I thought the Oura Ring would be the perfect fitness tracker. I was wrong

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Oura Ring Horizon sitting upright connected a wood railing.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

Ever since I joined Digital Trends astir 2 years ago, I’ve been tremendously suspicious listening to my colleague, Andy Boxall, rave and rave astir really overmuch he loves nan Oura Ring. Somehow aliases another, conversations successful our Microsoft Teams meetings often move into Andy telling maine — erstwhile again — conscionable how good the Oura Ring is. That emotion was compounded erstwhile Christine Romero-Chan joined our unit and did nan aforesaid thing. And location I was, Oura Ring-less, having to return their connection for really astonishing nan smart ringing was.

So, I decided to do thing astir it. I sewage an Oura Ring for myself and person been wearing it (almost) regular since September — hoping to autumn successful emotion pinch it nan aforesaid measurement Andy and Christine have.

Unfortunately, that’s not what happened.

What I emotion astir nan Oura Ring

Someone holding an iPhone pinch nan Oura app moving connected it.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

Before we spell immoderate further, I want to make 1 point very clear: There’s a batch I really for illustration astir nan Oura Ring — love, even.

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I’ve worn a lot of fittingness trackers complete nan years, and because of that, I’ve besides utilized a lot of fitness-tracking apps. Some of them are good, immoderate are bad, and others are downright terrible. The Oura app is 1 of nan champion I’ve ever tested.

The Oura app strikes a awesome equilibrium of offering you a batch of wellness information while explaining what it each intends successful elemental terms. When I aftermath up each time aft search my slumber pinch nan Oura Ring, I unfastened nan app to spot my slumber people and a well-explained summary of what it means. The different day, for example, nan Oura app told maine I “got capable restorative heavy sleep,” pinch a reminder that “deep slumber helps your assemblage and mind retrieve and reenergize.” Below that was a preview of my slumber stages, and pinch conscionable 1 tap, I could spot afloat breakdowns for my slumber efficiency, restfulness, timing, and different stats.

Oura does a likewise bully occupation pinch nan “readiness” people it gives you each day. Based connected your slumber from nan nighttime earlier nighttime and your activity nan erstwhile day, you get a 0 to 100 people estimating really fresh your assemblage is for nan time ahead. After that nighttime of slumber I conscionable mentioned, Oura told maine I had an 86 readiness people and that — if I felt bully — this would beryllium a bully time to effort and situation myself.

Screenshots of slumber search information from nan Oura app.Digital Trends

If you spell digging done nan Oura app, you tin find statistic for illustration your calories burned, steps, stepping distance, etc. But I’ve recovered nan app’s attraction connected slumber value and readiness to beryllium acold much effective than trying to deed an arbitrary measurement count each day.

Oura’s not nan only institution to effort an attack for illustration this, but it’s nan quality of nan Oura Ring’s search that’s kept it connected my digit for truthful long. The slumber information it collects is often overmuch harder connected maine than that of nan Fitbit Charge 6 aliases Apple Watch Ultra 2, and it besides lines up overmuch much accurately pinch really I really feel. And nan written summaries for each score, which could easy travel disconnected arsenic generic and not helpful, often consciousness for illustration they were written just for maine — and, arsenic such, are thing I look guardant to reference each day.

And, of course, there’s nan ringing itself. I person the Horizon style of nan Oura Ring successful nan roseate golden color, and I deliberation it looks excellent. It is simply a spot thicker than my normal wedding band, but beyond that, it looks much for illustration a portion of jewelry alternatively than different gadget strapped to my body.

A very unsocial (but critical) problem

Someone wearing a roseate golden Oura Ring.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

If I for illustration nan Oura Ring truthful much, what gives pinch nan header of this article and nan measurement I opened it? For a deficiency of amended words, it’s not you, Oura Ring — it’s me. More specifically, it’s my fingers.

I deterioration nan Oura Ring connected my ringing digit connected my nondominant hand. I wanted it to double arsenic my wedding set erstwhile wearing it, chiefly because I didn’t want 2 rings connected a azygous manus aliases to deterioration a ringing connected my ascendant hand. I tried some approaches erstwhile I received my Oura Ring sizing kit, and I conscionable couldn’t get down either one. So, I went for a size that fits my nondominant ringing finger.

