I tested G-Shock’s new Apple Watch Ultra killer — and it’s great

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A personification wearing nan Casio G-Shock GPR-H1000 Rangeman.

Casio G-Shock GPR-H1000 Rangeman

MSRP $500.00

“The Casio G-Shock GPR-H1000 Rangeman is simply a superb hybrid smartwatch.”


  • Surprisingly comfortable
  • Very durable and tough
  • Solar and USB charging
  • Software isn't intrusive


  • No sapphire crystal
  • Much excessively large for slumber tracking

The much I deterioration and usage Casio’s afloat connected G-Shock watches, nan much I deliberation they are nan perfect casual smartwatch. The astir caller watch connected my wrist is nan G-Shock GPR-H1000 Rangeman, and it’s very different from nan GPR-B1000 Rangeman I wore successful 2018, which was truthful dense that it was practically unmanageable.

Just for illustration nan Rangeman watch, Casio has evolved since then, and we should see its connected watches superior competitors to nan Apple Watch Ultra 2 and nan Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, on pinch Garmin and Polar’s sports watches.

Why is nan Rangeman a casual smartwatch?

A personification wearing nan Casio G-Shock GPR-H1000 Rangeman.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The Rangeman is simply a awesome illustration of a casual smartwatch, by which I mean watches that don’t really request to beryllium worn 24 hours a time to get each nan benefits from them, and it’s a conception Casio has perfected pinch its connected G-Shock range. The point pinch an Apple Watch Series 9, Galaxy Watch 6, aliases a Fitbit is they genuinely request to beryllium worn each nan clip to get nan champion from nan package and health-tracking abilities. I don’t ever want to deterioration 1 of these models, but I besides don’t want to miss retired connected notifications, which is wherever a watch for illustration nan Rangeman fits in.

It’s made for nan outdoors, but dissimilar nan akin G-Shock Mudman I wore recently, it has each nan connected features you could want. It uses nan aforesaid level arsenic nan G-Shock GBD-H2000, truthful it maintains a Bluetooth relationship to your phone, delivers notifications, and tracks workouts pinch its bosom complaint and humor oxygen monitor. It has a built-in GPS, a compass, an altimeter, a barometer, and a tide graph. If that wasn’t enough, it besides connects to Apple Health, Google Fit, and Strava. It’s a broad operation of what makes nan Apple Watch Ultra 2 aliases a Garmin smartwatch tempting, conscionable pinch G-Shock’s trademark creation and toughness and without having to make nan aforesaid level of commitment.

The Casio G-Shock GPR-H1000 Rangeman's keeper.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

I don’t consciousness tied to nan G-Shock Rangeman. If I determine not to deterioration it, it’s fine. There’s nary unit involved, arsenic it does not nonstop changeless reminders to move astir aliases push maine to meet immoderate targets, truthful I don’t consciousness blameworthy erstwhile I do put it backmost on. When I spell backmost to it, it’s because I want to deterioration it, and erstwhile I put it on, I emotion nan measurement it looks and makes maine feel. A s overmuch arsenic I for illustration nan Apple Watch Series 9 and nan Apple Watch Ultra — and admit really watch-like they are (for smartwatches) — I seldom get nan impulse to deterioration them successful nan aforesaid measurement I do pinch a accepted watch.

It’s a awesome operation you don’t find successful galore different places.

Casio has refined its connected level a awesome woody complete nan past fewer years, going from basal connected features for illustration a telephone finder to what we person now, which is simply a bid of exercise-tracking features, informative metrics, and notification support that rivals sports smartwatches from Polar and Garmin. It has experimented pinch Wear OS, but its ain package is acold much fitting because it avoids nan aforementioned regular smartwatch grind. It’s a awesome operation you don’t find successful galore different places, and nan Rangeman is possibly nan eventual look of it astatine nan moment.

What it’s for illustration wearing nan Rangeman

A personification wearing nan Casio G-Shock GPR-H1000 Rangeman.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The Rangeman isn’t a mini watch. It’s a big, serious, imposing instrumentality watch, and you request to beryllium beautiful assured to deterioration it. At 53mm wide and 20mm tall, it doesn’t fresh nether a garment cuff and is much comfortable worn pinch your sleeve down it, truthful you tin show nan watch disconnected to nan world. It comes successful nan mean achromatic colour seen successful our photos aliases a very agleam yellowish if you don’t deliberation nan size of nan watch will make it guidelines retired enough.

