I made one small change to my iPhone 14 Pro, and it seriously boosted my battery life

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There was a activity of outrage successful nan weeks preceding nan merchandise of nan iPhone 15, arsenic some iPhone 14 Pro users discovered nan wellness of their batteries degrading importantly faster than pinch erstwhile iPhones. It each happened successful mid-August, prompting maine to analyse nan wellness of my ain iPhone 14 Pro’s battery.

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While different iPhone 14 Pro users reported artillery wellness drops of astir 10% successful little than a year, my artillery wellness was still astatine 100%. I besides noted that I usage my iPhone constantly, and nan artillery usually lasts much than a day. I don’t moreover request to recharge my telephone overnight.

I explained nan artillery tricks I usage to return attraction of my iPhone battery. I person nan Always-On show characteristic disabled, and I usage optimized charging to seldom deed a 100% charge.

Then, successful October, I realized I forgot to undo a mini settings alteration that mightiness besides explicate nan stellar artillery life and artillery wellness I’ve been experiencing connected my iPhone 14 Pro. I turned disconnected nan ProMotion characteristic astir a twelvemonth ago, limiting nan move refresh complaint to 60Hz. I did it erstwhile I was testing thing for activity and past forgot to alteration it back.

In precocious September 2022, I gave you several tips and tricks to amended nan iPhone 14 Pro artillery life. One of those tips concerned ProMotion.

I showed you really to trim nan framework complaint connected nan iPhone to 60Hz to conserve energy. As a reminder, nan iPhone 14 Pros and their successors support move 120Hz refresh rates (or ProMotion). The refresh complaint moves betwixt 1Hz and 120Hz, depending connected what apps you’re using. If you take to limit nan framework rate, it will proceed to fluctuate, but only betwixt 1Hz and 60Hz.

Limit framework complaint to a maximum of 60Hz connected iPhone Pro models. Image source: Chris Smith, BGR

The logic we didn’t person ProMotion connected iPhone 12 Pros concerned artillery life. At nan time, Apple didn’t person chips arsenic businesslike arsenic nan A16 Bionic. And it couldn’t usage an OLED sheet tin of supporting move refresh rates. Or truthful nan rumors said.

Conversely, nan iPhone 15 and 15 Plus characteristic nan businesslike A16 spot but are stuck to 60Hz. That has to do pinch nan value of nan guidelines models.

Getting backmost to nan tips and tricks story, I group nan maximum Limit Frame Rate to 60Hz truthful I could return a screenshot. I past decided to spot whether I could show nan quality betwixt 60Hz and 120Hz. So I thought I’d usage nan iPhone astatine 60Hz for a fewer days to spot really it feels. I must person forgotten to disable nan Limit Frame Rate action from nan Accessibility settings.

Therefore, I’ve been utilizing nan iPhone 14 Pro pinch nan move refresh complaint group astatine 60Hz for a year. This must person surely boosted artillery life. And arsenic a result, it besides might’ve protected nan wellness of nan battery. I reduced artillery wellness degradation by charging it little frequently.

I discovered nan mounting accidentally a fewer days ago, arsenic I was really considering enabling this very setting. It turns retired that my iPhone 14 Pro’s artillery life has dropped aft nan iOS 17 release. But that’s a communicative for a different day.

My iPhone 14 Pro went done 209 cycles successful 330 days.My iPhone 14 Pro went done 209 cycles successful 330 days. Image source: Chris Smith, BGR

My acquisition proves a constituent I made correct aft buying nan iPhone 14 Pro. I could person gone for nan cheaper non-Pro type without skipping a beat.

While I mightiness not person realized that I wasn’t getting nan afloat 120Hz curen during this first twelvemonth of iPhone 14 Pro use, location was 1 incident wherever a surface stutter was present. It happened during a basking summertime time erstwhile the iPhone overheated while charging wirelessly during nan day.

The A16 Bionic spot was throttled and stayed throttled for hours aft I took nan telephone disconnected nan charger. I didn’t deliberation of checking nan surface settings. I performed benchmark tests instead. A restart fixed nan issue, and nan surface scrolling issues were gone. The scrolling stutter informed maine thing was incorrect pinch nan iPhone, and I blamed nan chip.

Since discovering my ProMotion blunder, I considered enabling ProMotion, a characteristic I only ended up utilizing for little than 2 weeks erstwhile I first sewage nan phone. But since I ne'er realized I was getting a 60Hz acquisition successful nan first place, I don’t deliberation I will. Instead, I’ll settee for amended artillery life.