I used an iPhone case that claims to improve battery life. Here’s what happened

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BodyGuardz Paradigm Pro for iPhone 14 Pro lawsuit successful Hydro showing interior of lawsuit and what it looks for illustration pinch a Deep Purple iPhone 14 Pro.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

For nan past year, my iPhone 14 Pro has continued to beryllium my regular driver. Despite testing retired a assortment of Android phones since joining Digital Trends, I’ve continued to go backmost to my iPhone arsenic my superior phone.

Since it’s my superior smartphone, that intends I beautiful overmuch do everything connected it. I nonstop texts done iMessage, cheque each my societal networks and email and activity messages, perceive to Apple Music, watch YouTube aliases Disney+, threat 1,000 photos each time of my toddler daughter, and walk an embarrassing magnitude of clip playing Disney Emoji Blitz. And that’s conscionable astir of nan things I tin callback disconnected nan apical of my head.

I unrecorded successful Southern California, and we’ve been suffering done an utmost power activity astatine nan tail extremity of summer. With each nan activity I do connected my iPhone 14 Pro, I announcement that it tends to get very warm during usage, particularly if I’m besides charging.

My phone’s existent Battery Health capacity sounds 91%, and this is simply a motorboat time iPhone 14 Pro, truthful it hasn’t moreover been a afloat twelvemonth yet. It’s a spot disappointing, to opportunity nan least, arsenic I consciousness that nan iPhone 14 Pro has struggled a batch pinch artillery life complete erstwhile models.

So it piqued my liking erstwhile BodyGuardz precocious launched a caller case, nan Paradigm Pro, that it claims regulates power dissipation from nan iPhone itself, which tin besides thief nan artillery past longer. That’s a bold declare to make, truthful I sewage funny and gave it a try.

What’s truthful typical astir nan BodyGuardz Paradigm Pro?

BodyGuardz Paradigm Pro for iPhone 14 Pro lawsuit successful Hydro showing EnduraCore interior lining.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

On nan surface, nan Paradigm Pro looks for illustration immoderate different iPhone case. It’s made pinch recycled materials and has a slim profile.

But past you return a look astatine nan inside, and you’ll spot an absorbing lining, on pinch nan MagSafe ring. The interior of nan lawsuit is lined pinch a furniture of BodyGuardz EnduraCore cooling gel material. The heat-regulating worldly of this gel furniture is akin to what tin beryllium recovered wrong electrical cars to support their batteries cool.

There are besides integrated vents on nan sides of nan case. These are designed to fto aerial travel done nan lawsuit and forestall overheating. There are 2 much openings on nan bottommost articulator of nan screen, which enactment arsenic directional speaker ports to amended wide sound.

Does it really work?

BodyGuardz Paradigm Pro for iPhone 14 Pro lawsuit successful Hydro showing vents on measurement fastener side.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

Of course, each of that is trading mumbo jumbo. The important mobility is: Does it really work? In short, yes, I do consciousness a flimsy quality pinch nan Paradigm Pro compared to different cases — and I’ve tried a lot of cases.

To guarantee that nan lawsuit lives up to its claims, I bought an infrared thermometer weapon to really spot what somesthesia my iPhone 14 Pro, erstwhile placed successful nan Paradigm Pro case, would beryllium successful various scenarios. Here’s what I got.

Every night, I plug my telephone successful and put it wrong my PhoneSoap UV sanitizer connected my nightstand (thanks, COVID) while I shower. About 30 minutes later, I return it retired and cheque nan temperature: 104.1 degrees connected nan backmost of nan lawsuit astir nan halfway of nan MagSafe ring. I ideate that nan UV lights get beautiful warm, truthful I wasn’t surprised. I did spot a connection connected my iPhone saying that charging was put connected clasp and will resume erstwhile it reaches a normal temperature.

So, I took my iPhone disconnected nan charger and utilized it — I checked Facebook, Threads, Mastodon, and past played Disney Emoji Blitz until I ran retired of lives, which took astir 50 minutes successful total. At this point, different somesthesia cheque publication 95.5 degrees.

