I reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus. Here’s why it’s one of 2024’s best phones

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Someone holding nan violet/purple Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

MSRP $1,000.00

“With beautiful hardware, a gorgeous screen, and fantabulous battery, nan Galaxy S24 Plus is nan large Samsung telephone to bargain successful 2024.”


  • The level sides are wonderful
  • New QHD+ surface looks fantastic
  • Runs accelerated and cool
  • One UI 6.1 is really nice
  • Seven years of updates
  • Phenomenal artillery life
  • It's a amazingly bully value


  • Camera struggles pinch moving objects
  • Galaxy AI features are hit-or-miss

For years, Samsung’s “Plus” exemplary successful its Galaxy S family has felt for illustration a weird addition. The Plus phones are often very good, but erstwhile you tin walk an other $200 for nan nicer and much powerful Ultra model, what’s nan point? This year, pinch nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus, things are a small different.

The S24 Plus enters 2024 pinch a refreshed design, a nicer screen, and a earnestly awesome processor. It besides has nan aforesaid $1,000 value tag that nan Plus exemplary has had for a fewer years now. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s caller $1,300 price means there’s now a larger $300 gulf betwixt nan Plus and Ultra phones. Add it each together, and it intends Samsung’s Plus telephone is simply a batch much charismatic than it’s ever been.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus: design

The purple Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus resting against a achromatic pole.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus looks a batch for illustration its Galaxy S23 Plus sibling. It weighs nan aforesaid astatine 196 grams, is little than a millimeter taller and 1/10th of a millimeter thicker, and has nan aforesaid camera creation connected nan back. Samsung didn’t reinvent nan instrumentality pinch this one. However, nan S24 Plus isn’t wholly identical to its predecessor. In fact, there’s 1 reasonably important change: level sides.

Last year’s S23 Plus has an aluminum framework pinch rounded, glossy sides. It was a wholly good creation prime and 1 I rather liked astatine nan time. The S24 Plus still uses aluminum, but its framework now has level edges pinch a matte finish. It’s fundamentally nan aforesaid point you’ll find connected nan iPhone 15, and I really like it.

Although nan caller framework doesn’t radically alteration nan Galaxy S24 Plus’ design, it’s a invited upgrade crossed nan board. The matte decorativeness looks nicer and doesn’t pull immoderate fingerprints, nan level framework has been easier to grip connected to, and I deliberation it gives nan telephone a much polished, refined look. It’s subtle, but it grew connected maine quickly.

Otherwise, this is fundamentally nan aforesaid telephone arsenic past year. The Galaxy S24 Plus has an IP68 rating for reliable particulate and h2o resistance, Gorilla Glass 2 protects nan screen, and nan backmost solid besides has a matte decorativeness to lucifer nan frame. I person nan S24 Plus successful nan Cobalt Violet color, and deliberation it looks nice. The powerfulness and measurement buttons are clicky, nan speakers sound bully (despite being a small tinny), and nan in-screen fingerprint sensor useful for illustration a charm.

I’d besides for illustration to accent conscionable really polished and premium nan full package feels. When holding nan Galaxy S24 Plus broadside by broadside pinch a Pixel 8 Pro aliases OnePlus 11, Samsung’s telephone feels nicer. It’s a mini thing, but 1 I couldn’t thief but notice.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus: screen

Someone holding nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

As bully arsenic nan Galaxy S24 Plus’ creation is, that’s not nan portion of nan telephone you’ll walk nan astir clip looking at. That would beryllium its surface and, thankfully, it’s a awesome one.

The Galaxy S24 Plus gets a 6.7-inch AMOLED 2X panel, which is somewhat larger than nan 6.6-inch 1 its predecessor had. The highest brightness has besides been accrued from 1,750 nits each nan measurement up to 2,600 nits, and nan solution has changeable up from FHD+ to QHD+. In position of earthy numbers, that’s a jump from 2340 x 1080 pixels to 3120 x 1440. On apical of each that, nan 120Hz refresh complaint tin now standard down to conscionable 1Hz, meaning it uses little powerfulness erstwhile you’re not interacting pinch nan screen.

The Galaxy S24 Plus has a awesome screen.

