iOS 17: How to share contacts using Apple’s amazing NameDrop feature

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If you’re like best Apple fans, you acceptable accept your accomplished activity stored on your iPhone, from cogent contest in your agenda and photos to a continued account of friends, family, and co-workers with whom you’ve fabricated those memories.

However, as advantageous as the Contacts and Phone apps on your iPhone 15 are for befitting clue of anybody in your life, they additionally accomplish it absolutely accessible to allotment that acquaintance advice with others back you charge to. Whether that’s your own agenda business agenda or the capacity of your admired restaurant, you can axle an absolute acquaintance almanac over to somebody with alone a few taps, which is abundant faster and easier than manually artful and pasting buzz numbers, emails, and artery abode advice one acreage at a time.

What’s more, with iOS 17, you can now allotment your claimed capacity added calmly than ever, acknowledgment to Apple’s new NameDrop feature, which lets you bandy acquaintance advice artlessly by captivation two iPhones abreast anniversary other. It’s never been easier to barter some digits.

NameDrop alteration in action for acquaintance administration on iPhone. Nadeem Sarwar / DigitalTrends

How to allotment contacts from an iPhone with iOS 17's NameDrop feature

NameDrop is one of those appearance that seems so accessible in hindsight that it makes us admiration what took Apple so continued to appear up with it. After all, AirDrop has been about back iOS 7 was appear 10 years ago, and it’s continued been accessible to use that to allotment acquaintance advice manually. NameDrop is artlessly an addendum of AirDrop that automates the process.

With NameDrop, you can admit an AirDrop affair to allotment your claimed acquaintance agenda artlessly by captivation your iPhone abreast somebody else’s; as continued as they’re both active iOS 17.1 or later, they’ll admit anniversary added and action to bandy acquaintance info. This additionally works with an Apple Watch active watchOS 10.1 or later, although in this case, it’s bound to Apple Watch models appear in the aftermost two years — that’s the Apple Watch Series 7, second-generation Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Ultra and newer models in anniversary of those lineups. Also agenda that NameDrop can alone be acclimated to allotment new acquaintance information; it won’t amend an absolute acquaintance card.

NameDrop is actual simple to use, but adverse to a bit of fearmongering that’s been activity about back iOS 17.1 was released, it’s additionally actual secure. You can alone alpha a NameDrop affair back your iPhone is unlocked, which agency you’ll accept to accredit with Face ID or Touch ID (or access your passcode) afore annihilation happens, and again you still charge to affirm that you absolutely appetite to allotment your acquaintance information. Nothing is anytime beatific out with your accurate authorization. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: First, accomplish abiding that NameDrop and AirDrop adjacency administration are enabled by aperture the Settings app, selecting General > AirDrop, and blockage that Bringing Devices Together is toggled on. This should be on by default.

iPhone assuming AirDrop settings. Jesse Hollington / Digital Trends

Step 2: Hold your iPhone aural a few centimeters of addition else’s iPhone or Apple Watch. After a few seconds, anniversary person's acquaintance agenda should appear in a full-screen appearance on both devices. If this doesn’t happen, affirm the added being additionally has the Bringing Devices Together ambience enabled.

iPhone assuming NameDrop Contact Sharing Screen. Jesse Hollington / Digital Trends

Step 3: Below your name, you'll see a arbitrary of what advice will be shared. By default, this is aloof your buzz number, but you can accept to allotment added fields from your acquaintance almanac — such as your email or concrete abode — by selecting the fields you appetite to include. When you're done, tap Done.

iPhone assuming close-up of NameDrop Contact Sharing Screen to analysis what advice will be shared. Jesse Hollington / Digital Trends

Step 4: When you're ready, accept Share to allotment your acquaintance advice with the added person. Alternatively, you can accept Receive Only if you alone appetite to accept the added person's acquaintance agenda after administration your own.

Step 5: If you change your apperception at any time and adjudge you don’t appetite to allotment acquaintance info, move your iPhone abroad from the added person’s iPhone or Apple Watch, bash up to acknowledgment to the home screen, or artlessly columnist the ancillary button to lock your device. Doing any of these things will abolish the NameDrop session.

NameDrop actuality acclimated on an Apple Watch with WatchOS 10. Apple

How to allotment contacts from an Apple Watch with NameDrop

You can additionally alpha a NameDrop affair from an Apple Watch Series 7 or after (including the second-generation Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Ultra and Ultra 2) as continued as you accept at atomic watchOS 10.1 installed. However, back your Apple Watch is consistently apart whenever you’re cutting it, application NameDrop from an Apple Watch requires an added footfall to anticipate it from actuality triggered accidentally. Here’s how to alpha a NameDrop affair from your wearable:

Step 1: Open the Contacts app on your Apple Watch.

Two Apple Watches assuming accomplish in Contacts app to alpha NameDrop sharing. Jesse Hollington / Digital Trends

Step 2: Select your account in the top-right corner.

Step 3: Choose Share.

Two Apple Watches assuming illustrations for NameDrop sharing. Jesse Hollington / Digital Trends

Step 4: Place your Apple Watch abreast addition accordant Apple Watch or iPhone, as apparent in the on-screen illustration.

Step 5: Wait for NameDrop to appear on both devices.

Step 6: Choose Share to allotment your acquaintance advice with the added being or Receive Only if you alone appetite to accept the added person's acquaintance agenda after administration your own.

Two iPhones assuming acquaintance advice screens. Jesse Hollington / Digital Trends

How to allotment contacts in iOS 17 the ancient way

As air-conditioned as NameDrop is, it’s not the alone way to allotment acquaintance information. You can still admit an AirDrop affair manually, which can be accessible if you don’t appetite to authority your iPhones abreast anniversary added or the added being is application an earlier iPhone that hasn’t been (or can’t be) adapted to iOS 17.

While NameDrop is advised to allotment your own acquaintance advice — the agenda you’ve appointed as the “Me” agenda in the Contacts app — you can manually allotment any acquaintance in your abode book, and accept what fields you appetite to allotment back accomplishing so. For example, you ability appetite to allotment alone a business buzz cardinal and email abode after including added advice like a artery abode or claimed acquaintance info.

You can additionally allotment acquaintance advice via added channels, such as Messages or Mail. This attaches a vCard that can be opened anon in the Contacts app on the added person’s iPhone or alien into third-party acquaintance apps like Microsoft Outlook.

Step 1: Open the Contacts app on your iPhone. You can additionally accessible the Phone app and baddest the Contacts button at the bottom.

Step 2: Your My Card acquaintance advice should be apparent at the top. Select this to allotment your own capacity or locate addition acquaintance on you appetite to share.

Step 3: Scroll bottomward to the basal of the acquaintance awning and accept Share Contact.

Step 4: Select the fields you would like to include. By default, this includes aboriginal and aftermost name and job title, additional all buzz numbers, email addresses, and amusing media handles. Deselect any items you don’t appetite to allotment and accept any added fields you’d like to include. You can additionally accept Select All Fields at the basal if you appetite to allotment the absolute card.

iPhone assuming Share Contact awning with options to baddest specific fields to share. Jesse Hollington / Digital Trends

Step 5: When you’ve fabricated your selections, accept Done in the top-right corner.

iPhone assuming Contact Sharing Sheet. Jesse Hollington / Digital Trends

Step 6: The accepted iOS allotment area should appear. Choose a adjustment for sharing, such as AirDrop, Messages, Mail or a third-party app and chase the instructions to accelerate out the acquaintance info.

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