If want more Five Nights at Freddy’s, try these 5 horror games next

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Five Nights astatine Freddy's Security Breach promo art.ScottGames

For almost a decade, Five Nights astatine Freddy’s has been giving gamers nightmares pinch its animatronic jump scares crossed aggregate sequels and spin-off titles. Now, there’s moreover a Five Nights astatine Freddy’s characteristic movie successful theaters and connected Peacock retired this weekend. Even though nan movie has been met pinch little than enthusiastic reviews, it’s difficult for a franchise to get overmuch bigger than that.

Those who are itching to get much of nan game’s beingness tin do truthful erstwhile Five Nights astatine Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2 hits consoles and PC this December, but that’s a agelong measurement distant if you’re simply looking for a bully Halloween fright. If you can’t hold that agelong for immoderate caller scares from Freddy and his fiendish friends but still want to drawback immoderate akin scary vibes earlier nan period is up, these 5 games are nan cleanable measurement to travel up Five Nights astatine Freddy’s. And if nary of these are your speed, you tin ever conscionable replay nan FNAF series.

Alien: Isolation

The xenomorph finds its prey successful Alien IsolationCreative Assembly/SEGA / Creative Assembly/SEGA

You whitethorn person immoderate Five Nights astatine Freddy’s flashbacks erstwhile you play Alien: Isolation, particularly erstwhile you’re hiding from Xenomorphs. Compared to those aliens, Freddy and his friends are beautiful tame! The endurance scary classical puts players successful power of Amanda Ripley, nan girl of Ellen Ripley from nan movies. And dissimilar nan protagonist successful Five Nights astatine Freddy’s, Amanda is ne'er helpless. It’s not a bully thought to return connected nan Xenomorphs one-on-one, because they will termination you acold much often than you tin move nan tables connected them. This is simply a cleanable prime for anyone looking for jump scares, arsenic it delivers those successful abundance.

Emily Wants To Play

The formed of Emily Wants to Play.Hitchcock Games

Since Emily Wants to Play came retired a twelvemonth aft Five Nights astatine Freddy’s, it’s beautiful safe to presume that nan makers of nan crippled were inspired by its predecessor. Whereas nan subordinate successful Five Nights astatine Freddy’s has to make it done aggregate nights, nan main characteristic successful Emily Wants to Play is simply a hapless pizza transportation feline who has to past a azygous nighttime successful a haunted house. The titular shade is Emily Withers, a woman who died astatine a young age, and she intelligibly wants to play pinch her prey. The problem is that her evil dolls besides want to play … and by play, we mean tear you apart. In this case, decease isn’t nan extremity for Emily, but it will beryllium for your characteristic if you can’t fig retired a measurement to enactment alive.


One of nan ghosts from Outlast.Red Barrels

If you want immoderate existent scares, past Outlast is nan crippled for you. This first-person scary title puts players successful nan domiciled of a journalist named Miles Upshur arsenic he investigates a intelligence hospital. Miles gets measurement much than he bargained for erstwhile he discovers that nan installation has already been overrun by murderous inmates. The point that makes this crippled specified a scary classical is that you can’t conflict back. Miles is simply not that benignant of video crippled hero. Thankfully, he can tally and hide, you’ll request to usage your champion stealth strategies to enactment alive. That arguably makes getting done this crippled an moreover bigger situation than astir of nan others connected this list. Tackle it if you dare.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

 Rush of Dawn.Sony

After Outlast, you whitethorn consciousness immoderate alleviation to cognize that you won’t spell done nan first-person horrors of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood unarmed. However, you are beautiful overmuch stuck connected hellish carnival rides until you make your measurement done nan full game. There is really a nonstop relationship to nan original Until Dawn, 1 of our favourite scary games from nan Playstation 4 era. But it’s thing that doesn’t travel up until precocious successful nan game. All you request to cognize going successful is that your life is successful your ain hands, and you’d amended beryllium prepared to conflict for it.

Silent Hill 3

Heather astatine Lakeside Amusement Park successful Silent Hill 3.Konami

If nan Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro-produced Silent Hills had travel to fruition, it would person been nan cleanable measurement to extremity this list. Even nan lone Playable Trailer is simply a classical successful nan genre. Silent Hill 4: The Room does person immoderate first-person position elements successful nan game, but nan installment that reminds america nan astir of Five Guys astatine Freddy’s is Silent Hill 3. The Lakeside Amusement Park is simply a salient location wrong nan sequel, arsenic Heather Mason is forced to spell done locations that are truthful creepy that moreover nan animatronics from Five Guys astatine Freddy’s would beryllium frightened of them. This isn’t a first-person game, but it is 1 of nan champion endurance scary titles from nan Playstation 2 era. And it’s agelong overdue for a remake, overmuch for illustration nan upcoming Silent Hill 2 one.

Five Nights astatine Freddy’s, nan movie, is successful theaters and streaming connected Peacock now.

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