I used to hate screen protectors, but this one changed my mind

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A Zagg Glass XTR3 surface protector connected an iPhone 15 Pro Max.Bryan M. Wolfe / Digital Trends

Like millions of others, I sojourn nan Apple website each twelvemonth and bid a caller iPhone. Once it arrives, I ever person nan aforesaid guidance erstwhile I spot it for nan first time: it’s a shame that I person to screen this beautiful instrumentality pinch a case. And yet, that’s nan wise point to do to protect my investment.

Although I ever recognized nan request for an iPhone case, I person ne'er been a instrumentality of surface protectors. That changed precocious erstwhile I was introduced to nan Zagg Glass XTR3 Protector for my iPhone 15 Pro Max. One of nan best surface protectors connected nan market, nan XTR3 offers respective features missing connected akin products. Those features and Zagg’s broad merchandise guarantee person made maine a surface protector believer. Depending connected your needs, you mightiness want to be, too.

I didn’t utilized to beryllium a surface protector person

The Mous surface protector pinch nan fitting framework connected a blank background.Mous

I person been covering nan mobile exertion manufacture for various websites since nan merchandise of nan iPhone 4 successful 2010. Over time, some nan beingness iPhone screens and nan abstracted surface protectors person improved significantly. And yet, 2 points person consistently turned maine disconnected from surface protectors: nan galore value points and nan exertion process.

It only takes a speedy look astatine Amazon’s action of smartphone surface protectors to recognize that they travel astatine vastly different prices. You tin find packages pinch 2 protectors for arsenic small arsenic $10, for example, while others costs almost $99 and make expansive promises contempt looking identical to nan cheaper options.

And person you ever attempted to instal a surface protector connected your phone? Despite being somewhat intelligent, I person ne'er encountered instructions that were easy to follow. No matter what, I person ever had annoying aerial bubbles. It’s frustrating and, until recently, has ever led maine to ditch nan protector aft conscionable a fewer hours.

Why nan Glass XTR3 Protector is special

EZ Apply lawsuit from Zagg.Zagg

When I first encountered nan XTR3, a fewer things caught my attention. Its value was 1 of them, but not successful nan measurement I anticipated. Priced astatine $60, nan XTR3 is not precisely a bargain, but it’s besides not nan astir costly surface protector available. The value made maine funny astir what features made it worthy nan cost. Then I saw nan agelong database of features.

This surface protector uses Zagg’s Hexiom effect technology, which adds a honeycomb-like building to nan display. The building is designed to sorb daze and little nan consequence of scratches leaving a imperishable mark. I driblet my iPhone a lot, though astir of nan time, it’s connected nan carpet successful my home. Still, immoderate further protection is worthy it The protector besides adds a bluish ray select and includes antireflective technology, making nan surface somewhat easier connected my eyes.

Perhaps much importantly, nan surface protector comes pinch a nifty installation tray called EZ Apply, which was designed by Zagg. The tray is recyclable and is included successful nan protector’s packaging. It promises to supply cleanable alignment during nan installation process. The squad that created EZ Apply deserves overmuch praise for their efforts. The installation tray is simply a time-saver and makes nan process of placing nan protector connected nan iPhone surface overmuch simpler. Best of all, those dreaded bubbles were obscurity to beryllium found.

One further characteristic convinced maine to springiness nan XTR3 a try: its committedness of maximum touch sensitivity. Adding different furniture betwixt a digit and a smartphone show people tin impact nan value of tapping connected nan surface. I don’t cognize really Zagg did it, but taps connected nan show look moreover stronger (if that’s nan correct word) pinch nan surface protector. It’s beautiful incredible.

Is this really necessary?

Ceramic Shield connected nan iPhone 14 Pro, pinch ray to show scratches.Light exposes a scratch connected nan iPhone 14 Pro’s Ceramic Shield surface protector. Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Are you still not convinced astir purchasing nan XTR3 surface protector? I understand that $60 is simply a important magnitude of money. However, different important facet of nan XTR3 is worthy mentioning: its constricted life warranty. If you accidentally driblet your iPhone and harm nan surface protector, you tin interaction Zagg and get a caller 1 for free. The only request is you person to registry nan merchandise connected nan Zagg website astatine nan clip of purchase.

The iPhone 15 scope features a beardown Ceramic Shield beforehand that Apple claims is much durable than immoderate different smartphone glass. This and a recommended case should beryllium capable for astir iPhone users. However, if you thin to driblet your telephone frequently, an action for illustration nan Zagg XTR3 will supply moreover greater protection.

Not only does it adhd much toughness, but it besides includes nan bluish ray select and antireflective exertion mentioned above. Combine that pinch nan life warranty, and it quickly adds up to an awesome package.

A last word

An iPhone 15 Pro pinch a surface protector and lawsuit connected it.Bryan M. Wolfe / Digital Trends

I’m impressed pinch nan Zagg Glass XTR3 and powerfully propose purchasing 1 if you’re successful nan marketplace for a surface protector. The exemplary is disposable for each iPhone 15 model, positive galore celebrated Android phones.

If nan conception appeals to you, but you’re still not convinced spending $60 is necessary, retrieve that surface protectors are not each made nan aforesaid way. I’d propose avoiding nan cheaper options, which are typically manufactured by chartless companies and don’t connection immoderate assurance of durability.

Instead, if you take to acquisition a surface protector, opt for products from recognized and reliable companies, guarantee that they person nan features you need, and cheque nan type of warranty that comes pinch them. If you’re for illustration me, that whitethorn beryllium capable to person you to subordinate Team Screen Protector. And I deliberation you’ll beryllium gladsome erstwhile you do.

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