Last year’s Galaxy S23 Plus already had a beautiful display, and nan upgrades Samsung added to nan S24 Plus show make it that overmuch better. It hasn’t been peculiarly sunny successful Southwest Michigan during my reappraisal period, but nether a batch of grey and overcast skies, I’ve had zero issues seeing nan surface outdoors. Based connected its capacity truthful far, I person nary uncertainty it’ll grip sunnier days conscionable arsenic good — whenever that happens. I besides emotion really dim nan Galaxy S24 Plus tin get. When placed broadside by broadside pinch my iPhone 15 Pro Max, nan S24 Plus’ surface is noticeably darker astatine its lowest brightness mounting — a bully perk if you usage your telephone successful furniture adjacent to your partner and don’t want to disturb them.

Display solution options connected nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

The solution bump has besides been great. The S24 Plus is group to FHD+ by default, but you tin move to QHD+ astatine immoderate clip from nan Settings app. It’s not a melodramatic difference, but it does make matter connected nan surface sharper to my eyes — peculiarly smaller fonts.

It’s expected for Samsung to present awesome displays connected its phones astatine this point, but I’ve been particularly happy pinch nan S24 Plus successful this department. Other than a somewhat smaller size and nary Gorilla Armor solid for reduced reflections, nan S24 Plus’ surface is each spot arsenic bully arsenic its Ultra sibling. And erstwhile you facet successful nan $300 value quality this year, that’s nary mini feat.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus: cameras

A close-up photograph of nan rear cameras connected nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

While Samsung made a batch of upgrades to nan Galaxy S24 Plus’ screen, nan aforesaid can’t beryllium said of nan phone’s cameras. The beingness camera hardware is identical to that of nan S23 Plus:

  • 50MP main camera, f/1.8 aperture
  • 10MP telephoto camera, f/2.4 aperture, 3x optical zoom
  • 12MP ultrawide camera, f/2.2 aperture, 120-degree section of view
  • 12MP selfie camera, f/2.2 aperture

That’s a respectable camera setup and very akin to nan cameras connected nan iPhone 15 Pro. Are they immoderate good? Yes, but pinch a caveat.

If you’re taking a photograph of a landscape, a pastry, a still dog, aliases immoderate different non-moving object, nan Galaxy S24 Plus produces very bully photos. Samsung created a caller “dedicated colour tuning solution” for nan full Galaxy S24 series. pinch nan extremity of delivering a “more meticulous and earthy colour tone.”

If you inquire me, it works. Some photos still person a tiny bit much popular of colour than you’d spot successful akin shots from an iPhone, but photos ne'er look overly saturated to my eye. All of nan supra photos were taken pinch nan 50-megapixel main camera.

However, nan infinitesimal you present immoderate movement, nan Galaxy S24 Plus struggles. A feline moving astir connected a furniture aliases stool? Blurry photos. A canine playing pinch a chew toy? Very blurry photos. A bearded dragon just barely moving astir connected someone’s shoulder? It’s capable to travel up nan autofocus and consequence successful a little than perfect photo.

This isn’t an wholly caller problem for Samsung phones, but for immoderate reason, it’s seemed particularly prevalent connected nan Galaxy S24 Plus.

What astir nan different cameras? They’re beautiful good. The ultrawide camera’s 120-degree section of position is really nice, and nan colors are very akin to nan main camera’s. The telephoto camera’s headdress of 3x optical zoom isn’t very awesome successful 2024, but if you request to get person to your subject, it gets nan occupation done.

You tin technically zoom each nan measurement up to 30x successful nan camera app, but I’d counsel against it. Anything beyond 3x is conscionable a integer zoom, and it shows. I’ve taken immoderate 10x photos that are usable (like nan supra photograph of nan squirrel), but that’s really arsenic acold arsenic you’ll want to go.

A selfie of Joe Maring, taken pinch nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

Finally, we person nan selfie camera. It’s good, yet thing special, producing sharp-looking photos pinch bully colors. I’ve been happy pinch it.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus: performance

Someone holding nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus pinch its surface turned on.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

Under nan hood of nan Galaxy S24 Plus is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip. It’s nan go-to processor for each flagship Android phones this year, and it’s proven to beryllium an absolute beast successful nan S24 Plus. Last year’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 was a stupendous performer successful each telephone we tested it successful past year, and truthful far, nan Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 is already proving to beryllium a noticeable upgrade.

As acold arsenic day-to-day capacity is concerned, nan Galaxy S24 Plus flies done everything you propulsion astatine it. Apps unfastened immediately, multitasking is highly soft (thanks to 12GB of RAM), and each of One UI 6’s animations are arsenic fluid arsenic tin be. Good, mundane capacity has been expected of each flagship for nan past fewer years, but nan S24 Plus has felt particularly snappy during my clip pinch it.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 is already proving to beryllium a noticeable upgrade.

