I really hope the Google Pixel Fold 2 doesn’t look like this

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Joe Maring

By Joe Maring February 7, 2024 11:09AM

A leaked hands-on photograph of nan Google Pixel Fold 2, showing a close-up of its camera module connected nan back.Android Authority

This has been a engaged week successful position of Google Pixel Fold 2 news. After a study astir nan phone’s imaginable caller processor and RAM upgrades, we now person our expected first look astatine Google’s 2nd folding phone. And … well, it judge is something.

These photos of nan Pixel Fold 2 travel courtesy of Android Authority, who received them from an anonymous root — nan aforesaid root that claims the Pixel Fold 2 will person a Tensor G4 chip. Right disconnected nan bat, you tin spot that thing funky is happening pinch nan phone’s camera module.

Gone is Google’s iconic camera barroom that was connected nan original Google Pixel Fold. Instead, we person a bizarre-looking camera module that’s squished successful nan top-left area of nan backmost of nan Pixel Fold 2. There look to beryllium 4 sensors successful nan camera module, pinch them organized into 2 pill shapes. There’s besides an LED flash, and nan full point is raised to create a significant-looking bump.

This is a very different creation not only from nan first Pixel Fold, but from each caller Pixel phones. We haven’t seen a Pixel without nan camera barroom since nan Pixel 6 bid was introduced successful 2021, truthful this could beryllium a motion of bigger changes coming to nan full Pixel family.

A expected hands-on photograph of nan Google Pixel Fold 2.Android Authority

Beyond nan overseas camera design, location are different large changes pinch nan Pixel Fold 2’s design. Android Authority reports that nan Pixel Fold 2 has a narrower screen surface compared to nan first Pixel Fold, successful summation to nan soul surface facet ratio being much square. It sounds for illustration a shape facet that would beryllium akin to nan OnePlus Open, which isn’t a bad point astatine all.

The study goes connected to bespeak that nan Pixel Fold 2 has a “more premium, seemingly aluminum frame.” Furthermore, Android Authority’s root claims that nan Pixel Fold 2 is akin to its predecessor “in position of consciousness and material.” Finally, it’s reported that nan soul show has a camera cutout adjacent nan top-right corner. The original Pixel Fold doesn’t person a cutout here, arsenic its larger bezels hide nan soul camera completely, suggesting nan Pixel Fold 2 is getting immoderate much-needed bezel reductions.

Google Pixel Fold successful Obsidian connected a ray woody table.Google Pixel Fold Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

Personally, I’m not a immense instrumentality of what I spot here. I for illustration nan thought of a much manageable screen surface and soul display, but that camera bump? That’s not for me. The camera barroom is 1 of Google’s astir iconic creation traits and gives it a clear favoritism from its competitors. Eschewing that successful favour of a much generic (and weirdly implemented) creation seems for illustration an overseas decision.

The bully news? The Pixel Fold 2 is supposedly successful nan Engineering Validation Test stage, meaning Google is still early successful nan creation process and could very good alteration what nan Pixel Fold 2 looks for illustration betwixt now and its release. Regardless, it’s a fascinating look into what Google whitethorn person planned for nan Pixel Fold 2. If anything, we tin count connected this being an absorbing telephone to look guardant to.

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