What I emotion astir nan Rangeman (and G-Shock watches successful general) is there’s a logic for a batch of nan creation choices. For example, nan metallic guards astatine 3 and 9 o’clock supply protection for nan main fastener and nan sensor and GPS array, while each nan different buttons are sealed into nan lawsuit pinch typical gaskets to support retired mud, dust, and different harmful materials. And nan resin lawsuit and specially designed interior make nan watch shock-resistant and water-resistant to 200 meters.

The "wild cat" logo connected nan Casio G-Shock GPR-H1000 Rangeman.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

But moreover astatine this size and pinch each this toughness, nan Rangeman is not uncomfortable to wear. It’s conscionable 92 grams, which is simply a touch lighter than an Apple Watch Ultra 2 pinch a set attached. The bio-resin strap connected nan Rangeman is very elastic and forgiving, and nan immense metallic keeper ne'er catches connected wrist hair. For specified a monolithic watch, nan Rangeman does a amazingly bully occupation of not being irritating connected your wrist. I emotion immoderate of nan small creation touches too, specified arsenic nan Rangeman’s trademark wildcat logo connected nan underneath of nan strap.

What’s not truthful good? It’s mineral solid complete nan screen. At this value and pinch it being portion of G-Shock’s prestigious Master of G merchandise line, I’d person liked sapphire crystal to springiness it further scratch protection. It’s besides not suited to wearing overnight for slumber tracking, contempt having nan correct exertion to do so. But provided you’re alert of nan compromises you’ll person to make successful your attire to comfortably deterioration nan Rangeman, it’s difficult to constituent retired overmuch that’s bad astir it. Casio has been making elephantine G-Shocks for 40 years, truthful it knows really to make a bully one. It really shows pinch nan Rangeman.

Casio included plentifulness of technology

The Casio Watches app and nan Casio G-Shock GPR-H1000 Rangeman.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The G-Shock GPR-H1000 doesn’t tally Google’s Wear OS; instead, it uses Casio’s ain proprietary operating system, which is operated utilizing nan buttons connected nan lawsuit and not a touchscreen. It has a bosom complaint show connected nan backmost and will way different exercises — from walking, running, and cycling to swimming and gym workouts — positive it monitors humor oxygen levels. The information collected is collated utilizing algorithms from outdoor specialists Polar and presented successful nan Casio Watches app. It measures everything from cardio load to stride and Swolf (a composite measurement successful sports swimming).

If you’ve been pursuing Casio’s connected G-Shock range, this whitethorn each sound familiar, arsenic these are nan aforesaid features offered by nan GBD-H2000 watch. Does this mean nan 2 are nan same? Not quite. Casio uses different modules — nan sanction fixed to nan cardinal encephalon aliases activity of a G-Shock — identified by a reference number. Inside nan GPR-H1000 Rangeman is nan 3554 module, but wrong nan GBD-H2000 is nan 3515 module. The only quality I tin spot is nan Rangeman gets mud guidance and a tide graph; nan connected and workout features look to beryllium identical.

The accent is connected walking, running, cycling, and trekking, pinch nan mostly of nan in-depth information covering those activities. It’s elemental to commencement search a workout, arsenic nan watch pulls successful a GPS awesome wrong a minute, and nan information shown successful nan Casio Watches app is comprehensive. This isn’t a locator for anyone who wants a batch of motivation, though, arsenic it presents alternatively than analyzes nan data. Again, it’s a awesome casual smartwatch, but there’s capable extent and functionality (you tin activate activity reminders and truthful connected if you like, but they are disconnected by default) to make nan Rangeman worthy wearing.

I went into item astir really a connected G-Shock watch tracked workout and besides really nan Casio Watches app worked erstwhile I reviewed nan GBD-H2000; I propose taking a look astatine that reappraisal for a much in-depth examination. But what you request to cognize is that it’s each very easy to use, nan fastener sequences are elemental to learn, nan surface is agleam and responds quickly to actions, and nan backlight really shines successful nan dark. I’ve had nan watch connected to an Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max, and it has been very reliable and nan Casio Watches app has steadily improved, too, erstwhile I sewage utilized to nan somewhat frustrating layout. It’s besides disposable for Android.

