I really hope the iPhone 16 doesn’t look like this

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Prototype renders of nan iPhone 16.
Say what you will astir Apple, nan world’s biggest smartphone marque is not a instrumentality of caller designs. That’s been evident from nan past 5 generations of iPhones to deed nan market. And if a caller leak is to beryllium believed, nan iPhone 16 bid will only shatter hopes of an artistic overhaul.

MacRumors has obtained purported renders of astatine slightest 3 creation candidates that Apple is processing for nan vanilla iPhone 16 models. Two of them look virtually identical to nan iPhone 15, while nan 3rd — and braver — action brings backmost nan iPhone X’s camera module look.

Rear camera position of nan iPhone 16 leaked creation models.
Depicted successful a ray canary yellowish shade, this creation combines level sides and colored solid pinch nan black, pill-shaped vertical camera array of nan iPhone X. But to show you that it’s not an aged creation revived half a decade later, Apple designers person put nan achromatic camera array connected nan shiny solid hump, creating a opposition of colors and aboveground finish.

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But contempt that trick, I can’t get complete nan resemblance pinch Xiaomi’s Mi 11 Lite, which costs astir one-third of what Apple commands for its non-Pro iPhones. It’s besides ironic that Xiaomi has been consistently bashed for shamelessly aping Apple.

Rear position of Xiaomi 11 Lite.That’s Xiaomi’s Mi 11 Lite mid-ranger phone. Xiaomi.

The different 2 creation candidates propulsion disconnected thing moreover much brazenly lazy. Remember erstwhile Apple took nan iPhone 11’s vertical camera lens array, turned it into a diagonal array, and called it a caller creation for nan iPhone? Well, Apple is erstwhile again doing nan same, it seems. But this time, it is going reverse connected nan creation improvement path.

On nan iPhone 16 mainline models, Apple could revive nan vertical camera lens arrangement. The only different imaginable changes being discussed are nan summation of a ample “capture” fastener connected nan phone’s little half.

Another research that is connected nan creation array is flat, joined measurement buttons. The move is gone, but compared to nan mini action fastener connected nan iPhone 15 Pro pair, nan iPhone 16 bid will reportedly spell pinch a overmuch bigger customizable shut up button.
Left separator floor plan of leaked iPhone 16 creation renders.

As per nan renders, it would either lucifer nan size of nan individual measurement buttons aliases beryllium of nan aforesaid proportions arsenic nan powerfulness button. The leak study besides mentions nan anticipation of haptic feedback, a rumor that besides group societal media connected occurrence pinch nan anticipation of solid-state buttons connected nan iPhone 15 series.

That didn’t materialize, but it seems nan iPhone 16 could very good dainty buyers to nan tech. Apple is said to person experimented pinch black, ray pink, and ray yellowish shades for nan iPhone 16, but much colors are decidedly connected nan table.

But do support successful mind these are creation candidates. Apple could very good person galore much connected nan chat array successful its secretive labs. It’s besides plausible that nan models depicted successful nan leaked renders are nixed, and nan iPhone 16 ends up looking overmuch different.

right separator floor plan of leaked iPhone 16 renders.MacRumors

As acold arsenic features go, we are expecting a caller chip, but don’t expect immoderate eager changes to nan camera hardware. The iPhone 15 bid already has nan caller Dynamic Island curen connected nan beforehand and a much tin 48-megapixel main camera.

Will Apple yet lukewarm up to nan thought of “smooth scrolling screens for nan masses” by putting a 120Hz sheet connected nan iPhone 16? We don’t know, but I surely dream that happens. Given Apple’s history, however, I won’t pin my hopes connected immoderate specified ambitious, wishful thoughts.

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