iOS 17.2 just arrived. Here’s what’s new in the big iPhone update

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The iOS 17.2 amend on an iPhone.Digital Trends

After two beta versions, Apple has aloof released iOS 17.2 to the accepted public. This amend is a rather big one, as it assuredly brings Apple’s built-in Journal app, which was missing from the antecedent iOS 17 absolution beforehand this year. On top of that, there are added big changes for Apple Music and elsewhere.

The better affection of the iOS 17.2 amend is the new Journal app. This built-in app lets users almanac posts about their day, with the adeptness to add photos and video, audio clips, and alike area data, all of which the user can reflect on at some point in the future. It’s addition abundant footfall for allowance with brainy well-being, agnate to the moods featured in Apple Health.

Apple Journal app prompt.Apple Journal app prompt Prakhar Khanna / Digital Trends

For those who accept an iPhone 15 Pro, iOS 17.2 brings Spatial Video recording. This agency the iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max can be acclimated to almanac spatial video footage that can be beheld on the Apple Vision Pro angle advancing in 2024.

There are additionally changes for Apple Music listeners. One of the big appearance is collaborative playlists, area assorted bodies can add their tracks. In adjustment to accomplish a collaborative playlist, you’ll accept to allure others with a articulation or QR code.

Songs that are favorited will now go into a new Favorites playlist. There is additionally a new Focus clarify for Apple Music Listening History, which will about-face off Listening History so songs that you or addition abroad plays with your anniversary don’t end up on the list.

The Apple Music Discovery Station on an iPhone.The Apple Music Discovery Station on an iPhone. Phil Ninckinson / Digital Trends

Messages now has a new sticker acknowledgment that can be acclimated instead of a tapback reaction. When this is used, the called sticker or emoji will be absorbed to the bend of a message, agnate to a tapback. Apple has additionally added iMessage Contact Key Verification, which lets users verify anniversary added to ensure a defended and clandestine advice channel.

Those who use the Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro now accept a new advantage to map to it calles Translate. This will barrage the Translate app, authoritative accepting translations faster than before.

Other changes were fabricated to the Apple TV app, which has removed the Movies and TV Shows tabs from the Store. There are additionally new Weather widgets to accept from, including much-needed Details and Daily Forecast widgets. You can additionally now get a Digital Clock widget. The Books app has a Fast Fade page-turning animation, Memojies now accommodate bodies, Live Activities abutment is now in the News app, and a rainbow-colored argument advantage is accessible for Contact Posters.

You can download the iOS 17.2 amend anon on your iPhone now by activity to Settings > General > Software Update. Make abiding to aback up your abstracts afore updating.

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