That bully capacity besides translates to gaming. Call of Duty: Mobile — my go-to mobile crippled of prime — runs beautifully connected nan Galaxy S24 Plus. The telephone handles CoD: Mobile astatine Medium graphics and 120 frames per 2nd (fps) without breaking a sweat. More importantly, it tin grip aggregate rounds of nan crippled without ever emotion hot. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 has besides been an ratio monster, but I’ll get to that successful nan artillery section.

It is worthy mentioning that only nan U.S. exemplary of nan Galaxy S24 Plus has nan Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. If you bargain nan telephone successful different country, it gets an Exnyos 2400 chipset. While I haven’t utilized an world type of nan S24 Plus, Samsung’s Exynos chips don’t person nan champion reputation, and they often way down their Qualcomm counterparts. Just thing to support successful mind.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus: Galaxy AI

An illustration of Galaxy AI's Edit Suggestions characteristic connected nan Galaxy S24 Plus.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

OK — it’s clip to talk astir AI. No matter which Galaxy S24 exemplary you buy, Samsung’s large transportation for each 3 phones is Galaxy AI. This is simply a postulation of artificial intelligence features that widen crossed photograph editing, translation, and different aspects of nan phone. Some of them are very good, others are hit-or-miss, and immoderate are downright bad.

The photo-editing Galaxy AI features person been my favorites truthful far. There are 2 main components to this: Edit Suggestions and Generative Edit. The erstwhile is shown successful nan photograph above. When you’re looking astatine a image successful nan Gallery app, you tin swipe up to spot its metadata. After a second, you’ll spot suggested edits for that picture.

These tin see things for illustration adding inheritance blur, removing shadows aliases reflections, aliases remastering nan photograph pinch improved colors/brightness. All of these edits hap locally on-device, meaning they don’t require an net connection. The results person besides looked rather bully during my testing.

The 2nd large photo-editing characteristic is Generative Edit. This enables you to make moreover much fierce edits to photos, specified arsenic repositioning objects and removing them from photos entirely. It requires an net connection, and nan edits return a fewer seconds to process, but they often look really good! See nan removed chair and soiled snowfall successful nan illustration above.

Galaxy AI besides has a large attraction connected translator features. Live Translate translates and transcribes telephone calls erstwhile you’re speaking to personification who speaks a different language, while nan Interpreter mode offers real-time translations erstwhile you’re speaking to personification face-to-face. I haven’t had a chance to usage these 2 features during my clip pinch nan Galaxy S24 Plus, and I ideate that’ll beryllium nan lawsuit for astir group who bargain nan phone. Interpreter isn’t each that different from what you tin get connected immoderate Android telephone pinch Google Translate, but it is cool having a connection translator that useful wholly offline without a required information connection.

Screenshots of Chat Assist examples from nan Samsung Galaxy S24.Chat Assist Digital Trends

Then we get to nan AI features successful nan Samsung Keyboard. The Galaxy S24’s keyboard has a Chat Assist characteristic that tin analyse a connection you type and effort to alteration its tone/style — specified arsenic making it much master aliases much casual. It technically works, but nan results are laughable. Why matter your partner, “I’m heading to nan shop to prime up a mates of things for dinner. Do you request anything?” erstwhile you could say, “I will beryllium going to nan shop to procure a fewer items for nan evening meal. Is location thing you require?” Thank you, Samsung.

You’ll besides find Galaxy AI successful nan Notes, Voice Recorder, and Samsung Internet apps — wherever AI is utilized to format and summarize notes for you, transcribe your recordings, and summarize webpages.

Circle to Search looking up a burger connected a Samsung Galaxy S24.Circle to Search Digital Trends

Another AI characteristic — which is much of a Google 1 than a Samsung 1 — is Circle to Search. This 1 is beautiful cool. If you property and clasp connected nan S24’s location fastener aliases navigation barroom (depending connected if you’re utilizing buttons aliases motion navigation), you tin tap, circle, aliases scribble connected thing connected your surface to execute a Google Search for it. It’s really useful if you spot thing connected your telephone you want to hunt for, but aren’t precisely judge really to put it into words. It’s not ever perfect, but erstwhile it works, it tin beryllium benignant of shocking. I circled a image of a burger I ate erstwhile I was successful Las Vegas for CES 2024, and Circle to Search identified nan nonstop type of burger it was and nan edifice wherever I sewage it. (Editor’s Note — nan hickory burger astatine Walk-On’s is fantastic).

