I saw the new Space Black MacBook Pro, and it’s stunning

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Two MacBooks Pro renders broadside by broadside against a achromatic backround.Apple

It’s not often that MacBook Pros get caller colour options. But pinch this astir recent update to M3 chips, nan MacBook Pro will adhd Space Black, a colour that first appeared connected nan iPhone, to nan mix. I was shown an early preview of nan caller colour up of nan “Scary Fast” motorboat event, and I person to say: I’m smitten.

This caller Space Black is not existent black, of course. In truth, it’s a somewhat darker grey than Space Gray, which it replaces. And it’s a bully point this isn’t true black. Because remember, this is aluminum, and Apple isn’t conscionable slapping a coating aliases furniture of overgarment connected present for illustration truthful galore laptop manufacturers do erstwhile making existent achromatic aluminum laptops. These laptops, specified arsenic astir gaming laptops aliases moreover thing for illustration nan Surface Laptop, thin to scratch easy and slice complete time.

A caller chemic compound isbeing utilized to execute this color, and nan consequence is not only a darker color. It’s besides designed to deter fingerprints, which is different problem pinch laptops that are each black. And remember, this is simply a laptop. Your palms and fingers are going to beryllium each complete this thing.

The keyboard of nan Space Black MacBook Pro.Apple

How severely a instrumentality attracts fingerprints can’t beryllium tested successful nan fewer minutes I had pinch nan caller MacBook Pro (unless it’s really bad), but I did get to grip it a bit. I’m happy to study that nan aboveground of nan instrumentality doesn’t feel immoderate different to nan touch either. Because, again, this isn’t an further coating added connected top.

The Space Black colour is exclusive to nan M3 Pro and M3 Max configurations of nan MacBook Pro (14-inch and 16-inch). If you opt for nan entry-level, 14-inch M3 MacBook Pro, you’ll still person nan action of Space Gray alternatively of nan caller Space Black.

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