While moving successful my non-air-conditioned office, nan room somesthesia was 84 degrees, and I placed my iPhone 14 Pro connected my Anker MagSafe charging stand. The surface somesthesia publication 102.9 degrees aft a fewer minutes of charging. I took it disconnected aft astir 15 minutes, and it was 106.1 degrees. I utilized it usually for astir 5 minutes, and past nan somesthesia dropped to 98.2 degrees and past 93 degrees erstwhile 5 much minutes passed. Once different 12 minutes passed, and I sewage a reference of 92.3 degrees while nan room somesthesia was 85 degrees.

Front articulator of BodyGuardz Paradigm Pro for iPhone 14 Pro lawsuit successful Hydro pinch Home Screen showing connected phone.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

To make judge that nan Paradigm Pro lawsuit useful amended than others successful position of really regulating nan iPhone’s temperature, I checked really nan temperatures would beryllium pinch 1 of my different cases. For this, I compared it to a tiny Velvet Caviar MagSafe lawsuit (the past 1 I was utilizing earlier switching to BodyGuardz) correct aft doing nan past somesthesia cheque successful nan Paradigm Pro (92.3 degrees).

The infinitesimal I put nan Velvet Caviar lawsuit connected and placed it connected nan MagSafe charging guidelines successful an 85-degree room, nan surface somesthesia publication 94.2 degrees. After 15 minutes, nan backmost of nan lawsuit publication 100.7 degrees. Roughly 5 minutes after, I took it disconnected nan charger, past played immoderate Disney Emoji Blitz, and nan somesthesia publication 96.2 degrees. I fto 7 much minutes pass, and it publication 94.6 degrees. All of this was successful a room that was 86 degrees.

So, what did we learn? My iPhone 14 Pro really sewage hotter successful nan Paradigm Pro lawsuit erstwhile it was charging, though this mightiness beryllium owed to nan truth that nan telephone did complaint much pinch nan Paradigm Pro (it started nan complaint astatine astir 65% battery), truthful by nan clip I had put nan Velvet Caviar lawsuit on, it seemed to beryllium much of a trickle complaint past 80%. But erstwhile I was really utilizing my iPhone disconnected nan charger, it did support nan telephone a spot cooler.

In different words, nan lawsuit does look to work, moreover if conscionable a small bit. But moreover so, a grade aliases 2 isn’t that large of a difference.

I besides don’t deliberation it has done a batch to prevention my regular artillery life, arsenic my iPhone 14 Pro’s wide artillery wellness seems to beryllium connected a dependable diminution anyway.

Is nan Paradigm Pro worthy it?

BodyGuardz Paradigm Pro for iPhone 14 Pro lawsuit successful Hydro showing achromatic measurement fastener covers.Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

I’ve had nan Paradigm Pro connected my iPhone 14 Pro for nan past respective days, and I person felt that it’s much comfortable to usage overall. I haven’t felt my telephone get excessively basking to clasp pinch nan lawsuit on, which I can’t precisely opportunity for different cases I’ve been using, particularly successful this basking Southern California summer. And moreover erstwhile it does, it seems to cool disconnected quicker than different cases.

The remainder of nan lawsuit is besides rather nice. The worldly gives it a bully wide grip, and it moreover comes pinch an integrated lanyard toward nan bottommost center, which besides acts arsenic an anchor point. However, if you’re not a lanyard person, you tin region it. I besides bask cases pinch really awesome buttons, and nan Paradigm Pro has bully and clicky fastener covers that supply fantabulous tactile feedback erstwhile pressed.

Despite nan slim profile, it has 18-foot driblet protection, truthful it’s rather reliable and durable. The merchandise is besides treated to defy microbial growth, truthful nary yucky worldly will turn connected it. And, of course, it has MagSafe, truthful your favourite accessories (such arsenic nan caller information MagSafe PopSockets) will activity flawlessly.

The Paradigm Pro is simply a spot simpler than I’d for illustration successful position of aesthetics (I emotion nosy cases pinch Disney designs aliases different tiny prints), arsenic it only comes successful 2 coagulated colors. But it’s proven to beryllium rather bully to have, particularly erstwhile it’s hotter than Hades.

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