There are cool things happening here, but don’t bargain immoderate Galaxy S24 conscionable for nan AI tricks.

Samsung has immoderate really bully ideas pinch Galaxy AI, and a fewer of them are disconnected to a awesome start. But are immoderate of these a logic to bargain nan Galaxy S24 Plus successful and of themselves? I’d reason not. I’ve had nosy playing pinch nan photo-editing features, and it’s bully to cognize I tin construe telephone calls should I ever find myself successful that situation. But nary of these things are must-have features — astatine slightest not for nan measurement I usage my phone.

It’s besides important to statement nan early of Galaxy AI. Not only has Samsung confirmed that Galaxy AI is yet coming to different Samsung phones successful nan future, but it will besides yet complaint you money for immoderate (or all) of Galaxy AI. There are cool things happening here, but don’t bargain immoderate Galaxy S24 conscionable for nan AI tricks.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus: software

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus resting connected a actual slab, pinch nan surface turned connected and showing nan location screen.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

The Galaxy S24 Plus ships pinch Android 14, and successful emblematic Samsung fashion, it’s customized pinch Samsung’s One UI interface — specifically, One UI 6.1. One UI traditionally hasn’t been my preferred measurement to usage Android, mostly because it tin consciousness bloated and much cumbersome than different Android interfaces. However, One UI 6.1 adds immoderate awesome caller features.

One of my favourite updates successful One UI 6.1 is nan Quick Settings panel. It’s been redesigned pinch much sensible controls, and I deliberation it useful rather well. Your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles are overmuch much salient astatine nan top, and nan brightness slider is joined by adjacent shortcuts for Eye Comfort Shield and Dark Mode. You tin besides show nan afloat Quick Settings astatine immoderate clip by doing a azygous swipe from nan top-right area of nan telephone (just for illustration really you entree Control Center connected iOS).

Someone holding nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus. The surface is connected and showing nan phone's Quick Settings.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

Speaking of iPhone similarities, nan always-on show now defaults to showing nan fastener surface wallpaper — the aforesaid measurement nan iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro do. The iPhone inspiration is beautiful connected nan nose, but I for illustration having this option. Just for illustration connected nan iPhone, I deliberation it makes nan always-on show much visually absorbing and gives nan S24 Plus immoderate added personality. The bully news? You tin easy move disconnected nan wallpaper if you don’t for illustration it.

There are different smaller changes passim One UI 6.1 that I besides rather like:

  • You tin move nan fastener surface timepiece anyplace you want.
  • Many of Samsung’s first-party apps person simplified names (e.g. Notes instead of Samsung Notes).
  • Notifications are much salient and easier to see.

But it’s not each perfect. There are plentifulness of One UI features I don’t usage — specified arsenic Bixby and nan Galaxy Themes store. The Samsung Keyboard is very bad and should beryllium avoided astatine each costs. Samsung’s package still has immoderate quirks, and I still personally for illustration nan simpler interfaces of Google Pixel and Motorola phones. But One UI 6.1 does consciousness for illustration a measurement successful nan correct direction, and that’s awesome to see.

As Samsung keeps making those correct steps, nan Galaxy S24 Plus will spot nan fruits of nan company’s labour for a while to come. That’s because the S24 Plus is promised seven years of Android updates and information patches. This seven-year committedness applies to each Galaxy S24 models — including nan regular S24 and nan S24 Ultra – and it’s a awesome summation to nan phones.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus: artillery and charging

A Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus showing its artillery settings.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

Battery life whitethorn beryllium 1 of nan Galaxy S24 Plus’ astir awesome qualities. Inside nan telephone is simply a 4,900mAh battery, which is 200mAh larger than nan S23 Plus’ battery. Combined pinch nan improved ratio of nan Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and nan display’s refresh rate, that each translates to phenomenal endurance.

Even while moving nan telephone pinch nan QHD+ surface solution and nan always-on show enabled (with nan action to show nan wallpaper), nan S24 Plus still churns retired fantabulous artillery performance. One of my first days pinch nan telephone started pinch 100% artillery astatine 8:10 a.m. and ended astatine 10:55 p.m. pinch 38% artillery still remaining. That included complete an hr of downloading crippled assets for Call of Duty: Mobile, tons of Telegram use, arsenic good arsenic clip spent connected Twitter, Chrome, Instagram, and plentifulness of different apps. Once each was said and done, I had 4 hours and 15 minutes of screen-on time.

