If you want to up your Tekken 8 game, try this stickless controller

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A Razer Kitsune floats successful beforehand of a purple background.Razer

With the merchandise of Tekken 8, I’ve been astatine a spot of a crossroads. I had nary hint what controller I wanted to usage to study and hit nan remainder of nan competition. A modular Xbox controller? PlayStation’s DualSense? A fightstick? Or possibly it’s clip I looked to nan early and tried retired a hitbox controller? That past action is nan 1 I’d yet spell with, acknowledgment to nan Razer Kitsune.

Released past year, nan Razer Kitsune is simply a hitbox-style fighting gamepad pinch nary joystick. Its trading constituent is that it is sleeker than astir hitbox controllers connected nan marketplace and features high-quality buttons. It’s a awesome action for those who emotion that style of control, but don’t emotion carrying astir a big, boxy gamepad. The existent question, though, was whether aliases not I would for illustration it complete a classical gamepad, my Tekken comfortableness zone. I decided to return connected a fighting crippled gauntlet pinch a time of matches pinch my small relative successful conscionable astir each combatant I ain to find out.

What is simply a hitbox controller?

A hitbox controller is simply a stickless arcade pad. It retains each nan classical onslaught buttons but replaces nan directional instrumentality pinch buttons. I would comparison it to playing connected a keyboard but pinch much comfortable buttons to property and nan up fastener placed wherever your thumbs rest. You whitethorn person heard of it a fewer times owed to nan contention it causes successful nan fighting crippled organization complete it being nan “easy way” to play fighting games.

While this isn’t rather nan “cheatbox” galore telephone it, hitbox controllers connection plentifulness of advantages complete gamepads and accepted arcade sticks. That’s because replacing a directional instrumentality pinch buttons gives you much precise power complete movements. While you whitethorn mistakenly deed an other area erstwhile doing a typical move aliases going for precocious activity successful a crippled connected a stick, a hitbox allows you to simply property nan directions alternatively of moving successful that direction. This besides lessens nan load connected nan wrist, making it much comfortable for some.

A deconstructed Razer Kitsune sits connected a table.Razer

These bonuses make nan hitbox a cleanable prime for a crippled that requires split-second directional inputs for attacks and movements. When I jumped into Tekken 8 pinch nan Razer Kitsune, I instantly felt a quality from nan pad I was playing on. My activity was much crisp. While things felt stiff connected a gamepad, I could instantly move pinch intent connected nan Kitsune.

Testing nan Kitsune

This instant comfortableness wasn’t conscionable owed to nan leverless style of nan Kitsune but besides to nan buttons. I’ve ne'er been a keyboard move scientist, fto unsocial a fightstick one. I’ve ever conscionable stuck pinch what’s pre-installed connected immoderate I buy. What’s pre-installed present are short switches that not only are speedy to property but connection awesome feedback and consciousness awesome to nan touch. When a fastener offers awesome consequence time, that goes manus successful manus pinch nan demands of a fighting game.

I could wavedash and Korean backdash (a heavy Tekken technique) pinch minimal effort, but I wondered really it would fare successful different fighters. I took it complete to The King of Fighters, SoulCalibur, and Capcom classics Cyberbots and Vampire Savior. The Kitsune improved my capacity crossed nan board. In Vampire Savior, for instance, I was capable to execute Zabel’s famously difficult debased airdashes pinch ease. As an important bonus, nan Kitsune ne'er felt for illustration it was going to descent retired of my thigh contempt its mini size, acknowledgment to its grippy bottommost material.

Lilith attacking Talbain pinch her clone successful Darkstalkers.Capcom

It only took 1 time of playing countless fighters pinch my small relative to cognize that nan Kitsune would go a go-to controller for astir fighting games. Surprisingly, I don’t think Tekken 8 will beryllium 1 of those games. While it’s a awesome controller, I find excessively overmuch comfortableness successful an Xbox gamepad that I can’t afloat move now that I’m utilized to it successful Tekken. At nan extremity of nan day, it’s champion to play connected immoderate you find nan astir comfortable.

But it’s ever worthy experimenting if you’re hitting a accomplishment wall successful games for illustration Tekken 8. And arsenic acold arsenic experiments go, nan Razer Kitsune is simply a well-built gaming gadget that you’re judge to get immoderate usage retired of. You’ll ne'er drawback maine doing Zabel’s debased instant airdashes successful Vampire Savior connected an arcade instrumentality again.

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