IBM outlines Asian growth ambitions with acquisition of Indonesian ERP consultancy

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IBM has acquired Indonesian ERP consultancy Equine Global and signalled nan bargain represents a motion of its plans “to turn its footprint successful nan region”.

Big Blue didn’t uncover what it paid for Equine Global successful its announcement of nan deal. The Indonesian patient claims it’s handled complete 500 projects, has much than 225 “satisfied customers” and supports 40,000-plus SAP users.

Equine is nan genitor institution of 3 different entities IBM will besides acquire: Oracle consultancy Optima Data Internasional, strategy integrator Niagaprima Paramitra, and IT services generalist Xsis Mitra Utama.

Despite nan company’s world-girdling name, Equine Global lists only an Indonesian agency and its customer testimonials are each Indonesian companies.

Which is nary bad point arsenic Indonesia is nan world’s fourth-most populous nation, down nan USA, China, and India. It’s besides ranked nan world’s 16th-largest federation by GDP by nan World Bank, and past twelvemonth grew astatine a brisk 5 percent connected its measurement to becoming a apical 10 economy.

Indonesia has besides digitized astatine awesome pace, moreover increasing a Big Tech subordinate successful nan shape of GoTo, a sprawling conglomerate that offers ride-sharing, nutrient delivery, physics payments, logistics, and moreover financial services.

A beardown beingness successful Indonesia is nary bad thing.

IBM wrote nan acquisition “will widen IBM Consulting’s resources and capabilities to thief clients successful Indonesia modernize their halfway businesses while advancing nan company’s hybrid unreality and AI strategy successful nan region.”

“Upon completion of nan transaction, Equine Global will go IBM’s first acquisition headquartered successful Indonesia, demonstrating IBM’s committedness to turn its footprint successful nan region,” Big Blue’s connection adds.

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Indonesia is simply a nation, not a region. But Big Blue is sensible to see a bigger beingness successful adjacent nations, arsenic nan likes of nan Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam are each increasing and digitising fast. India is an moreover larger and much tech-savvy target. Singapore whitethorn beryllium mini by comparison, successful position of area and population, but is simply a location tech hub that’s benefiting from nervousness astir China’s expanding power complete Hong Kong.

IBM did not mention its location ambitions during its Q3 net telephone past week and offered nary further detail. The Register will support an oculus connected Equine Global to spot really and wherever IBM rides it. ®