I tried the next generation of smart glasses, and my nose loves them

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Xreal, TCL, and Rokid acute glasses displayed together.Xreal, TCL, and Rokid acute glasses displayed together. Alan Truly / Digital Trends

Conceptually, acute glasses with displays are great. You get a behemothic awning that hovers in the centermost of your appearance and claimed stereo complete in a brace of glasses you can bend and put in your pocket. In practice, there accept been some issues preventing this technology from activity mainstream. Most notably, abundance has been a problem.

I approved next-gen acute glasses from industry leaders Xreal, Rokid, and TCL to acquisition out if these new wearables are added acceptable for your acute eyes, alert ears, and acute noses. And what I begin was abundantly surprising.

How wearable are acute glasses?

The best beat accouterments in the apple ability aggregate dust on a shelf if it’s awkward or aching to use. That’s an affair alike for the best VR headsets, and the nascent AR and acute glasses market faces an alike greater challenge.

We appetite eyewear to attending normal, be adequate for hours, and affectation a behemothic awning with acceptable sound. The latest acute glasses get decidedly abutting to that ideal.

Early acute glasses fell abbreviate in a few areas. Thick and abundant designs with bound adaptability resulted in a wearable that’s adamantine to wear. The latest models counterbalance less, but the catechism charcoal as to whether they’re adequate enough.

A 1-ounce brace of sunglasses is accomplished for best people, and decree lenses that counterbalance 2 to 3 ounces ability be a necessity, alike if they leave indentations on your adenoids and accomplish your aerial sore.

Since acute glasses are optional, bodies are beneath accommodating to access discomfort. Every gram counts back a accessory rests on your face. Audio-only glasses and glasses with cameras, but no displays, like the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses, are lightweight.

And it’s not alone about weight; bigger adenoids pads and earpieces can abate and administer the load, so acute glasses feel lighter than they are. Manufacturers listened, and next-gen glasses feel abundant better, authoritative them added agreeable for browsing and binge-watching.

Xreal Air 2

Alan Truly wears the Xreal Air 2 acute glasses.Alan Truly wears the Xreal Air 2 acute glasses. Tracey Truly / Digital Trends

There’s a acumen Xreal is the arch architect of acute glasses with displays. The Xreal Air glasses were the best band-aid back launched in 2022, and the Air 2 upgrades every aspect of that technology and design.

At 72 grams, the Xreal Air 2 are the lightest acute glasses available. The adenoids pads are bendable and adjustable, and the adjustable earpieces fit my wife bigger than the originals. There’s additionally a vertical acclimation in the hinges to ensure the accomplished awning is visible.

The displays are brighter, and 500 nits of acuteness is acceptable abundant for a ablaze allowance or alfresco on a blurred day. The audio is good, with basal arising for an open-ear design.

Xreal Air 2 acute glasses are agilely brave but accommodate shades.Xreal Air 2 acute glasses accept a ablaze cast but accommodate darker clear-cut shades for alfresco use. Alan Truly / Digital Trends

I feel like I could abrasion the Xreal Air 2 endlessly. My wife, who is added acute to acute glasses comfort, begin them to be the best adequate she’d anytime tried.

If I add the included shades, the weight increases to 79 grams, and the added third of an ounce is apparent afterwards an hour or two. Thankfully, the Xreal Air 2 acute glasses are ablaze abundant that I rarely use the shades.

TCL RayNeo Air 2

Alan Truly wears the TCL RayNeo Air 2 acute glasses.Alan Truly wears the TCL RayNeo Air 2 acute glasses. Tracey Truly / Digital Trends

TCL took a altered access to its latest acute glasses, architecture abiding shades into the design. At 76 grams, the RayNeo Air 2 are the lightest acute glasses that are acceptable for alfresco use.

The complete cast is abundant for watching movies, but it makes it harder to see your ambience in a dim room. It’s like cutting sunglasses, which could be a check back application them at night.

TCL RayNeo Air 2 acute glasses from the back, assuming chip shades.TCL RayNeo Air 2 acute glasses from the aback assuming the chip shades. Alan Truly / Digital Trends

The RayNeo Air 2 glasses accept soft, adjustable adenoids pads and a vertical articulation acclimation agnate to Xreal’s design. I begin these acute glasses to be as adequate as the Xreal Air 2, but the adamant earpieces didn’t clothing my wife.

The affectation accuracy of 600 nits makes the RayNeo Air 2 one of the brightest acute glasses available. The complete affection is good, admitting I didn’t apprehension some active at best volume.

Rokid Max

Alan Truly wears the Rokid Max acute glasses.Alan Truly wears the Rokid Max acute glasses after the included blurred shade. Tracey Truly / Digital Trends

Rokid has been authoritative acute glasses for several years, confined automated needs. The Rokid Max glasses draw on that expertise, creating a aesthetic band-aid that’s one of my favorites.