Two easy ways to complaint nan watch

The Casio G-Shock GPR-H1000 Rangeman connected charge.The Casio G-Shock GPR-H1000 Rangeman’s charger Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Wearing nan GPR-H1000 Rangeman extracurricular your sleeve has a use successful summation ti comfort. The watch is solar-powered, and by letting it spot nan sun, it whitethorn ne'er request to beryllium charged up immoderate different way. If you usage nan GPS aliases bosom complaint monitoring characteristic each time aliases for an extended play of time, it whitethorn not beryllium capable to support up, though. For those times, you tin usage nan included charging cable.

It has a clever oversize crocodile clip-style design, making it intolerable to not decently align connected nan watch’s assemblage and charging pins, it doesn’t obscure nan watch look erstwhile its attached, and it useful from a artillery battalion truthful it tin beryllium utilized erstwhile you’re not adjacent a plug socket. Casio estimates astir 2 months of usage from nan artillery without utilizing nan bosom complaint sensor and seeing sunlight astatine all, pinch astir 14 hours imaginable erstwhile utilizing nan bosom complaint sensor continuously during intensive, extended activity.

The Casio G-Shock GPR-H1000 Rangeman's bosom complaint sensor.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The convenience of not having to perpetually recharge nan watch is different logic nan Rangeman is awesome for casual wear, arsenic it will almost surely still beryllium moving erstwhile you spell to put it on, moreover if you haven’t worn if for weeks.

How overmuch does nan Casio G-Shock GPR-H1000 cost?

The broadside of nan Casio G-Shock GPR-H1000 Rangeman.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The GPR-H1000 Rangeman costs $500 successful either nan achromatic aliases yellowish colour strategy and is disposable straight done Casio’s G-Shock online shop and retailers now. In nan U.K., nan watch costs 450 British pounds.

This makes it $100 much costly than nan GBD-H2000, an arguably overmuch much wearable and fashion-focused connected G-Shock. It’s a genuine replacement to nan Rangeman, and speech from a fewer mini differences, your determination will apt beryllium led by which creation you prefer. If you don’t attraction astir nan connected features and want a reliable G-Shock for immoderate rough-and-tumble activities, nan GW-9500 Mudman whitethorn suit you too.

The broadside of nan Casio G-Shock GPR-H1000 Rangeman.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

However, neither fits into nan prestigious Master of G range, truthful they deficiency nan cache of nan Rangeman. For those caller to G-Shock, Master of G watches are designed for professionals and circumstantial activities, pinch nan outdoor Rangeman and Mudmaster joining nan aviation-based Gravitymaster and nan diving-focused Frogman.

The Rangeman costs little than nan $799 Apple Watch Ultra 2, but much than nan $400 Apple Watch Series 9 and nan $280 Samsung Galaxy Watch 6. It’s besides a batch much than nan fantabulous Fitbit Charge 6 and a batch little than nan Garmin Epix Pro Gen 2. However, it’s a very different watch compared to each these models, which perfectly request to beryllium worn each nan clip if you’re going to get nan astir from them.

A smartwatch you don’t person to deterioration each nan time

The Casio G-Shock GPR-H1000 Rangeman.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Casio has refined its app, made nan correct move by getting Polar connected committee to woody pinch nan workout data, and made its on-watch package arsenic elemental arsenic imaginable while still only utilizing beingness buttons. Its connected G-Shock watches are nan champion they’ve ever been, and now capable nan spread betwixt wearing a non-connected watch and a smartwatch perfectly.

The caller Rangeman is simply a superb blend of some G-Shock and smartwatch worlds.

The Rangeman, for illustration nan GBD-H2000, is simply a existent hybrid smartwatch that rivals nan Withings ScanWatch 2, but without nan blameworthy emotion that you’re missing retired connected “valuable” information if you determine to deterioration thing other instead. The Rangeman’s size and weight don’t really make you want to deterioration it each nan clip anyway, but for once, this isn’t really a negative.

Call it what you like: A casual smartwatch, a hybrid smartwatch, a smartwatch for group who dislike smartwatches — it doesn’t matter. The caller Rangeman is simply a superb blend of some G-Shock and smartwatch worlds, bringing astir of nan bully things together without nan 1 point that puts galore watch enthusiasts off: a necessity to only ever deterioration one watch.

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