With much mean use, nan Galaxy S24 Plus is easy a two-day smartphone. Another time saw maine commencement pinch 100% artillery astatine 8:50 a.m. and still person 50% remaining astatine 12:30 a.m. early nan adjacent day. And that was connected a time pinch 2 hours and 50 minutes of surface clip — including complete 20 minutes of CoD: Mobile and much than 40 minutes of watching YouTube.

The USB-C larboard connected nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

This is top-notch artillery life, and you tin easy make it moreover much impressive. If you move nan surface solution to FHD+ and disable nan wallpaper for nan AOD — which are insignificant tweaks — I person nary uncertainty you could compression retired two-and-a-half aliases 3 days of artillery life. Samsung killed it here.

When it comes clip to complaint nan Galaxy S24 Plus, you tin get up to 45W wired charging speeds and 15W wireless charging speeds. Using nan 45W wired charging, nan S24 Plus goes from 3% to 43% aft 20 minutes and reaches 100% artillery aft a small complete an hour. It’s not arsenic awesome arsenic nan 80W charging you get connected nan OnePlus 12, but it’s besides faster than phones for illustration nan Google Pixel 8 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Additionally, there’s 4.5W reverse wireless charging if you request to juice up different telephone aliases a brace of earbuds.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus: value and availability

A Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus sitting upright against a achromatic pole.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus is disposable for acquisition now and is disposable done Samsung’s charismatic website, Amazon, Best Buy, and astir awesome carriers crossed nan U.S. It starts astatine $1,000 for nan guidelines exemplary pinch 256GB of storage. You tin besides get a 512GB retention type for $1,200.

The Galaxy S24 Plus is disposable successful 4 guidelines colors that are disposable everywhere: Onyx Black, Marble Gray, Amber Yellow, and Cobalt Violet (the colour of my reappraisal unit). And Samsung has a fewer exclusive colors you’ll only find connected its website — including Jade Green, Sapphire Blue, and Sandstone Orange.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus: verdict

A violet Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus lying face-down connected a shelf.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

The Galaxy S23 Plus was a telephone I really liked, but I wasn’t judge who to urge it to. The Galaxy S24 Plus is different awesome smartphone from Samsung, and this clip around, it makes a batch much sense.

If you’re successful nan marketplace for a large Samsung phone, nan S24 Plus would beryllium my individual proposal complete nan S24 Ultra. The hardware is top-tier, nan surface is almost each spot arsenic good, nan capacity is great, nan artillery life is outstanding, and — if you attraction astir them — you get each of nan aforesaid Galaxy AI features. The only differences betwixt nan S24 Plus and nan S24 Ultra are nan improved camera strategy and nan S Pen. But is that really worthy an other $300? I surely don’t deliberation so. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is simply a awesome smartphone and 1 of nan champion you tin bargain successful 2024. But it’s besides $1,300.

The Galaxy S24 Plus’ biggest downside is that its camera strategy isn’t up-to-par pinch different phones successful this value range. It’s not terrible, but if that’s your main attraction (pun 100% intended), location are amended choices retired location — namely nan Google Pixel 8 Pro. But nan Pixel besides has worse capacity and artillery life, and its show isn’t rather arsenic nice.

The Galaxy S24 Plus is different awesome smartphone from Samsung, and this clip around, it makes a batch much sense.

There’s besides nan OnePlus 12 to consider, which delivers likewise awesome capacity and artillery life for $800. It’s a awesome package, but you besides person to woody pinch a curved screen, a little IP rating, nary AI tricks, and less package updates. The regular Galaxy S24 shares galore of nan S24 Plus’ awesome qualities for nan aforesaid $800 price, but you’ll request to put up pinch a smaller screen, lesser artillery life, and slower charging.

You person a batch of options to see against nan Galaxy S24 Plus, arsenic is nan lawsuit erstwhile you’re looking to bargain immoderate smartphone. But each replacement to nan S24 Plus besides has its ain stock of compromises. If nan Galaxy S24 Plus’ beardown suits statement up pinch what you prioritize successful a telephone — hardware, display, performance, and artillery life — I can’t urge it enough.

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