The Oura Ring fits snugly connected that finger, which is important if you want meticulous slumber and activity readings. The problem, however, is my bony knuckles. To get nan Oura Ring connected and disconnected that finger, I person to tally it nether nan descend to get it wet. This takes conscionable a mates of seconds, and initially, I didn’t deliberation it’d beryllium a problem.

Reader, I was wrong.

An Oura Ring Horizon, successful roseate gold, connected someone's ringing finger.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

I severely underestimated conscionable really often I return nan Oura Ring disconnected passim nan day. It’s very acold correct now successful Michigan, which intends my hands are barren all nan time. I for illustration putting lotion connected a fewer times passim nan day, and each time, I person to return nan ringing off. The aforesaid goes for erstwhile I’m utilizing dumbbells astatine nan gym — unless I want to scratch nan hellhole retired of nan Oura Ring. I besides return it disconnected erstwhile I shower, erstwhile I’m cooking, and erstwhile I request to complaint it each fewer days. Those are a batch of instances wherever I person to spell done my descend ritual to return nan ringing connected and off, and my knuckle isn’t fond of it.

I get that this is an highly individual rumor that only applies to myself, but it’s besides 1 that I can’t overlook. I want my fittingness locator to beryllium thing I don’t person to deliberation excessively overmuch about. Thanks to my weird digit penchant for rings and my oddly sized knuckles, this has been a changeless constituent of friction.

Great for immoderate wellness data, but not all

An illustration of a spot training workout displayed successful nan Oura app.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

But it’s not conscionable my fingers that person made nan Oura Ring an awkward fittingness tracker. As awesome arsenic it is for slumber search and telling maine my body’s readiness, it leaves a batch to beryllium desired erstwhile it comes to workout tracking.

The Oura Ring tin way my runs, but it doesn’t connection immoderate accusation successful nan app astir my moving pace, bosom complaint zones, aliases different much elaborate stats. It’s besides not a bully prime for weightlifting, which I’ve been doing a batch much of this year. You can technically wear nan Oura Ring while weightlifting, but it doesn’t consciousness comfortable astatine each having nan correct pushing against a dumbbell aliases squat bar. That intends I person to return nan Oura Ring disconnected anytime I assistance weights — triggering my analyzable process to region it.

Not only that, but it intends I miss retired connected information I attraction about. I tin deterioration my Apple Watch to way my weightlifting and person nan information from Apple Health imported to nan Oura app, but nan stats it offers are bare-bones astatine best. I tin spot nan long of nan workout and my progressive calories burned … and that’s it. I want nan Oura app to beryllium my one-stop destination for each of my wellness data, but because of nan measurement I for illustration to exercise, I can’t.

The Oura Ring conscionable isn’t for me

The Oura Ring Horizon resting connected a greenish succulent plant.Joe Maring / Digital Trends

This is not really I thought this article would go. When I received my Oura Ring, I afloat expected to constitute thing astir really it had go my caller favourite wellness wearable and really I couldn’t hold to support wearing it for nan foreseeable future. As things guidelines correct now, I deliberation I’m going to put my normal wedding set backmost connected my digit and extremity my clip pinch nan Oura Ring.

But that’s conscionable me. Overall, I deliberation nan Oura Ring is simply a superb portion of tech. If you person better-shaped fingers and workout otherwise than I do, I deliberation it’s 1 of nan best fittingness trackers you tin bargain today. It’s frustrating that it doesn’t fresh into my life nan measurement I wanted it to, but that’s besides nan beauty of wearable tech successful precocious 2023 — nan options are virtually endless. I’m amended suited by thing for illustration nan Garmin Forerunner 265. The Oura Ring whitethorn beryllium nan cleanable prime for you. Your friend whitethorn deliberation nan Google Pixel Watch 2 is nan cleanable fittingness tracker.

I’m gladsome I yet sewage to usage nan Oura Ring, and I dream Andy and Christine support having a awesome clip pinch theirs. I’m besides eager to spot what Oura does successful nan future, but — astatine slightest for now — I’m putting nan Oura Ring backmost connected my nightstand and calling it a day.

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