Instagram alternative Glass is getting more expensive in 2024

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The Glass app on an iPhone, in advanced of Glass on a web browser.The account is accepting a little added big-ticket in 2024. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Instagram is the acknowledged baron of adaptable photography, for bigger or worse. And while there’s been no curtailment of competitors over the years, none has gotten anywhere abreast the acceptance of the OG IG, acknowledgment in no baby allotment to it accepting the ability of Meta (nee Facebook) abaft it.

One that I’ve been application for abundant of 2023, however, is Glass. It’s been about back August 2021 and bills itself as “a accurate association belvedere for photographers.” And as such, it’s absolutely good. It’s not meant for demography pictures in the moment and spewing them out in absolute time — it’s for uploading and examination only, with no camera adequacy in the app. Nor does it accept a addiction of burglary appearance from Snapchat and TikTok, so no Stories or Reels. And images are in abundant college resolution than what you’ll acquisition on Instagram.

It additionally doesn’t accept any advertising. Or influencers. Or accessible like counts. It’s all photos, all the time, with air-conditioned appearance for analytic by category, member, cameras, or alike alone lenses, which makes it accessible to calmly acquisition some appreciably attenuate shots. And Glass is accessible appealing abundant anywhere you’d appetite it, from buzz and tablets (yes, the book acquaintance is excellent, article Instagram still hasn’t agitated with),to a web browser at

Those are some of the better differences amid Glass and Instagram. Another — apparently the better — is that you accept to pay to column or absolutely chase anyone on Glass (you can appearance alone accounts — here’s mine, for instance). And starting in 2024, the amount of associates is going up a bit, from $30 a year to $40 a year. There’s additionally a “Patron” membership that gets you aboriginal acceptance to appearance as they’re actuality formed on, and three anniversary memberships to allotment with friends. That’s activity up from $99 to $130 annually.

If you assurance up afore December 31, you can lock in those 2023 prices for one added year. (And Glass is alms a $10 acclaim to accepted associates if they ask, which at atomic extends the transition.)

Is any of that account it? I accept it depends. If you’re a able photographer, or a semi-pro who brand to see air-conditioned being and allotment air-conditioned being — or if you’re aloof over the accomplished Instagram thing at this point, which is absolutely barefaced — it ability be.

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