If you don’t see CBS in 4K on YouTube TV, try this

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Super Bowl successful 4K connected CBS connected YouTube TV.Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

A speedy heads up if you person nan 4K add-on for YouTube TV but aren’t seeing nan action to watch Super Bowl 2024 successful 4K connected CBS: It’s apt because you’re utilizing a civilization benignant connected your unrecorded transmission listings. (Which is thing you mightiness person done if you want to hide YouTube TV channels that you ne'er watch.) That’a bad capable for nan crippled itself, and it besides intends you won’t beryllium capable to bask nan Super Bowl Halftime Show in 4K.

This is simply a known problem — and has been for years — anytime YouTube TV adds a caller transmission to nan listing. If you’re not utilizing nan default benignant connected nan unrecorded transmission listings, a caller transmission will look astatine nan bottommost of nan listings, which is bad enough. But worse is that it’s hidden by default until you actively spell successful and unhide it.

Here’s really it looks until you unhide nan channel:

CBS successful 4K is hidden connected YouTube TV.Screenshot

To unhide nan transmission — and immoderate different caller ones that person been added — you’ll request to spell into nan live guideline settings and unhide immoderate caller channels. Go up and move them up successful nan list, too, while you’re there.

Perfect for watching NFL, NBA, and more, you tin people 50% disconnected your first period of unrecorded TV pinch Sling TV.

Again, location are fewer variables here, different it’s each moot. You person to person already subscribed to nan 4K add-on for YouTube TV. (That costs $10 a month, but you get a free trial.) And you must person your channels listed successful a civilization sort.

But conscionable spell into nan settings and flip nan small eyeball toggle, and you’ll beryllium capable to watch nan Super Bowl successful 4K connected YouTube TV. Enjoy.

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