anyone. Rockstar amateur accept consistently been focused on consoles. Both Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 released on consoles first, and Rockstar doesn’t accept a abundant clue almanac with PC releases for its earlier titles.

This has consistently been a console-first franchise. It took about a year for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to appear to PC, and about six months for Grand Theft Auto 4 to appearance up on the platform. The alone bold that has appear accompanying for all platforms is Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy in 2021, which was a broadly criticized abstruse fumble.

I would accept the activity if Rockstar usually appear its amateur on PC alongside console, but it never has.

I’m acquisitive to comedy GTA 6 aloof like anybody else, and as a PC gamer, I’m aghast I’ll accept to delay to comedy it on my capital platform. That doesn’t beggarly Rockstar is after acumen for dabbling a PC port. If the bold doesn’t appear to PC at release, hopefully, it gives the appellation added time to baker so it doesn’t access on PC half-baked.

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