The 75-gram weight and adequate adenoids pads accomplish these accessible on the nose. Although the earpieces are rigid, the appearance seems to assignment for my wife’s abate ears, as able-bodied as mine.

The included shades are opaque, accouterment abounding immersion, but accompany the weight to 2.9 ounces. The ablaze 600-nit affectation makes the blackout covers accidental in best cases.

Rokid Max acute glasses accept diopter adjustments.Rokid Max acute glasses accept diopter adjustments. Alan Truly / Digital Trends

The Rokid Max acute glasses accept a different affection that helps accumulate the basic awning cool aciculate — diopter acclimation of up to -6.00D on anniversary eye. I accept balmy myopia, so this band-aid relieves all eye ache for me after the charge for decree inserts.

The complete affection is good, with actual little arising of my audio to bodies about me.


Alan Truly uses Xreal Air 2 with a MacBook.Tracey Truly / Digital Trends

Some acute glasses accommodate their own processors and can run apps natively, but the acute glasses I’ve been anecdotic crave video alive from a phone, laptop, computer, or gaming console. You charge a accessory that supports USB-C Alt approach or an HDMI-to-USB-C cable or added adapter to use any of these acute glasses. If your buzz isn’t compatible, you’ll charge an adapter, and anniversary architect has a altered band-aid to this problem.

Xreal offers Nebula software that expands the basic awning above the boundaries of the concrete screen. When you about-face your head, you can see more. On a Mac or Windows PC, you can add three added monitors. That can accomplish a big aberration back it agency you ability not charge an ultrawide adviser or multi-monitor setup if you use Xreal acute glasses.

On Android, the Nebula app is different, presenting an ultrawide awning that serves as a launcher and a multi-window browser. My buzz serves as a pointer, bulging a axle to baddest windows. It’s not as advantageous as Samsung’s Dex, but it’s an absorbing way to see added aural the bound awning admeasurement of acute glasses.

Rokid Max has a agnate Android app, and TCL has an Android app in beta testing for its RayNeo Air 2 acute glasses. Neither has a computer band-aid yet, but there are third-party solutions like GingerXR.

Xreal Beam

Xreal Beam accent appears on a white background.Xreal

Xreal’s Beam is accordant with the aboriginal Xreal Air and the new Air 2 acute glasses. It enables Wi-Fi connectivity so I can casting my awning wirelessly from my iPhone, Android, Windows, or Mac. It additionally adds spatial acquaintance with three degrees of freedom, agnate to the Nebula app.

The Beam accent fits in a abridged or rests on a desk. The glasses still charge a cable to get video and ability from the Beam. The array food about four hours of runtime.

Rokid Station

Rokid Station Android TV accent appears on a white background.Rokid

Rokid Station is a abridged Android TV that connects via a cable to the Rokid Max for watching videos and arena amateur after any added device. I can mirror my Android buzz or casting to Rokid Station from YouTube and Chrome from an iPhone, a computer, or a laptop.

You get bristles hours of array activity with the Rokid Station. If you buy a Rokid Station, accumulate clue of the included USB-C to Micro HDMI cable, because it’s adamantine to acquisition a third-party replacement.

TCL MiraScreen

TCL MiraScreen adapter magnetically attaches to some phones.TCL

The TCL MiraScreen provides apery for accessories that don’t abutment USB-C Alt mode. The accessory food abundant ability for 3.5 hours of use.

The aback attaches magnetically to an iPhone that supports MagSafe and some added accessories that accept a alluring back. Two abbreviate cables are included to accomplish it accessible to affix to a USB-C or a Lightning port.

Which next-gen glasses should you buy?

These next-generation acute glasses are abundant added comfortable, but accept some cogent differences. You charge to accede compatibility. Skipping the adapter is best if that’s an option. If you own a accessory that won’t anon connect, analysis the affinity area aloft to attenuated in on the best choice.

If you’re near-sighted, the Rokid Max’s complete diopter acclimation makes these acute glasses an accomplished choice. You won’t charge to adjustment big-ticket decree lenses to adore watching videos, arena games, apery your phone, or extending your laptop’s desktop to a basic monitor.

Xreal Air 2 is an all-around abundant band-aid and the best adequate of all. Xreal’s Nebula app for Mac and Windows makes these acute glasses ideal for assignment use, abacus up to three basic displays to your laptop or computer.

If you apperceive you’ll be application your acute glasses outdoors often, the complete shades of TCL’s RayNeo Air 2 can never be absent and accomplish video alive added immersive.

Whichever band-aid you choose, it’s nice to apperceive you’ll get added use out of this new bearing of acute glasses that don’t accomplish watching videos on a basic awning a affliction in the nose.

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